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'n Verlore Verstand Review

  • Game: 'n Verlore Verstand
  • Developer: Skobbejak Games
  • Publisher: Skobbejak Games
  • Price: $14.99
  • Size: -  2.22 GB
  • Release Date: April 21th 2017
  • For More Info - http://skobbejakgames.com/games/


It´s very complex to measure the duration of this game, since it´s likely that there are players who throw the towel when arriving at the equator of the adventure. The more persistent will finish it, but the time they spend on such a feat will depend a lot on their level of skill and intuition. Without failing too many times, you could complete it, in about three or four hours, but would normally do it in a range of six to eight. Then there will be those who have the game crossed and do not adapt to such a demanding gameplay. These last will exceed the ten hours without major problem and as long as they have enough patience.

The good thing comes, when finishing the main campaign, since it unlocks Time Trial mode, which allows you to play fighting to adjust your marks to the maximum. Each level has its own respective achievement, which unlocks after beating the corresponding time challenge, which can be a good way to extend the life of the game. Of course, if the campaign already exasperated you, better not try to play in time trial, if you don't want to suffer a journey of epic dimensions. Then, there are the collectibles, in this case in the form of colorful flowers. Finding them all is not an easy task, however well hidden some are, but it can serve as an excuse to give a second or third round to the game.


The game starts in a very friendly way. The first level will complete you in a matter of seconds and has no more mystery than to walk forward. Easier impossible. The other four screens below don't have too much crumb, but it's from these when the thing becomes demanding in an abrupt way. After passing the seventh level, the jumps must be adjusted to perfection and falling to empty means to return to the control point or have to undo the path to get back to the site that you had dropped. This can get you out of your squares, since the level design is purposely designed so that you fall again and again, despair and cursing blasphemies while you seriously consider kicking the command and embark on the roof of the building opposite.

Above, the levels are quite short, and what stretches its duration is precisely the constant coming and going. Sometimes puzzles are also often the cause, as you don't have just clues on how to work them and the best solution is usually trial and error. It is quite common to spend half an hour going around in circles without knowing very well what to do and sometimes you may come to think that the game has crashed. As a result of the comings and goings and the speed with which the camera moves when the sticks are pressed, we have experienced dizziness and nausea at some of the more labyrinthine levels, as in Chapter 8, which has forced us, to do pauses every few minutes of play to mitigate the feeling of fatigue. If playing normally has generated this discomfort, we do not want to imagine how one should feel playing with glasses.

Graphics & Design

The walking simulators, often show beautiful landscapes, with a certain pictorial air, in which the horizon usually has a prominent role and in which the environment in which we move, is usually very well taken care of. They don't usually give us the opportunity to move indoors and, when this happens, it is usually for brief moments and without too much transcendence. The lighting also plays a leading role and the rest of the weight of the game falls on the possibility of having or not argument. Well, 'n Verlore Verstand is not just defined very well in these aspects and breaks the rules in many ways, becoming a disguised frankenstein monster.

By specifying a little more, we can assure that the level design is very far-fetched. There is only one way to overcome each phase and, well advanced the game, it becomes demanding in a sickly way, so that jumps and races must be calculated to the millimeter. Then, visually, it is a game that wins in the long distance. If you do not approach the rocks, walls and elements, the low quality of most textures goes completely unnoticed. It is also a minimalist game, in which the stages are not overloaded with elements, there are no enemies and the decoration is just.

Also say that the game works wonderfully and that we have not detected technical errors of any kind. Beyond the graphic limitations that it suffers, at a low resolution textures level, a floor-to-ceiling illumination system and a fairly poor reproduction of the fog, we have not suffered frame rate falls, the draw distance is optimal, and no other technical ballasts are charged. In fact, the sticks are very sensitive, the camera movement is fast to no more power and the graphics engine does not suffer because of it.


'n Verlore Verstand is a rare game, which moves between the walking simulator, platforms and exploration in a strange way. Do not seek logic or reasoning in their history or levels, just try to get out of them ... if you can. We warn you that it will not be an easy task. This game, is not a game suitable for all audiences, both for its controversial difficulty and for the lack of coherence in its "line" narrative.


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