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Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom Review

The adventure takes place in a fantasy world in which three species coexist: humans, wakis and shelks. The main character is called Chado, a waki who next to his friend Poky, follow the instructions of a Shiness that only Chado can see and communicate with the objective to reach an unknown place on the planet and save it from destruction.


The game has an estimated duration of 25 to 40 hours, as we complete all the main and secondary missions and discover all its secrets.

For the hunters of achievements to note that to have 100% of this game will take you many hours of game, since the developers have assured that you realize all the possible actions of the game and you obtain very high things, like obtaining 100,000 uzus (money), to capture to all types of animals in the game, to defeat a S-rank legend or end the game without losing even a single combat.


Shiness presents a very fun way to enjoy a good story mixing action with role, magic and puzzles. Exploring the world is one of the strengths of the title where we can enter a fantasy world that brings many hours of fun where to find many secrets that will help us to equip ourselves and improve.
During exploration and progress in history we must not only fight against countless enemies, but solve different puzzles that will require our ingenuity and the use of the special abilities of the characters and the combination of them, as well as other actions such as hunting animals for Collect objects and ingredients that will help us in the adventure. The puzzles at the beginning are very simple, but they will become more difficult to solve as we go. The game makes intensive use of almost every corner of the maps where they send us through main and secondary missions.
At the beginning in our group will only be Chado and Poky, but as we advance in history we will join three other components: Kayenne, Rosalya and Askel. Each of them has special and unique skills that we must know how and when to use to face our enemies and solve the puzzles.

For example, Chado can invoke a large menhines that will allow us to activate levers located on the ground or to act as a counterweight; Poky has a tool that allows to establish magic links to activate magic levers that use the colors and the combinations of these to solve them; Kayenne has a mental power that allows her to move objects from a distance; Rosalya uses the fire to destroy traps and obstacles; And finally Askel whose ability in exploration is to attract objects that are beyond our reach. We can alternate and use each of them whenever we want, both during exploration and during combat, which we must use with insight to get out of the battles.

Graphics & Design

The title uses a 3D environment with shaders that give a touch of anime drawings to the textures getting a very beautiful and colorful visual section. It also uses exceptional lighting where along with the particles create environments and effects that marry beautifully with the design of the game and give a plus of graphic quality, but don't reach the quality of a triple A title.
It uses a comic style design to show us the most important actions and conversations in history where comic and fun scenes bring depth to the personality of each of the characters.

In general terms, the game has a good performance, especially during combat where the player's skills are tested with a speed of attacks. The sounds and soundtrack are fine, though they don't particularly stand out.


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is an action RPG that mixes action, role, magic and puzzles along with a good and funny story that will delight RPG lovers, unfortunately doesn't come to shine like a triple A title in any of its aspects. Its reduced price makes it a good buy for lovers of the genre.

  • Game: Shiness: The lighting kingdom
  • Developer: EniGami
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Price: $29.99
  • Size: 10.97 GB
  • Release Date: April 18th 2017
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