Tuesday, April 4

Yooka-Laylee Review

    There’s a good reason people are excited about Yooka-Laylee. Coming from Playtonic Games, which is essentially made up of the minds that created Banjo-Kazooie back in 1999, it’s a love letter to a genre that hasn’t been the same since the late '90s.


    Yooka-Laylee have a lively universe, not only in charge of its distribution of animals so colorful, but also because of the greatness of its open world and the large number of collectibles to get, some necessary to move forward.
    In itself, it will not be an adventure that can be achieved in a 100% in an afternoon. But we have the option to enjoy it with a colleague through its cooperative mode (one will manage the duo Yooka and Laylee, and another to the Bee team to focus on the collection of objects), or in a competitive way in local mode by means of the eight minigames that the game have.


    The gameplay is like we know, pure platform, go on the map getting collectibles and jump from one floating platform to another; Here the main collections are feathers, and can be used to unlock special moves, butterflies restore health and power bar and broken pages, unlock new scenarios and secret places.

    As you can expect from these two partners, each one has their own abilities plus those that we unlock with the feathers, for example, banjoo ... oh sorry, i mean Yooka, can camouflage itself with the environment and use their tongue to attack and Laylee can use ultrasounds, like this ones, there are a lot of moves around the game.

    Graphics & Design

    Graphically, the game is very colorful and with cartoon style, it´s an old graphics style with the power and quality of now, the truth is that, really like the graphical section of this game, although i know that it´s not the most powerful, it has a very good modeling. We count with a very large world to explore and in some ways Yooka-laylee is the Banjo-kazooie of the 2017.

    The soundtrack accompanies the colorful of the worlds, making our stay in the game, much more bearable and joyful.


    The game promises a fun experience and don´t get tired of playing it, I think what you want to achieve with this game is to bring back old games to the present, with the technology of now and do something innovative with old ideas, to capture the fun that they gave the games to you when you were a child to modern times, since they have news, like for example a giant cloud in the sky is crying and that is why the map is flooded, and if you freeze it, change the map to a place Snowing and freezing the water, causing one map to become another.

    All this, makes Yooka-laylee exactly what we expected of it, and indeed, the wait was worth it.


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