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Saturday, February 28

XBLNCS Madden Tourny Video Highlight Reel

Here is a Highlight Reel that was compiled from Top Plays from Our XBLNCS Madden Tourny. From the regular season to the XBLNCS Championship Game we have highlights for. Enjoy the video!

Friday, February 27

Madden Tourny WINNER!

This post is for the league standings. For the league rules and regulations go here.

Playoff Teams
Deus Legend 32-3
xSgt Meatloafx 27-8
Jerhawk 18-8
Oddball2121 13-13
Stopable 10-13
Matthew0135 7-12

Nick 097 7-10
Finch865 4-4
JohnnyX77 3-15
Antman0317 2-7
Taunting Object 0-2
I Get Nun 0-1(Removed)
XxBrOnCoS88xX 0-2(Quit)
SkiTtL3 MoNSt3R 3-3(Removed)
ThirstyBarbecue 2-5(Removed)
JOHnnY RoX 21 0-1(Removed)
MR COCA COLA 95 0-1(Removed)
da H N I C 08 0-0(Removed)
BlackMagicSnake - Need to Choose New Team
PringlesCan Inc 7-1(Removed)
BESIM 0-3(Removed)
xthcx516x - 0-1 Quit
fraywatah 2-5(Quit)
Tdubs43 4-1(Quit)

Playoff Games:

XBLNCS Wild Card

#6 Matthew0135 L vs #3 Jerhawk W

#5 Stopable W vs #4 Oddball2121 L

XBLNCS Divisional Round

#3 Jerhawk L vs #2 xSgt Meatloafx W

#6 Stopable L vs #1 Deus Legend W

XBLNCS Championship Game

#2 xSgt Meatloafx L vs #1 Deus Legend W


Thanks everyone for playing, our Fantasy Tourny will be starting soon. If you want to join, just let us know.

Wednesday, February 25

Midnight Club: LA South Central DLC Coming

Thursday, March 12 is the date Midnight Club: LA gamers can expect the official release the South Central DLC.

The South Central content will be available in two different packs. One pack that will be  free and another that's paid. The free South Central Map Expansion enlarges the city 33% by adding four new neighborhoods and allows cross-play between those with the Premium content. The 800 ($10) South Central Premium Upgrade pack includes nine new vehicles, 26 additional races, 12 battle maps, ten delivery missions, 100+ red light races, new music and various car customization options.

America's Game: Jerhawk's League Chronicles

This highlight came from Jerhawk (Seahawks) vs. Antman0317 (Panthers), where Mo Morris busts through for a TD run. However Antman went on to win this game in dramatic fashion, 21-17.

Tuesday, February 24

American's Game xSgt Meatloafx Mock Draft

1 Detroit --- QB, Matt Stafford, Georgia (JR)
2 St. Louis --- OT, Eugene Monroe, Virginia
3 Kansas City --- QB, Mark Sanchez, USC
4 Seattle --- WR, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech (Soph)
5 Cleveland --- OLB, Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
6 Cincinnati --- OT, Andre Smith, Alabama
7 Oakland --- DT, B. J. Raji, Boston College
8 Jacksonville --- WR, Jeremy Maclin, Missouri
9 Green Bay --- OT, Jason Smith, Baylor
10 San Francisco --- DE, Everette Brown, Florida State
11 Buffalo --- TE Jared Cook, South Carolina (JR)
12 Denver --- RB, Knowshon Moreno, Georgia (Soph)
13 Washington --- CB, Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State
14 New Orleans --- OLB, Brian Cushing, USC
15 Houston --- DE, Brian Orakpo, Texas
16 San Diego --- WR, Percy Harvin, Florida (JR)
17. New York Jets --- LB, James Laurinaitis,Ohio State
18. Chicago Bears --- CB, Vontae Davis, Illinois (JR)
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers --- RB, Chris "Beanie" Wells, Ohio State
20. Detroit Lions (from DAL)--- OT, Michael Oher, Ole Miss
21. Philadelphia Eagles --- LB, Brian Cushing, USC
22. Minnesota Vikings --- WR, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland (JR)
23. New England Patriots --- OLB, Aaron Maybin, Penn State (Soph)
24. Atlanta Falcons --- OL, Max Unger, Oregon
25. Miami Dolphins --- OLB, Larry English, Northern Illinois
26. Baltimore Ravens --- WR, Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina (JR)
27. Indianapolis Colts --- C, Alex Mack, California
28. Philadelphia Eagles(from CAR) --- TE, Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State
29. New York Giants --- WR, Kenny Britt, Rutgers
30. Tennessee Titans --- CB, DJ Moore, Vanderbilt (JR)
31. Arizona Cardinals --- CB, Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
32. Pittsburgh Steelers --- OT, Eben Britton, Arizona (JR)

Rumor Confirmed: Red Elite Coming

The bundle features a red system and wireless controller, as well as a copy of Resident Evil 5. It also includes a wired headset, a 120GB hard drive, an exclusive Resident Evil premium theme, and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. As of right now, Toys R Us revealed a price of $399 in a database leak. We'll confirm the price when we get it but $399 sounds right.

Update: Major Nelson has made official and confirms the $399 price point. He also mentions that supplies will be “very limited” so you may want to pre-order as soon as possible.

Monday, February 23

Capcom Announces Lost Planet 2

Sunday, February 22

Another NCAA Football 10 Screenshot

Once again, click on the picture to enlarge it. OH! AW!

Halo Wars Review

Halo Wars deftly dodges between the hardcore micromanagement of real-time strategy and the instant gratification expected by Halo fans. Ensemble has nailed console RTS controls, but at the expense of some depth. The campaign missions often seem overly scripted and the experience doesn’t have the wide-open feel of some other RTSs. But the Halo feel is most definitely present, and serves as one of the game’s biggest strengths. The cinematic cutscenes are gorgeous, if the narrative is somewhat thin in places. Overall, Halo Wars is a fresh and expertly polished approach to the console strategy genre, and it’s a fitting goodbye from a beloved studio.

IGN Ratings for Halo Wars (X360)
Rating Description
out of 10
9.0 Presentation
Ensemble nailed the Halo vibe. Everything is slick and smooth, despite some pathfinding issues with larger vehicles.
8.5 Graphics
There’s some slowdown at times, especially when a lot of units are present, but the cutscenes are amazing and the environments shine.
9.0 Sound
The sound effects add serious weight to the experience, and Stephen Rippy’s soundtrack hits just the right note.
8.0 Gameplay
This isn’t your typical RTS, which may or may not be music to your ears. The missions are very straightforward, which subtracts depth. But there’s a nice tradeoff: The controls are great.
8.5 Lasting Appeal
The multiple difficulties, hidden skulls and secrets encourage multiple playthroughs. And the solid multiplayer, both online and off, is a ton of fun. Try Legendary if you fancy a challenge.
(out of 10 / not an average)


Friday, February 20

Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Preview HD

Monday, February 16

America's Game: xSgt Meatloafsx League Chronicles

Playing online vs oddball2121 and jackson threw a ball perfectly to B. Barian and went for a TD

Was playing vs a player that was kicked mr coke cola he threw the ball and it was a good return

Saturday, February 14

America's Game: Jerhawk's League Chronicles

This highlight was against Stopable in our league, in which Marcus Trufant intercepted Donavan McNabb for a touchdown.

This was against Finch865 and his Tennessee Titans, where I threw a deep ball to WR Laurent Robinson, who scored and did a snow angel.

NFL Picks: The End

We have come to the conclusion of our 2008/2009 NFL Picks. Let me tell you, it was a lot of fun putting this all together and keeping track of our scores throughout the season.

Of course I didn't forget, we picked for the Pro Bowl, but only 3 of us picked for it.

Deus Legend-NFC-Correct
xSgt MeatLoafx-AFC-Wrong

Here are our very final scores in our NFL Picks:

1.) Jerhawk / 187
2.) Stopable / 179
3.) Deus Legend / 174
4.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 161
5.) Flynn4DaWin / 159
6.) JRC 865 / 152
7.) Finch865 / 85
8.) El Bos / 7

Join us again next year where we will do the NFL Picks again (I hope). Thanks again!

Thursday, February 12

First NCAA Football '10 Screenshot

Just click on the image to make it larger. OH! AW!

Around the Hawk: Jerhawk's Wish List for Madden '10

Ever since the Xbox 360 has been released, Madden has been available for the system from way back to when Madden 06 was a launch title, to Madden 09 this year. Now that the release of Madden '10 is right around the corner (August), wanted to give my wishlist on what I hope Madden '10 will bring this time around and what Madden has been lacking since it's debut on the 360.

1.) Online Franchise- This feature would add so much replay value to this game I feel. I can't see why Madden '10 can't simply take NCAA's idea of the Online Dynasty (which was great), and take the Franchise mode of Madden to online. Could you imagine the fun of taking your team of choice from it's current state, and try to adjust the team to your liking through Free Agency, the NFL Draft, and more complex user trades? That would just be amazing! And even if your team doesn't win the championship every year, you could still compare the financial success of your team to that of the other online team owners. The commissioner of these Online Franchises should also be able to have an option to create a fantasy draft at the start of the league if the other team owner's agreed to this.

2.) Online Quitters- Ok this one should be easy enough. Once your opponent quits the game through the menu in an online game, you should be awarded the automatic win without having to play the CPU. I'm not sure why we have to play the CPU.

3.) Madden Reel - I love how Tiger Woods '09 and Skate 2 has the ability to view other user's photos and videos on the game itself without having to go to EA's websites. I think that would be genious to incorporate these other game's online media ideas into Madden '10. It would also be cool to create a user highlight reel, something that would be a lot easier to use than WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 09, but the same idea in hand. It would be great to take like 20 of your saved highlights and clip them together the way you want with your own camera angles, video effects, highlight speed and possibly some background music from the game's soundtrack. Will EA do this? Probably not.

4.) The Mark of a Cheater- Just a little idea here. When you're about to play somebody in an online game of Madden, wouldn't it be great to view their "My Career" with a push of a button in the pre-game team select screen, and see how many people have them marked as a "cheeser" or "cheater." This way, if somebody has a ridiculously high amount of "Cheeser Marks", you will make sure to not play this user player.

5.) Fix the Online Disconnects - Please EA. Fix the online disconnects. PLEASE!!

6.) 2 vs. 2 - This could have a seperate record so it won't effect your official rank or skill level, but that would be pretty tight to have 2 on 2 games. Maybe 7 on 7, since nobody would want to just be o-line in the game. But then again, the game seems to have enough trouble supporting 1 on 1, the lag would be out of hand for that many. But imagine you and a friend trying to work together rather against two other people. I have a feeling that if me and Deus Legend were to combine strategies, we would be almost unstoppable. But there's no way to judge that without actually putting it in motion.

7.) Jump Ball Battles - Since a jump ball battle occured in Super Bowl XLIII with Larry Fitzgerald, some type of jump ball effect in the game would be great. Maybe have some seperate camera angle come up in the corner of the endzone where you have to try and perfectly time your jump, and the defender will have the same thing going on where they're trying to win the jump ball battle as well by trying to time their jump to swat the ball away. This would add a lot more strategy in goaline situations rather than just QB sneaking it in there every time (something else that needs to be addressed).

8.) RPG SuperStar Mode - I like the SuperStar mode's idea, but the mode itself is rather lame. It could be great if it had somewhat of an RPG feel to it where you get to decide everything your SuperStar does. Such as deciding his workout regiment, his diet, who he hangs out with so he doesn't turn out like Pacman Jones, and the way he acts on the team (such as Team Leader, distraction, etc).

9.) User Stadium Music - NCAA '09 already had this idea of using your own soundtrack from your hardrive and using it in the stadium.

10.) Bring back John Madden! - I love John Madden, and since the game is named after him, why not have him back? But with the announcers, it should be where there's more than one announcing crew. Why not have a CBS crew, a FOX crew, the ESPN crew, NFL Network and NBC crews? Yeah, it would take a lot for EA to pull this one off, but that would really add to the replay value of the game so you just don't hear Chris Collinsworth telling you what you should've done and what he would've done.

11.) Progressive Lighting - For both offline and online, progressive lighting should be brought back (when it goes from day to night during the course of the game). Also, the weather should change throughout the game instead of it just snowing/raining throughout the entire course of the game, why not have it stop and start periodically throughout the game sometimes.

Added by Deus Legend

12.)  Stadium Updates - Update the stadiums. Most of the stadiums in the game are the same as there were in Madden 06. A lot of stadiums have added some features or changed from grass to field turf like New England. I know for example the Georgia Dome a renovation that changed the exterior paint, the seat colors, and more.

13.) Dynamic Crowds - Make the crowd react to certain situations on the field, like they should get louder on 3rd downs, after touchdowns, etc. It sounds like a ghost town during the game some times. And actually make the crowd affect the players on the field like in the current gen NCAA Football games were it had the home field advantage stuff like the stadium rocking and players missing hot routes and audibles.

Added by Sam Frankel

14. AGGRESSIVE AI: In a real game, if you have a 4th and 1 your opponents 10, you're going to strongly consider going for it. The AI never does this. It would be much more realistic if it did.

15. MAN COVERAGE: Nnamdi Asomugha gets beat too often on simple routes. Man coverage in general is a joke. I'm not saying every corner in the game should undercut every quick slant, but when you have a corner with 99 man coverage and 98 press coverage, he should actual hold people to only a few catches a game.

16. PENALTIES: In general, penalties are just a lucky break for your opponent. The only penalties that should be in the game are USER CONTROLLED. That was it actually ends up being a mistake other than a stupid, unlucky holding that takes away a 90 yard run. This would make it less realistic, unfortunately, but it wouldn't really harm gameplay.

17. ANNOUNCERS: Too often I hear "this guy" or "that guy" or "this running back" or "wide receiver." Announcers should use player names, at least for the stars. Also, there are too many times that the announcers are just flat wrong. All too often I hear a scrambling quarterback called a running back or a tight end called a wide receiver.

18. REALISTIC PROGRESSION: In franchises, too many people's speeds goes up. which never happens in real life. After having several pro bowl seasons, your 86 overall linebacker is going to increase in overall. Antonio Cromartie's overall is not going to decrease after a 5 interception season. If Randy Moss has an 800 yard season where he is frequently injured, his injury should go down. The only progressions now are improvements in season performances. It shouldn't take a 2000 yard receiving year to increase from an 98 to a 99. Consistently putting up 1300, 1400, and 1500 yards seasons should be enough.

19: REFEREES: They don't necessarily have to be solid figures (so players don't run into them), but refs can't be seen anywhere. Make them appear on the field more.

20: PLAYER EMOTIONS: Your players on the sidelines aren't going to just sit there and grunt after a 70 yard touchdown bomb. They're going to get excited. Likewise for blowing the game with a last second fumble or interception.

21: CELEBRATIONS: People get up and celebrate after almost every play, and it's unrealistic and annoying. Also, more individualized touchdown dances (like Chad Johnson doing the river dance) could be added.

While Madden has made massive improvements through the years, there is still much room for improvement for the game. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Wednesday, February 11

Call of Duty Modern Combat 2 Coming This Fall

As confirmed in an earlier report that was posted a while back, during its fourth quarter financial conference call, Activision Blizzard revealed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is due out this holiday season. This is the project that Infinity Ward has been working on, and it sounds like is should be a direct sequel to its 2007 game.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10 Release Moved Up

A new promo video for Tiger Woods 10 on the EA Sports Community Blog reveals that the game is going to release in June and this has been confirmed. In the past Tiger has released in late August or September. Also the tagline of “Feel the Drama” is now known which could be an indication of a new feature or theme for this year. You can check out the video here and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Deus Legends Take: I might actually pick this game up for once. I was never intrested in buying this game since it always came out a week or so after Madden and I think Madden steals this game thunder every year. We'll see how this change goes.

Left 4 Dead DLC to be FREE!

Valve has just announced that the price of its upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC, which will include a new "Survival" mode and "Versus" mode support for two more campaigns, will be FREE!
Deus Legends Take: In your face Microsoft!

Humor Corner: What is Halo Was Like Final Fantasy

Monday, February 9

Tom Clancy's HAWX Demo Coming!

On February 11, a demo for Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace for Live Gold members.

The demo will track experience and will include three unlockable fighters to fly, and also allow up to four Mavericks to play cooperatively. It will sports two missions for the upcoming air-combat game: In Operation - Off Certification, one of the game's training missions that showcases maneuvers and tactics used throughout the adventure, and In Operation - Glass Hammer, another training mission that teaches pilots how to blow stuff up in the air and on land.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. lands in stores this March.

Deus Legends Take: I am interested in this game and this demo may make up my mind about this game. Hopefully its good.

Rules and Regulations for XBLNCS Madden Tournys


Difficulty is the All-Madden, 5 Minute Quarters, Trades are enable.


Rules Explaination:

1) Do not abuse any known glitches in the game if there are any. Example: Rocket Catching

2) Punt on 4th down, especially if you have the lead. Exceptions are opponents goal line, inches past the 50 and the FG grayzone between your opponents 40-35 and behind any time in the 4th Quarter. Fakes are not allowed at any point of the game unless losing by more than 3.

3) Built in shifts only when shifting the D-line, no manually moving the DE way outside the offensive tackle. Manual movement of linebackers, safeties and corners are ok as long as they are in coverage, not blitzing. Its ok to come in on a run play or come up and fake blitz

4) No hurry up offense outside of the 2 minute warning, unless trailing by 10 or more at any point of the game. If you do use hurry up offense try and use it in moderation and not after a tackle for a loss, sack or incompletion.

5) No onside kicks unless behind 14 at any point or behind at any point in the 4th quarter.

6) When you have a clear path to score regardless of time left you must take a clear path to the end zone, no weaving or diving on the ground. This also applies to running backwards with any player on any type of play just to kill the clock. If you can seal the game by not scoring and killing clock then do so.

7) No Goaline outside of 5 or more yards for first down. Try 46 instead on any other time if you want a lot of players in the box. In other words no goaline defense or offense on 1st and 10 for example. If its like 2nd and 5 then its ok.

8) No two point conversions unless it mathematically makes sense. Like catching up or trying to seal a win at the last second.

9) Try not to eat the whole play clock, unless the game clock is not moving. If you have the ball inside the two minute warning it is ok to kill the clock.

10) Try and use your whole play book, if something works stick with it but give it different looks.

11) If mathematically you can kill the clock with the lead do not run up the score, kneel the ball.

12) No calling punt block or any variations or punt/field goal defensive plays unless a punt or field goal is called. Not even for use on the goal line.

13) No uneven trades. We will monitor all trades and suspend players for violations.

14) Any game where the other player purposely quit without explanation, the other player will receive the win.

15) Any game where the other player disconnects from a network issue, both players can mutually agree to spot the points back.

16) If a player purposely quits the game, they will be removed from the tourny and the other player will get the win.


To join, just leave your gamertag and team in the comment section and we will update on how to join the tourny over in Madden.

Also, Games can be played immediately. The sooner the better. Results for the games will be pulled from the Madden League System so make sure you play them in that mode. Make sure that the right teams get the right home games. It really doesn't matter but if you like to play at home then make sure you get it. To schedule your games with your opponent, just message them through Xbox Live. If the game is disconnected, and if its in the 4th quarter, whoever is winning gets the win for the game only if the person is winning by 10 points or more

Any problems should be reported to the league office immediately.

Sunday, February 8

America's game: xSgt Meatloafx's chronicles

Lions VS Vikings
i was playing on line there was :35 left in the 4th i wen down the field to score the winning td

Broncos VS Redskins

Playing on line and i just through it deep to S. Moss and it was in the air for at least 2 seconds

The XBLN Awards Show (Final Part)

Welcome back! Our show was temporarily cancelled due to low ratings, but we're back to give you, the viewer, the last part of our show! Here it goes:

Game with best DLC Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Rock Band/Rock Band 2

Jerhawk's Take: Rock Band has amazing DLC with songs available every week for a very affordable price.

Best Create-a-Character Game Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Tiger Woods 09

Jerhawk's Take: Year in and year out, Tiger Woods continues to outshine every game in the create-a-character department.

Game with best control layout Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Halo 3

Jerhawk's Take: This game is very easy to learn in terms of controls. Nothing too over-complicated about it.

Most frustrating game Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: NBA 2k9

Jerhawk's Take: Stopable was a witness to my wrath of anger when I was playing NBA 2k9. The game which I rented was thrown across the room.

Poor Sporsmanship Award:

Jerhawk's Winner: Jerhawk

Jerhawk's Take: I am a crybaby, I get extremely frustrated and angry at basically every game that I play. I am a very poor sport.

Best Sportmanship Award/The Big Controller:

Jerhawk's Winner: Antman0317

Jerhawk's Take: This guy just doesn't care. Win or lose this man continues to play with a smile on his face. Congradulations Antman0317, you deserve it!

Thanks for watching out three part awards show. Join us next year and we'll do it again!

Thursday, February 5

XBLN Madden League Update: Playoffs Time!

 Due to some of the people signing up not playing their games, the schedule will be altered. Now, we will play every person in the league 3 times. And the people who have not signed up through Madden or have been reported will be dropped. There are currently 14 people in the league. The top 6 will earn a playoff spot with the top 2 gaining a bye. The end date for these games will be January 31st 2009.  Results will be posted here and reposted every week.


Playoff Rules:

The playoffs will also be Single Round Elimination. The people with playoff spots 1 and 2 will get a first round bye. The Wild Card round will put #6 @ #3 and #5 @ #4. The divisional round opponents will be determined from the results of the Wild Card Games.

Wild Card Playoffs:

Game 1: #6 Robin Sweety(Arizona) L @ #3 Stopable(Philadelphia) W

Game 2: #5 Finch865(Carolina) L @ #4 xSgt Meatloafx(Green Bay) W

Games should be played by February  5th 2009.

Divisional Round:
Game 1: Stopable(Philly) @ Deus Legend(Atlanta)
Game 2: xsgt meatloafx(Green Bay) L @ Jerhawk(Seattle) W

XBLN Championship Game:
Stopable or Deus Legend @ Jerhawk(Seattle)

League Members and Standings:

Current Playoff Players:
Jerhawk 20-2
Deus Legend 18-7-1*
Stopable 13-9-1~
xSgt Meatloafx 12-12
Finch865 9-5
Robin Sweety 9-8

In the Playoff Bubble:

Egghead2274 7-7
JesseG52 3-1(NEW PERSON)
Adam Dynasty 3-2

Antman0317 2-20
AKAthatoneguy 1-1
DrumPhreek 1-2
Hector831 4-4(Got 3ROD)
Saluki1137 0-11(REMOVED FROM TOURNY)

~Jerhawk(SEA) has traded CB Kelly Jennings to Deus Legend(ATL)for CB Chris Houston
~xsgt Meatloafx(GB) has DT Ryan Pickett to Jerhawk(SEA) for WR Deion Branch
~Jerhawk(SEA) has traded HB Mo Morris to xsgt Meatloafx(GB) for HB Ryan Grant

~Stopable(PHI) has traded FS Brian Dawkins  to Jerhawk(SEA) for LB Leroy Hill
~Jerhawk(SEA) has traded QB Matt Hasselbeck, TE John Carlson and DT Ryan Pickett to xsgt Meatloafx(GB) for QB Aaron Rogers, LB AJ Hawk, TE Tory Humphrey
~Deus Legend(ATL) has traded TE Ben Hartsock, HB Jerious Norwood, and FB Ovie Mughelli to xsgt Meatloafx(GB) for TE Donald Lee, HB Mo Morris, and FB Corey Hall
~Saluki1137(DAL) has traded CB Mike Jenkins to Deus Legend(ATL) for CB Kelly Jennings
~Jerhawk(SEA) has traded OL Sean Locklear to Deus Legend(ATL) for OL Todd Weiner
~Stopable(PHI) has traded CB Sheldon Brown to Deus Legend(ATL) for LB Keith Brooking
~Finch865(CAR) has traded TE Jeff King, LB Thomas Davis, LB Jon Beason, OL Travelle Wharton, DE Julius Peppers, WR Steve Smith, QB Jake Delhomme, OL Jordan Gross, HB Deangelo Williams, HB Jonathan Stewart, and K John Kasey to xsgt Meatloafx for TE Ben Hartsock, LB Brandon Chillar, LB Brady Poppinga, LB Daryn Colledge, DE Johnny Jolly, WR James Jones, QB Brian Brohm, OL Breno Giacomini, HB Jerious Norwood, HB Brandon Jackson, and K Mason Crosby
~Finch865(CAR) has traded WR Muhsin Muhammad, HB Jerious Norwood, CB Chris Gamble, CB Ken Lucas, Chris Harris, and LB Brady Poppinga to Deus Legend(ATL) for WR Brian Finneran, HB Jason Snelling, CB Brent Grimes, CB Chevis Jackson, SS Antoine Harris, and DT Jason Jefferson
~Jerhawk(SEA) has traded SS Brian Russell to Finch865(CAR) for WR DJ Hackett
~xsgt Meatloafx(GB) has traded WR Deion Branch to Stopable(PHI) for WR Jason Avant
More Trade updates later.

Have Fun!

Halo Wars Demo Out Now

The Halo Wars Demo is out now on the XBLM. The demo weighs in at 1.4 GB. I wonder how it will turn out. I'm not a fan of RTS games so we'll see.

Left 4 Dead DLC Announced

The L4D Survival Pack, is set for a spring release and promises to add a new game mode, "Survival," along with two new full campaigns for Versus mode. Also, an upcoming release of a "Critics' Choice" version of the game, which includes the aforementioned DLC.

There is no word on the cost of this DLC, we'll update you as we get news in on this.

Battlefield 1943 Coming to XBLA!

This summer the Battlefield series will go back to WWII with Battlefield 1943, a multiplayer game coming to XBLA. The game will be built on the same engine as Bad Company, the downloadable game will offer 24 players the chance to battle it out across Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima.

Deus Legends Take: This looks great. I might have to pick this up when it comes out.

SEGA Announces Virtua Tennis 2009

SEGA has confirmed another installment in the Virtua Tennis series is coming to the Xbox 360.
Virtua Tennis 2009 will feature real-life ballsmashers like Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams and Roger Federererer. New players for this year include Andy "Come on Tim" Murray and ladies French Open champion Ana Ivanovic.

The World Tour Mode has been spruced up, and now includes a fully integrated online ranking system. There are more Player Creation options than ever and a new-look Tennis Store with more than 800 items to choose from.

There will be brand new Court Games to play, and we're told to "look out for crocodiles, fruit and pirates". Wise advice generally, of course.

Virtua Tennis 2009 is out this May.

Wednesday, February 4

Tekken 6 Trailer

Monday, February 2

MLB 2K9 Linecum Trailer

NFL Picks: Super Bowl XLIII Results / Pro Bowl Picks

The NFL season is over. The Steelers won the Super Bowl, and everyone is looking forward to next season already.

Here's the people who picked the Steelers and got it right:

Deus Legend
JRC 865

Here's who picked the Cardinals and got it wrong:

xSgt MeatLoafx

Finch chose undecided on his ballot.

Our overall PowerRankings following the Super Bowl:

1.) Jerhawk / 184
2.) Stopable / 179
3.) Deus Legend / 171
4.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 161
5.) Flynn4DaWin / 159
6.) JRC 865 / 152
7.) Finch865 / 85
8.) El Bos / 7

Backed by popular demand, we will pick for the Pro Bowl this year!

NFC vs. AFC   (Honolulu, Hawaii)

This game will be worth 3 points, so our NFL Picks is not over yet! Try to run up your score. Thanks!

Sunday, February 1

Catch Super Bowl 43 on XBLN LIVE!

It may sound odd, but we're sure some people will be away from a TV or in an area of the World that won't be getting the Super Bowl. XBLN LIVE! has you covered. We will broadcast Super Bowl 43 and the Pre Game and Post Game festivities right here tonight. Coverage starts NOW!

**It will not be in HD but we will allocate as much bandwidth as possible for this broadcast to make it smooth and as clear as possible. Enjoy!

Password is 12345

What time is it? GAME TIME: Feb 1st - Feb 7th

3 on 3 NHL Arcade (Xbox 360)
3 on 3 NHL Arcade
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: 2/4/2009

With fast paced action, crushing hits and loads of room to experiment, 3 on 3 NHL Arcade will have gamers from all walks of life excited about hockey. With no rules to hinder the action, deliver devas ... more