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Tuesday, December 30

America's game: xSgt Meatloafx's game highlights

Stopable's Eagles vs Packers
Got him with the play action

Jerhawk's Seahawks vs my Packer's
He made Mo Morris go upside down

Lengend's Evs my Redskins
67 yard run by Clinton Portis

Falcons vs Seahawks
Perfect pass to K. Robinson

Sunday, December 28

NFL Picks: Week 17 Results / Wild Card Picks

That's right everyone, we're done with the 2008 NFL Regular Season. You know what that means? It's the Playoffs!!

Before we get started, here's another comparison between an NFL star and somebody not playing football. This week will be Falcons DT Grady Jackson and WWE Star Big Daddy V "Viscera".

Here's the results from our final Double EXP Weekend of the season:

Failed 2-Point Conversions:

Jacksonville Jaguars losing to the Baltimore Ravens: xSgt MeatLoafx

Successful 2-Point Conversions:

Oakland Raiders defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Deus Legend, xSgt MeatLoafx, Stopable

Here are some more of those odd picks:

-Jerhawk was the ONLY idiot to pick the Detroit Lions, and of course got it WRONG. Poor Lions...
-Stopable got the Houston Texans CORRECT, and was the ONLY person to pick them over the Chicago Bears.
-Flynn4DaWin was the ONLY guy to get the Buffalo Bills WRONG.
-EVERYBODY got the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers CORRECT.

The results from Week 17 Alone:

1.) Stopable / 14
T2.) Jerhawk / 11
T2.) Deus Legend / 11
T2.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 11
3.) Flynn4DaWin / 8

Did not pick: JRC 865 and Finch865

Our XBLN.com NFL Picks PowerRankings heading into the Playoffs, presented by Sprint:

1.) Jerhawk / 162
2.) Stopable / 158
3.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 157
4.) Flynn4DaWin / 150
5.) Deus Legend / 149
6.) JRC 865 / 140
7.) Finch865 / 85

So it looks like Stopable has overtaken Sgt MeatLoaf for second place, only four behind the leader Jerhawk.

And to JRC 865 and Finch865, you can still make your picks to the BCS Games this week if you'd like, but please make sure to pick for the game before it starts.

And finally, here are the Wild Card matchups. These will be worth 2 points each, no upsets or anything like that. Please have your picks in by Saturday before the first game (Falcons at Cardinals) begins. Thanks.

(5) Atlanta Falcons at (4) Arizona Cardinals

(5) Indianapolis Colts at (4) San Diego

(6) Baltimore Ravens at (3) Miami Dolphins

(6) Philadelphia Eagles at (3) Minnesota Vikings

Also, here's those Super Bowl picks that we made all the way back in Week 10. These are worth 5 points to whoever is somehow correct with their selection. Stopable's is only worth 1 point, since he just chose the Eagles this week. Let's see who is still good with those picks:

Jerhawk (Baltimore Ravens): Still in
Deus Legend (Atlanta Falcons): Still in
JRC 865 (Tennessee Titans): Still in (1st Round Bye)
Flynn4DaWin (Dallas Cowboys): Eliminated
xSgt MeatLoafx (Carolina Panthers): Still in (1st Round Bye)
Stopable (Philadelphia Eagles): Still in (only 1 point if correct)

Thanks everybody, and good luck!

Friday, December 26

America's Game: The Jerhawk Chronicles

Check out this ridiculous touchdown catch by WR Koren Robinson from QB Matt Hasselbeck in a ranked online game vs. some random guy with the Bears.
I think it's pretty cool how he slides down as if trying to steal home, and then pops back up and break out of a tackle, then outrun everyone to the endzone for a Seahawks touchdown.

Thursday, December 25

Happy Holidays!

We here at XBL Network will like to wish you a Happy Hoilidays. Have a safe holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23

NFL Picks: Week 16 Results / Week 17 Picks

The 2008 NFL Regular season is almost in the books. There are a lot of memories, a lot of coulda woulda shoulda's, but in the end there will only be one champion, both in the NFL and in our NFL Picks!

Since this is a blog site, I would like to express my opinion on something kind of out of the blue. I noticed something bizarre when I was watching the Saturday Night game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens. I noticed that the Cowboys are a terribly coached team, but I noticed something even more weird. Check out this amazing similarity between Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco, who looks a lot like the character Sylar on NBC's TV show "Heroes" played by actor Zachary Quinto, who will also play the character "Spock" in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

Deus Legend also made a comparison between I, Jerhawk, and Browns Quarterback Brady Quinn. I don't know about this one too much...

Well, now that I've got that off my chest, onto the pick results from Week 16. Here's the results of our Double EXP Weekend:

Failed 2-Point Conversions:
Jacksonville Jaguars losing to the Indianapolis Colts: JRC 865
Detroit Lions losing to the New Orleans Saints: Deus Legend, JRC 865, Flynn4DaWin, xSgt MeatLoafx, Finch 865
Arizona Cardinals losing to the New England Patriots: xSgt MeatLoafx

Converted 2-Point Conversions:
Oakland Raiders defeating the Houston Texans: xSgt MeatLoafx

Here's the other picks that people tried to pick different from everyone else:
-Jerhawk was the only one to get the Kansas City Chiefs WRONG after they lost to the Miami Dolphins.
-Finch865 was the lone wolf to pick the Tennessee Titans CORRECT as they stomped on the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Titans showed no class by the way in stomping on the Terrible Towel. Yes, I don't like the Steelers after they beat my 'Hawks in the Super Bowl, but the Titans will have a rude awakening if they meet the Steelers again in the playoffs.
-Stopable and Finch865 were the only ones to get the Buffalo Bills CORRECT after the kicked the Denver Broncos. What a collapse by the Broncos, eh? Who do they think they are, the New York Mets?
-Flynn4DaWin and xSgt MeatLoafx were the only brave souls to get the Seattle Seahawks CORRECT after they threw a snow ball at Brett Favre. Looks like Sgt MeatLoaf brought the Seahawks some luck.
-Deus Legend and Flynn4DaWin got the New York Giants CORRECT, and were the only people to do so.
-xSgt MeatLoafx was the only person to get the Green Bay Packers WRONG as they lost to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night in overtime.

Here are the results from Week 16 alone:
T1.) Deus Legend / 10
T1.) Stopable / 10
2.) xSgt MeatLoaf / 9
3.) Finch865 / 8
T4.) Flynn4DaWin / 7
T4.) Jerhawk / 7
5.) JRC 865 / 6

Now our overall NFL Picks PowerRankings through Week 16, presented this week by Vizio.
1.) Jerhawk / 151
2.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 146
3.) Stopable / 144
4.) Flynn4DaWin / 142
5.) JRC 865 / 140
6.) Deus Legend / 138
7.) Finch865 / 85

Here are the games for Week 17, the last week in the NFL regular season. For those who are wondering though, nobody is being eliminated, and nobody will be eliminated throughout the Playoffs. It will just go simply as the Wild Card Round is worth 2 Points per game, the Divisional Round are 3 Points per game, the Conference Championships are 4 Points a game, and the Super Bowl is worth 5 Points. This is the last week for our Double EXP Weekend/2-Point Conversions also.

*St. Louis @ Atlanta (Upset Special)

*Jacksonville @ Baltimore (Upset Special)

New England @ Buffalo

Kansas City @ Cincinnati

Detroit @ Green Bay

Chicago @ Houston

Tennessee @ Indianapolis

N.Y. Giants @ Minnesota

Carolina @ New Orleans

Miami @ N.Y. Jets

Dallas @ Philadelphia

*Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (Upset Special)

*Oakland @ Tampa Bay (The Gruden Bowl)(Upset Special)

Seattle @ Arizona

Washington @ San Francisco

Denver @ San Diego (Sunday Night Fist-Banging, Tooth-Rattling, Ed Hocculi Praying Game)

The Point-Spreads for the Upset Special Games:
St. Louis Rams (2-13) vs. Atlanta Falcons (10-5)
The Falcons are favored by a massive 15 points.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10) vs. Baltimore Ravens (10-5)
The Ravens are favored by 12.5 points.

Cleveland Browns (4-11) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4)
The Steelers are favored by 10 points.

Oakland Raiders (4-11) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-6)
The Buccaneers are favored by 13 points.

And also, we will now pick for the BCS Bowl Games. These games will be worth 1 Point each, and is basically like Extra Credit. They will not hurt you if you get them wrong, they're just there to help. These are the games:

Fed Ex Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech (19) vs. Cincinnati (12)

Rose Bowl Game: Penn St. (8) vs. USC (5)

Allstate Sugar Bowl: Utah (6) vs. Alabama (4)

Tostidos Fiesta Bowl: Texas (3) vs. Ohio State (10)

Fed Ex National Championship Game: Oklahoma (1) vs. Florida (2)

Good luck everyone, and have fun!

Monday, December 22

America's Game: xSgt Meatloafx LIVE! at the Seahawks Game

Pics from New York Jets Vs Seattle Seahawks December 21, 2008. Also, Mike Holmgren's last home game as the coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Sunday, December 21

Guitar Hero: Metalica Trailer

Friday, December 19

America's Game: Highlights From xSgt MeatLoafx

Blazers vs Orlando
Nice Crossover

My team vs Packers

Thursday, December 18

800 MS Point Cards Now Available in Stores

800 MS Point Cards are now available at retail. These cards will cost $9.99.

Tuesday, December 16

NFL Picks: Week 15 Results / Week 16 Picks

We're almost to the end of the regular season. Just a little more time left in our NFL Picks! Who wants it more?

Here's the results of our Double EXP Weekend:

Successful 2-Point Conversions:

Cincinnati Bengals defeating the Washington Redskins: JRC 865, Stopable

Failed 2-Point Conversions:

Detroit Lions losing to the Indianapolis Colts: Jerhawk
San Francisco 49ers losing to the Miami Dolphins: JRC 865, Stopable, Jerhawk
Oakland Raiders losing to the New England Patriots: Jerhawk

So, the only 2-Point Conversion that Jerhawk didn't go for turned out to be the correct ones, while the upsets that Jerhawk did try to pick ended up being wrong. What a loser.

Here were some other odd things that came up in our Week 15 Picks:

-Jerhawk was the ONLY person to pick the Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs and the St. Louis Rams, and got them ALL WRONG.
-Jerhawk was the ONLY player to get the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars CORRECT as they won their respective games.
-Deus Legend was the only one to get the Buffalo Bills WRONG as they lost to the N.Y. Jets.
-Flynn4DaWin and Finch865 were the ONLY people to get the Dallas Cowboys CORRECT. This was Finch's only game he got correct.
-Jerhawk and Stopable were the only ones to get the Minnesota Vikings CORRECT as they took out the Arizona Cardinals.
-Stopable and Flynn4DaWin were the only people to get the Tampa Bay Buccaneers WRONG after they were taken down by the Atlanta Falcons.

Here's the results from Week 15 alone:

T1.) JRC 865 / 11
T1.) Stopable / 11
T2.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 10
T2.) Flynn4DaWin / 10
T3.) Deus Legend / 8
T3.) Jerhawk / 8
4.) Finch865 / 1

And now our Overall NFL Picks PowerRankings, presented this week by Burger King. Have it your way:

1.) Jerhawk / 144
2.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 137
3.) Flynn4DaWin / 135
T4.) JRC 865 / 134
T4.) Stopable / 134
5.) Deus Legend / 128
6.) Finch865 / 77

Here are the Week 16 games:

*Indianapolis @ Jacksonville (Thursday Night)(Upset Special)

Baltimore @ Dallas (Saturday Night)

Cincinnati @ Cleveland

*New Orleans @ Detroit (Upset Special)

Miami @ Kansas City

Atlanta @ Minnesota

*Arizona @ New England (Upset Special)

San Francisco @ St. Louis

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

Philadelphia @ Washington

Buffalo @ Denver

*Houston @ Oakland (Upset Special)

N.Y. Jets @ Seattle (xSgt MeatLoafx will be live on location from this game)

San Diego @ Tampa Bay

Carolina @ N.Y. Giants (Sunday Night Fiesta)

Green Bay @ Chicago (Monday Night Windstorm)

The records and point-spreads for the upset specials:

Indianapolis Colts (10-4) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-9)
The Colts are favored by 6 points.

New Orleans Saints (7-7) vs. Detroit Lions (0-14)
The Saints are favored by 7 points.

Arizona Cardinals (8-6) vs. New England Patriots
For some reason, the Patriots are favored by 8 points.

Houston Texans (7-7) vs. Oakland Raiders (3-11)
The Texans are favored by 7 points.

So, those are the games. Good luck everyone!

Monday, December 15

Free Your Avatar!

Microsoft has put up a new app that will let you take your avatar and create images with them.

Free Your Avatar

GTA IV Lost and Damned Video


Saturday, December 13

UPDATE: XBLN Madden Tourny Weeks 1 and 2!


Its been decided by the powers that be to run the league with the 16 players we have now and create new conferences and divisions. Another reminder, league invites to the Madden system will go out today. Here is everything football turned Xbox:

Xbox Live League
Commissioner: Deus Legend
President of Our Players: Jerhawk

Xbox Conference(XBC)
Halo Division
Baltimore Ravens- LatinGangsta187 NOW KNOWN AS HECTOR831
Chicago Bears- AKAthatoneguy
New York Giants- Babyrock1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Romanmusiq

Gears Division
Atlanta Falcons- Deus Legend
Green Bay Packers- xSgt Meatloafx
New York Jets- Phil03
Philadelphia Eagles- Stopable

Live Gamers Conference(LGC)
Rock Band Division
Pittsburgh Steelers- bdhnbtown8532
Minnesota Vikings- BengalFan85
Seattle Seahawks- Jerhawk
Washingotn Redskins- Drumphreek

Guitar Hero Division
Arizona Cardinals- Robin Sweety
Carolina Panthers- Finch865(New Owner)
Dallas Cowboys- Saluki1137
Indianapolis Colts- egghead2274(New Owner+Team)


Week 1 Schedule:
Atlanta @ Philadelphia
Green Bay @ New York Jets
New York Giants @ Baltimore
Chicago @ Tampa Bay
Minnesota @ Seattle
Washington @ Pittsburgh
St. Louis @ Dallas
Carolina @ Arizona

Week 2 Schedule:
New York Jets @ Atlanta
Philadelphia @ Green Bay
Tampa Bay @ New York Giants
Baltimore @ Chicago
Seattle @ Washington
Pittsburgh @ Minnesota
Arizona @ Indianapolis
Dallas @ Carolina

Results for the games will be pulled from the Madden League System so make sure you play them in that mode. Make sure that the right teams get the right home games. It really doesn't matter but if you like to play at home then make sure you get it. To schedule your games with your opponent, just message them through Xbox Live. If the game is disconnected, and if its in the 4th quarter, whoever is winning gets the win for the game only if the person is winning by 10 points or more. Any problems should be reported to the league office immediately.


Saluki1137 2-0
bdhnbtown8532 1-0
AKAthatoneguy 1-0
Finch865 1-1
Jerhawk 1-0
Deus Legend 0-0-1*
Stopable 0-0-1
Bengalfan85 0-1
DrumPhreek 0-1
Egghead2274 1-1
Hector831 0-1
Robin Sweety 0-2

Thanks and have fun!

Friday, December 12

Listen! It's Time! Game Time: December 10th - 30th

PowerUp Forever (Xbox 360)
PowerUp Forever
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: 12/10/2008

A new Xbox Live Arcade game being released by Namco Bandai. This "fractal shooter" will have the ship you pilot around a 2-D universe growing as it eliminates the organic creatures it encounters—and w ... more

Meteos Wars (Xbox 360)
Meteos Wars
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: 12/12/2008

Take a ride through this intergalactic journey where you slide, stack and ignite your blocks to blast away the world‐ending meteors! Only you can stop them from falling and crushing your planet. ... more

Rise of the Argonauts (Xbox 360)
Rise of the Argonauts
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: 12/16/2008

Rise of the Argonauts immerses gamers in a gladiatorial adventure, set in wondrously imagined vision of ancient Greece. With deep exploration and epic quests, players will live a life of brutal combat ... more

X-Blades (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: 12/30/2008

X-Blades features a special combination of cinematic style, beautiful animation, and relentless, high speed gameplay. Players assume the role of Ayumi, a stunningly seductive yet tenacious heroine who ... more

Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central DLC

Today, Rockstar Games announced that Midnight Club: Los Angeles downloadable content will be released early next year.

The South Central Upgrade Map DLC will be a free download and encompass about a third of what Los Angeles offers. Included in the new map will be additional competitions, races, music and new cars (including an SUV) to cruise around new locations like the Shrine Auditorium and Crenshaw Plaza.

Thursday, December 11

America's Game: The Jerhawk Chronicles

This highlight was with Jerhawk (Seahawks) against Deus Legend (Falcons). I dropped back about 15 yards with Hasselbeck before throwing it up to the greates unknown receiver: Jordan Kent. Kent makes a spectacular catch in the endzone. However, Deus Legend and his Falcons went on to capture the win, 21-17.

This one was with Jerhawk (Seahawks) against some kid online (Cowboys). He throws the pick to the human highlight-reel, Josh Wilson. He goes on to somehow take this one all the way back to the Hawk's Nest. I went on to win this game, 49-24. This kid also disconnected before the game ended.

Tuesday, December 9

NFL Picks: Week 14 Results / Week 15 Picks

The playoff race is getting tight! For many teams, it's a fight for their playoff survival, while other teams are trying to better their playoff seeding. The same can be said for our picks, where everyone is battling to catch up with Jerhawk.

Unfortunately, there were no winners of the Double EXP Weekend for Week 14, due to none of the "upset special" teams winning.

Failed 2-Point Conversions:

Oakland Raiders losing to the San Diego Chargers: xSgt MeatLoafx, Stopable, Finch865
Cleveland Browns losing to the Tennessee Titans: Jerhawk and Deus Legend

Here were some other things that came up during the Week 14 picks:

-Everybody picked the Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, and the Arizona Cardinals in their respective games, and got those Correct.
-Everybody got the N.Y. Jets Wrong as they were taken down by the San Francisco 49ers.
-Finch865 was the ONLY person to have chose the Kansas City Chiefs over the Denver Broncos, but got that one WRONG.
-Finch865 and Flynn4DaWin were the ONLY players to get the New Orleans Saints CORRECT as they defeated the Atlanta Falcons.
-Finch865 and Stopable were the ONLY ones to get the Philadelphia Eagles CORRECT after they took out the N.Y. Giants.
-Deus Legend was the ONLY person to get the Seattle Seahawks WRONG as they barely lost to the New England Patriots. The Seahawks almost won though!

Here are the Week 14 results alone:

1.) Stopable / 11
T2.) Finch865 / 10
T2.) Flynn4DaWin / 10
T2.) Jerhawk / 10
3.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 9
T4.) JRC 865 / 7
T4.) Deus Legend / 7

Here's our Overall XBLN.com NFL Picks PowerRankings, presented by Comcast:

1.) Jerhawk / 136
2.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 127
3.) Flynn4DaWin / 125
T4.) Stopable / 123
T4.) JRC 865 / 123
5.) Deus Legend / 120
6.) Finch865 / 76

Now the Week 15 games:

New Orleans @ Chicago (Thursday Night Spectacular)

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Denver @ Carolina

*Washington @ Cincinnati  (Upset Special)

Tennessee @ Houston

*Detroit @ Indianapolis  (Upset Special)

Green Bay @ Jacksonville

San Diego @ Kansas City

*San Francisco @ Miami   (Upset Special)

Buffalo @ N.Y. Jets

Seattle @ St. Louis

Minnesota @ Arizona

*New England @ Oakland   (Upset Special)

N.Y. Giants @ Dallas  (Sunday Night Brawl)

Cleveland @ Philadelphia (Monday Night Bash)

Here's the games that I have selected for the Week 15 Double EXP Weekend Specials:

Washington Redskins (7-6) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1-11-1)
The Redskins are favored by 6.5 points.

Detroit Lions (0-13) vs. Indianapolis Colts (9-4)
The Colts are favored by a whopping 17 points. Wow

San Francisco 49ers (5-8) vs. Miami Dolphins (8-5)
The Dolphins are favored by 6.5 points.

New England Patriots (8-5) vs. Oakland Raiders (3-10)
The Patriots are favored by 7 points.

Thanks everyone, and good luck!

Monday, December 8

Halo Wars Release Date Set

Microsoft may have promised those of us in North America that we'd be getting Halo Wars sometime in February. The game will actually release to retail in the U.S. and Canada the first week March. Europe and everyone else on the globe are still set for a February Halo Wars release.

Officially, Halo Wars will release to "the Americas" on March 3rd, to EMEA territories on February 27th, and to Japan and Asia on February 26th.

Wednesday, December 3

Call of Duty Modern Combat 2 Coming Next Fall

Activision's Call of Duty franchise is in development and set for release Fall 2009.

The announcement comes from a Microsoft sponsored Massive Inc. upfront where publishers showcase and talk about upcoming products to lineup advertisers prior to release. Activision didn't have any specifics to announce regarding the title, other than the fact that we'll be receiving a second helping of Modern Warfare late next year.

America's Game: The Chronicles of Stopable

This is Stopable (Eagles) vs. Jerhawk (Seahawks). Jerhawk user- picks the ball with Deon Grant after a hail marry throw by Donavan McNabb. Deon Grant then randomly tried to lateral the ball to his stupid teammate who whifs on the catch, allowing Brian Westbrook to pick it up and score with no time remaining at the end of the first half. Stopable went on to win this game.

This is Stopable (Eagles) vs. some random guy online (Packers). Stopable uses his magic luck abilities to force a fumble on the kick return, allowing the punter/kickoff specialist of all people to pick it up and run it in for the Touchdown.

Thanks for the highlights Stopable.

Tuesday, December 2

NFL Picks: Week 13 Results / Week 14 Picks

Week 13 is over! So, without further delay, let's get to it!

Double EXP Weekend Winners:

Stopable: San Francisco 49ers over Buffalo Bills
JRC 865: Denver Broncos over N.Y. Jets
Jerhawk: Denver Broncos over N.Y. Jets

2 Points will be rewarded to these fine outstanding gentlemen for their courageous picks. Congradulations men. Good hunting.

Here's some standouts from Week 13:

-Everybody who picked all chose the Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins in their respective games, and got them Correct.
-JRC 865 was the ONLY person to get the Cincinnati Bengals WRONG as they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.
-Jerhawk and xSgt MeatLoafx were the ONLY people to get the Tampa Bay Buccaneers CORRECT as they took down the New Orleans Saints.
-JRC 865 and Stopable were the ONLY guys to get the Kansas City Chiefs correct as they took down the Oakland Raiders.
-Flynn4DaWin was the ONLY person to get the San Diego Chargers WRONG after they lost to the Atlanta Falcons.

The results from Week 13 alone:

1.) JRC 865 / 13
T2.) xSgt MeatLoafx / 12
T2.) Jerhawk / 12
3.) Stopable / 10
4.) Flynn4DaWin / 9
5.) Deus Legend / 8
6.) Finch865 / 7

Here's our overall XBLN NFL Picks PowerRankings, presented this week by Microsoft:

1.) Jerhawk / 126
2.) xSgtMeatLoafx / 118
3.) JRC 865 / 116
4.) Flynn4DaWin / 115
5.) Deus Legend / 113
6.) Stopable / 112
7.) Finch865 / 66

So, nobody is tied anymore, even though the scores are still pretty tight all the way down the list. A special thanks so Finch865, who just keeps fighting on.

The Week 14 games:

*Oakland @ San Diego (Thursday Night)(Upset Alert)

Jacksonville @ Chicago

Minnesota @ Detroit

Houston @ Green Bay

*Cincinnati @ Indianapolis (Upset Alert)

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Philadelphia @ N.Y. Giants

*Cleveland @ Tennessee  (Upset Alert)

Miami @ Buffalo

Kansas City @ Denver

N.Y. Jets @ San Francisco

*St. Louis @ Arizona  (Upset Alert)

Dallas @ Pittsburgh

New England @ Seattle

Washington @ Baltimore  (Sunday Night Throwdown)

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (Monday Night Thriller)

Here's the Double EXP Weekend games available for Week 14:

Oakland Raiders (3-9) vs. San Diego Chargers (4-8)
The Chargers are somehow favored by 10 points, even though the records don't show it.

Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1) vs. Indianapolis Colts (8-4)
The Colts are favored by 13.5 points over the Bengals.

Cleveland Browns (4-8) vs. Tennessee Titans (11-1)
The Titans are favored by 13.5 points.

St. Louis Rams (2-10) vs. Arizona Cardinals (7-5)
The Cardinals are favored by 13.5 points. Magic number I guess.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for playing. I really hope that you're enjoying it so far!

Monday, December 1

Gears of War 2 VS Halo 3

The XBLN's NFL PowerRankings: Hosted by Jerhawk and Deus Legend

We're almost through 13 weeks in the 2008/09 NFL season, and let me tell you, Deus Legend and I are getting sick and tired of these so called "NFL Experts" on ESPN and other TV Networks. Here at The Xbox Live Network would like to voice our opinion, so here's our NFL PowerRankings.

Jerhawk's List:

1.) N.Y. Giants: This team is a true powerhouse, and they are playing as if every game is the Super Bowl. They have an amazing offense, a very fast and aggressive defense as well as solid special teams. They're still the champions, and they might just stay that way for the next year if they continue to run over the opposition.

2.) Tennessee Titans: True, they haven't beat anybody all that good, but they're still 11-1. A punishing defense and running game could be a serious problem for some of the other AFC teams in the playoffs, and bad weather games will play right into their style.

3.) Pittsburgh Steelers: They're right where they want to be, and the Steelers can always finish strong. Can Roethlisberger continue to take punishing hits and deliver in the post-season?

4.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Why does this team continue to get over looked? They're 9-3 in what could be the toughest division in the NFL, the NFC South. Jon Gruden is really doing a great job with this squad.

5.) Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco have led this under-rated team to a 8-4 record. The only thing missing from this team the past 8+ years have been an offense of any kind, and they might finally have that. This is another dangerous team to watch out for if they can get into the playoffs.

6.) Carolina Panthers: Another 9-3 team that nobody seems to talk about in the NFC South. Jake Delhomme is really showing how valuable he is to this team when he's healthy, as well as Steve Smith.

7.) Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning is really leading this team on his shoulders. This team won't go down without a fight, they just have to hope that Manning doesn't get hurt. The defense has held their own this season, which is a welcome sight.

8.) N.Y. Jets: Broadway Brett can really strut his stuff, and he's brought his show to the Big Apple and proved his doubters wrong. His departure from Green Bay could have ended his career ugly, but he hasn't dissapeared in New York like some expected. But why do people only talk about Brett Favre on this team, there's 52 other guys busting their butt's every game too.

9.) Atlanta Falcons: I don't think I've seen a 8-4 team in 3rd place in a division before, but that just proves how good the NFC South is. Mike Smith has really got this young team playing well, and Matt Ryan is showing why he got that hefty 6 year/ $34+ million contract, which made him the highest paid rookie in NFL history. People laughed at it, but the Falcons organization must've seen something special in him, and so far they've been right. If this team can make it to the playoffs, they could be quite the juggarnaut.

10.) Dallas Cowboys: They get all the hype, they get all the talent, they're getting the $1 billion stadium and they've got the cheerleaders. They're also 8-4 and looking to get into the playoffs. Can they come together as a team and make a final run?

11.) New England Patriots: Matt Cassell is doing an amazing job in replacing Tom Brady, and a lot of that credit has to go to Bill Bellicheck's coaching staff. They've really trained this young man into something special, but what's the bigger question in Boston: What seed will the Patriots get in the Playoffs this year, or, will Matt Cassell be a Patriot next season?

12.) Arizona Cardinals: The Eagles made the Cardinals into Turkeys on Thanksgiving Night, but this team is still a team to deal with now that they've guaranteed themselves a playoff spot. This team is amazing at home, but not so hot on the road. Can they get over their road-woes in the post-season?

13.) Denver Broncos: Jay Cuttler is having a solid season, he just needs to limit his mistakes. What happened to their once powerful running attack? Mike Shannahon must've thrown away all their running plays.

14.) Minnesota Vikings: Gus Frerotte may have saved Brad Childress' job for next season. The defense is playing some solid football, and Adrian Peterson is running like a man on fire. They just need to win more close games. Pretty simple.

15.) Washington Redskins: Jim Zorn is doing a great job after getting a Double-Promotion from Quarterback's Coach in Seattle to Offensive Coodinator to Head Coach in a matter of weeks. Jason Campbell is having a terrific season, they just need to find a way to win games, kind of like Minnesota.

16.) Miami Dolphins: They're 7-5 and looking for a late-season push. Tony Saprano = Tony Sparano. True gangsta!

17.) New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees is throwing the ball all over the place, but they just can't seem to get the tough wins.

18.) Philadelphia Eagles: If this team actually knew the rules to overtime, they wouldn't be fighting for their playoffs survival on a week to week basis. What a shame, and how embarassing. That's just un-acceptable in my opinion for the head coach and Q.B. of an NFL team to not know the rules to NFL overtime. I don't think I'll ever get over that one. Too bad I don't get paid millions of dollars to be a complete idiot. I get paid $8 per hour to bag groceries, but I sure don't bag laundry detergent with cheese. It's just that simple.

19.) Buffalo Bills: The season sure started promising, but everything is just kind of rolling downhill now. Can the Bills fight, or will they just miss wide right again?

20.) San Diego Chargers: Great team, but they let Ed Hocculi's Week 2 call ruin their season. They just haven't recovered after that blown call...

21.) Chicago Bears: Matt Forte is quite the young running back. Too bad the rest of the team can't play like him.

22.) Green Bay Packers: This team is another juggernaut. Aaron Rodgers could be the iron man of the year for showing so much toughness earlier this season. The key words for Packer fans to continually repeat to themselves: Next year.

23.) Jacksonville Jaguars: Geez, what happened? A 4-8 season could spell disaster for head coach Jack Del Rio. Disaster = FIRED!

24.) Cleveland Browns: The GM wants to threaten fans, Brady Quinn is out for the year, and frustration continues to rise in Cleveland. This should've been the year. But like always for Browns fans: Next year.

25.) San Francisco 49ers: Mike Singletary has done his best with this 4-8 team. But when he was told to de-brief the team at halftime, he took this literally by de-briefing himself and showing the rest of a team what a real man looks like. Too bad Mike Holmgren is going to replace him next season...

26.) Houston Texans: The mountain top is a long ways away, but if they continue to build a solid team, they can reach that moutain top with some hard work and patience.

27.) Oakland Raiders: They're a young team, but they just don't seem like they're all on the same page. Actually, they don't even seem like they're in the right playbook some of the times, and this goes all the way from the players to Al Davis. This team is a mess, and it probably won't get any better until Al Davis decides to sell the franchise.

28.) Kansas City Chiefs: Herman Edwards should be looking for a new coaching gig next season, as his time in Kansas City should be over at the end of this season.

29.) St. Louis Rams: This team is crumbling like the Berlin Wall. It's time to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

30.) Seattle Seahawks: As a proud member of the 12th Man, this season has been an embarassment. Yes, injuries have been ridiculous, but this team is underforming drastically, and if Mike Holmgren weren't already on his way out, he'd probably be fired. Now all Seahawks fans are wondering: Who will we pick in this years draft? Please, don't be Brian Bosworth or Rick Mirer! And don't pass on Tony Dorsett! Oh wait, they've already done that.

31.) Cincinnati Bengals: Well, there's not much good to say about this team. I guess jail time doesn't serve well on the playing field?

32.) Detroit Lions: I think I could do a better job in managing a franchise than the Ford family has done. And no, not a Franchise on Madden 09. But that's kind of how this team operates, like a video game. The Lions are a perfect example of what would happen to a team if people from the media were to take over an NFL Franchise. How pathetic.

Now it's Deus Legend's list:

Here is my list. It may not be like any other list found in the world. I didn't necessarily base it off of records.

1)      New York Giants- They are missing a few key players but they still are running the table for the best team in the league.
2)      Pittsburgh Steelers- Arguably the best team in the AFC right now. After the great defensive stand versus New England, it might be safe to crown this defense as the best in the league.
3)      Tennessee Titans- Given credit where due at 11-1 they are on their way get a first round bye but is this team ready for a tough team in the playoffs?
4)      Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I hate to put them this high but they are winning games and that’s all that matters in the NFL. With the Cadillac back who knows what to expect with this team.
5)      Baltimore Ravens- Rookie Joe Flacco is getting the job done as starter for the Ravens and Ray Lewis and the D are still strong.
6)      Atlanta Falcons- Practically a team of rookies gaining confidence and winning games. A division title is still in their hands, only they can determine their fate.
7)      Carolina Panthers- After losing to the Falcons and squeaking past Green Bay, this team has lost a lot of steam. Only time will tell before Steve Smith blows his lid.
8)      Dallas Cowboys- After a mid season fallout, the ‘boys are back in the hunt for the playoffs but with a tough schedule ahead and if they survive, then they deserve to be in the playoffs.
9)      New York Jets- Brett Favre has brought this team a long way to be in first place in the AFC East but losing to Denver dropped them a bit in this ranking.
10)  Indianapolis Colts- An ugly game versus the Browns was kind of a drag but hey, a win is a win.
11)  Arizona Cardinals- In a bad division in the NFC West can prove to be a bad thing for this team in the playoffs.
12)  New England Patriots- After being slaughtered by Pittsburgh, this is still a veteran team around Matt Cassell and they could back in to the wild card.
13)  Washington Redskins- This team holds their fate in their own hands. I’m not sure if this team is for real or not. I’ll let you know at the end of the season.
14)  Minnesota Vikings Yeah they are currently winning the NFC North but the war is not over just yet with the Bears and Packers.
15)  Miami Dolphins- The bad year they had last year is behind them. This team may not make the playoffs but they should feel good they have overachieved past everyones expectations.
16)  Chicago Bears- They still can make a run for the division but it won’t be pretty.
17)  New Orleans Saints- One of the favorites to win the NFC South this year. Now they are seeing their playoff hopes fade slowly away. Will they play spoiler for Atlanta next week?
18)  Denver Broncos- They may very well win this division but some competition would have given this team a little more merit.
19)  Philadelphia Eagles- The tie in their record and how they got it is in everyones mind still. They beat the Cards and that should be all they do for the rest of the year.
20)  Green Bay Packers- After a tough home lost to the Panthers that they should have won. They still may have a chance for the division crown however.
21)  Buffalo Bills- Could of, should of, but didn’t. Almost an early season powerhouse is now in the doghouse of the AFC East.
22)  Jacksonville Jaguars- One of the most disappointing teams this year that can’t wait till the season is over.
23)  San Diego Chargers- Norv Turner why are you here? Another team that can’t wait for the season to end.
24)  San Francisco 49ers- They have had a few close games this year but they need a lot of help to become an average team.
25)  Houston Texans- Who knows what could have been with this team. Injuries slowed them down a bit.
26)  Cleveland Browns- That 10-6 record from last year was so long ago for this team. Expect some major chances in the offseason.
27)  Seattle Seahawks- They are having a tough year with some injuries but some players have returned and the same results of losing. It’s hard seeing that it could get better with Jim Mora next year.
28)  Oakland Raiders- Western teams are in the gutter this year. This team is a mess like the others. Just wonder which one of these western team can emerge?
29)  St Louis Rams- They put up some fight against the Dolphins but if I was the owner I would give Jim Haslett a fair chance to coach this team next year.
30)  Kansas City Chiefs- Yeah they beat the Raiders but this is as close as a college team as you can get in the NFL.
31)  Cincinnati Bengals- Was there anything good from this team ever? How embarrassing for the city.
32)  Detroit Lions- Who should get bailed out first, the Lions or Ford?(Sort of an old joke now I know)