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Race the Sun Review

    For those of you who have not heard of this 'indie' title, know that it´s an 'endless runner', a genre very popular on mobile devices and of which there is not much representation on consoles.
    And, because of their nature, these games are ideal for smartphones and tablets, which are the perfect ecosystems to take a quick game while we wait for the bus.
    So how does Race the Sun, work on desktop consoles? Well the truth is better than expected.


    Sure, after reading the mechanics of Race the Sun, more than one has occurred to you "well, I learn the scenarios and then i reach the highscores, right?
    Well we are afraid that this is not easy, since another of the characteristics of the title of Fippfly is the procedural nature of its scenarios. Every day, and when connecting the console to the internet, the scenarios change and the online leaderboard is reset, so we only depend on our reflexes.
    Thanks to this, it´s necessary to recognize that, despite its excessive simplicity, Race the Sun is a game that invites to be visited from time to time, for the simple fact of taking a quick games and to see what changes have been introduced from the last one time we play.


    The premise of Race the Sun is very simple; Driving a solar-powered, self-advancing craft, and our main task is to move sideways to dodge the obstacles that populate a scene, which is divided into regions, and whose length is "infinite."

    Thus, the greater the distance we can go in each game, the more we will score, but - fortunately - proving that we have cat reflexes isn´t the only thing we should do.

    The real trick with the game, are the challenges, of which we always have 3 active, and that urge us to perform different tasks, such as reaching a distance without collision, collect a series of 'Tris' (Orbs of energ) or reach a certain score.
    When we complete these challenges, we level up, which unlocks new energy orbs that we can pick up, such as one that allows us to jump, and adds enhancers to our ship, such as a magnet that attracts nearby orbs.

    Graphics & Design

    A minimalist technical section, full of abstract elements helps to promote this sensation.
    Like its simple alternative modes, such as Labyrinthia (a kind of puzzle / maze in which we operate the ship from a high perspective) bring a bit of depth, but, of course, Race the Sun isn´t a game to devote hours and hours, but one of those titles that has "to have there" to take a game those days in which, we feel like playing something fast and without complicating too much.


    Although, if something wins in the title, is that for ten dollars we will have access to a series of worlds that will change day by day. This point, coupled with the challenges that are multiplying as we progress, make Race the Sun something different and thank you, at the time of playing.

    Overall, and within its genre, it´s a title worth spending some time if we look for something fast and entertaining to play.
    • Game: Race the Sun
    • Developer: Flippfly
    • Publisher: Flippfly
    • Price: $9.99
    • Size: -  321 MB
    • Release Date: April 21st 2017
    • For More Info -


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