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Friday, March 23

Vicious Attack Llama Apacalypse Review

The world as we know it has completely changed. No longer are llamas cute, cuddly and confined to the farm. Instead they run wild across our cities, attacking anyone and any thing in their path. From an offshore carrier, remotely piloted mechs have the unenviable task of clearing out each of the 3 city districts. VALA keeps the player on their toes with no health pickups and a random drop of weapons and items. With a variety of twin-stick shooters to choose from, does VALA do enough to stand out from the crowd?

Thursday, March 8

One Eyed Kutkh Review

If you thought that only humans suffered vehicle mishaps, think again. It turns out aliens are just as prone to hardware malfunctions during inter-planetary travels. In One Eyed Kutkh, players find themselves crash landed on an unknown planet, where they must search for parts to fix their broken spacecraft. Loosely based off of literature from the Far North, One Eyed Kutkh is a unique and brief 
 take on point & click exploring and light puzzle solving.

Tuesday, March 6

Spiral Splatter Review

With over 100 timed levels to test your hand-eye coordination, Spiral Splatter has a lot going on. The concept is simple, move your ball character from where he starts to the exit. The challenge comes in the form of the environments, where touching the walls even slightly will result in death. The process is akin to the board game Operation. Like the classic game, Spiral Splatter has plenty of moments of relief, satisfaction, joy and frustration.

Friday, March 2

Shoppe Keep Review

Shoppe Keep is the perfect game for those who would rather support the adventurer than go adventuring themselves. Build and maintain your own shop from scratch! Organize the layout, order inventory and price it accordingly for maximum profits. Running a business is not as leisurely as it seems, players must multitask from day to evening and sometimes use force to protect their wares. Our review will tell you whether this shop is destined for prosperation or liquidation!