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Tuesday, June 30

Splinter Cell: Conviction - Stealth Feature

New Madden 10 Online Franchise Video

NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary Edition Revealed

The $99.99 package includes the game, an exclusive Kobe Bryant figurine by McFarlane Toys, a Kobe Bryant poster, a video about the NBA 2K series, and an account on the "Gold Room," a special VIP online lobby for the game.

Monday, June 29

Road to Glory in NCAA FB 10 Detailed

EA has released details about the Road to Glory Mode in NCAA Football 10. The mode is essentially like Campus Legend with new presentation elements. Here are the details:
The new Road to Glory mode allows you to choose a position, embark on a college career and then reflect on your greatest moments through video presentations presented by Andrews. For the first time ever, your actual in-game highlights will be featured in these broadcast-style presentations. Plus, an all-new, completely redesigned 3-D dorm room prominently displays triumphant moments through photos, trophies, NCAA Football news and more. New online leaderboards allow you to compare your legend versus every other legend across the nation. The comparison of each position can be sorted by everyone who is playing that particular position with the same team, the same conference or can be compared across all NCAA teams.

See a trailer for the mode here.

Saturday, June 27

Madden 10: NFC West

Thursday, June 25

Blake Griffin to be on NCAA Basketball 10 Cover

The Oklamahoma Sooners power forward, and AP player of the year, Blake Griffin will be gracing the cover of EA's NCAA Basketball 10.

Tuesday, June 23

Fight Night Round 4 Review


IGN Ratings for Fight Night Round 4 (X360)
Rating Description
out of 10
8.5 Presentation
Everything in the game is highly stylized but very functional. Legacy Mode can be a bit overwhelming to navigate and the missing elements and inaccuracies are a bummer.
9.5 Graphics
The collision inaccuracy is very seldom. Everything looks spectacular in motion. Almost too good…
8.0 Sound
A good soundtrack fuels your menu activities while Teddy and Joe do a decent job ringside. Punches sound great, especially the headbutt.
9.0 Gameplay
There are missing portions and inaccuracies in the Legacy Mode, but people looking for the best pure boxing around needn’t look any further.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
The World Championship Mode is built to last, as is Legacy Mode. You can create up to 50 boxers at one time and share them with friends. The act of bloodying someone’s face never gets old.
(out of 10)

More on IGN

Monday, June 22

Major Nelson Hints at a New Xbox Dash Update

"Whatever we call it (and it's not going to be called the NNXE), but whatever the next version of the dashboard is called, it's better with a lot of very cool new features," he said. "That update will be out later this year."

Sunday, June 21

Happy Fathers Day

From everyone here at Xbox Live Network we want to wish all the dad's and granddad's out there a Happy Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 20

Best Players of NFC South Madden Trailer

Friday, June 19

Welcome the Interim Lead Creative Director, JohnnyX77!

From the rulings on Jerhawks case back on June 1st, it was decided that Jerhawk would be suspended as LCD for 60 days, then this suspension was extended to 90 days for another proceeding from the case. JohnnyX77 will serve as LCD until October 1st, 2009.

Also, Blazenhawks has been promoted to Community Manager, he will manage our community sites such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and Youtube.

These two announcements were revealed exclusively on twitter last week. Be sure to follow us on twitter to catch some exclusive news from us. As a lot of news isn't worth making a whole new post here about it. And this is to push our community portions of our site.

NCAA Demo video

Thursday, June 18

Humor Corner: Hitler Hates NCAA Football 10

Wednesday, June 17

NBA Live 10 News

EASports Inside Blog Posted some info on NBA Live 10.
The direction this year has been about making LIVE a great playing basketball game again, while focusing on improving our in game presentation, visuals and atmosphere, getting to a never seen before level of authenticity with our players, providing you with a brand new way of playing OTP and taking Dynamic DNA to an entirely new level, both with how it impacts players and gameplay throughout the NBA season as well as how you as a connected user use it to change the way to play NBA LIVE.
Full EA Blog

Monday, June 15

NCAA Football 10 Demo Coming Later This Week.

Some postings on Twitter confirm that the NCAA Football 10 demo is expected to be out later this week. In all likelihood that means on Thursday we’ll be getting the demo on the 360 in the early AM.

Friday, June 12

Mass Effect 2 Video Preview

Left 4 Dead 2 Video Preview

Thursday, June 11

Project Natal Demo on Jimmy Fallon

Dwight Howard To Grace NBA Live 10 Cover

Dwight Howard has been chosen as the cover athlete for EA Sports NBA Live 10. Howard put up over 20ppg and nearly 14rpg during the regular season and in the postseason has averaged 21ppg and 15rpg. He has helped lead the Magic to an unlikely Eastern Conference Championship and is now fighting for the NBA title.
Featuring several innovations to the core gameplay experience and online game modes, NBA LIVE 10 is bringing a renewed focus to the long-running EA SPORTS basketball franchise. The groundbreaking Dynamic DNA service, driven by Synergy Sports Technology, will make a return in NBA LIVE 10, with significant improvements that will allow players to connect their game to the NBA season like never before.

Wednesday, June 10

Reveiw of Tiger Woods 10

Welcome back everyone! I am no longer going to be doing Blazenhawks is Burning. Instead, I'm now going to be doing reviews on games to let you know if you should buy it, rent it, or don’t even think about it. Also, I am going to be rating the game/person/company on a star rating of 0 to 5. Five stars being the Max. So let’s get this started.

Today I am going to review Tiger Woods PGA tour 2010. This game came out yesterday and after playing it pretty much all day I found that the game was very fun, even if you never played a golf game before. The review below is from
ign.com. This review is from our site. First you start off by either creating your own player or you can take a picture of yourself to put in the game; either one does take time. Now after you do that you can either go play challenges, play in the PGA Tour or with one of the new features of going to play online tournaments. The graphics are amazing! They go into detail about the littlest face feature. It’s amazing. The game play is fun. They make it hard to be first in every tournament which makes it really fun and not boring. A new feature to the game is precision putting.

The only thing that was wrong with this game was when you are playing online you get this weird things happen were you just start in the middle of know where a big glitch with the game.

So for my rating I would give
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010: 4 stars out of 5. It is that fun and entertaining and it’s a good game to have until Madden and Modern Warfare 2 comes out.

I would say to buy this game, it is worth the $60. Thank you for reading and you can also follow us on twitter, facebook and MySpace just search for Xbox Live Network or click it on our page. Have a good week!

Xbox Live Down Next Week

According to Major Nelson's most recent blog post, Microsoft is flipping the "off" switch at 12:01 a.m PT. on June 16, and is expected to keep things offline for "up to 24 hours."

Tuesday, June 9

New Madden Screen Shots

Click on them to make them bigger

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review

Notwithstanding its aforementioned flaws, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a super-solid golf game worthy of having the greatest player of all time on its box cover. Tiburon stepped it up for most of the areas of concern in last year’s game, and even added some surprise features that are sure to be franchise standards from TW 10, on into the next round of hardware. Unless you had real beef with TW 09’s core gameplay, pick up Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10—it’s tour-worthy, and worthy of a spot in your game collection.
The best golf game that an MS console has ever seen. Could still use a few engine tweak, however.
The courses look great, but a bit more fine-tuning of the character models is in order.
Crowd chants and dialog add to the tour excitement.
As long as the online tourneys keep coming, Tiger Woods 10 will have a lengthy shelf life.
Pushing the “always on” envelop.
Overall Score NOT an average

Sunday, June 7

Pre-Order Beatles Rock Band and Get Free Songs

Reserve Rock Band: Beatles and receive a 3 FREE game songs by The Beatles PLUS a code to unlock an in-game photo book album. Available for online and in-store customers while supplies last.

Reserve The Beatles: Rock Band and receive a code that gives you access to The Beatles: Rock Band Content Club website. The Beatles Content Club website contains exclusive game elements including art and behind-the-scenes footage directly from MTV Games and Harmonix. Available for online and in-store customers while supplies last.

Only at GameStop

Friday, June 5

Madden NFL Stage Demo

Even More Madden Videos

Thursday, June 4

More Madden Gameplay Videos

Kobe on NBA 2K10 Cover

More Kobe in your face!

Xbox 360 to Stick Around Til 2015

The Xbox 360's recently unveiled motion control technology will help extend the console's life span into 2015, according to Microsoft executive Shane Kim.

Speaking frankly about the company's E3 showing in an interview with Venturebeat, Kim said 'We firmly believe that the Xbox 360 has a life cycle through 2015 (10 years after the launch). Project Natal is a great innovation. It will work with every Xbox 360 sold. It's not about pushing more pixels on the screen. It's about how to break down barriers that stop people from playing games.'

So impressive was Natal's debut that Kim believes it gave Microsoft the upper hand against its traditional rivals Sony and Nintendo. 'I think we won,' said Kim when asked how he rated the three company's E3 conferences. 'It's not just me saying that. It's pretty universal. We had something very special yesterday, starting with the games portfolio. We had a lot of content for a normal E3 briefing. But Project Natal doesn't come along every year, and it is very difficult to match.'

Kim also went on to reveal the origin of Natal's name, saying 'Natal is a city in Brazil, which is where one of our key development team members is from. Natal also means birth. We thought it was appropriate for what we are doing. This is the birth of the next-generation of home entertainment.'

More Madden 10 Videos

Forza 3 Will Ship On Two Discs

In an interview, Forza Motorsport 3 content director John Wendl of Turn 10, confirmed the upcoming racer would ship on two discs. As rumors last year noted, the core game will come on the game's first disc while the second will be reserved for other content such as vehicles and maps. "It is going to ship on two discs," Wendl said. "Disc one is the full experience, even disc one is bigger than any other racing game out there. Disc two includes a lot of extra cars, even a handful of tracks."

When asked if the second disc would act as a data transfer, downloading the additional content to the hard drive for use with the first disc, Wendl told us that was "exactly right." While Turn 10 assures all gamers will be able to enjoy the full Forza 3 experience, we now have confirmation that not all gamers will be able to enjoy all 400 vehicles promised at the Microsoft press briefing.

Wednesday, June 3

Madden and NCAA Videos

Videos Courtesy of Pastapadre.com

Left 4 Dead 2 Game Play

Tuesday, June 2

Mass Effect 2 Hands On

BioWare played with our emotions quite a bit in the lead up to E3. The gaming world was left in limbo as the company teased us with rumors of Commander Shepard's death, only to finally let us know that your character started in the first Mass Effect will carry through as the main protagonist straight through the entire trilogy. Well, it will if you manage to keep Commander Shepard alive. This darker entry into the Mass Effect franchise will find Shepard making decisions that will ultimately build together into a web of your creation that can mean life or death by the end of the game. You'll only get to carry your Shepard on to Mass Effect 3 if you manage to survive Mass Effect 2.

More on IGN

Josh Looman Talks Madden Franchise Mode

Carlos Navarro talks to Madden NFL 10 producer Josh Looman about OFFLINE Franchise Mode, including a new look and weekly EA SPORTS 'The Extra Point' show.

Some Random Madden Notes

The following Madden notes are from Pastapadres Twitter:

  • Player of the game interviewed on field in madden 10 after it ends
  • You can do online franchise in madden by yourself even in madden 10.
  • Madden will have two new camera angles. Zoomed and wide 
  • Madden also has the mix and matching of uniforms
  • no coop within franchise. Coop is basically for just online and offline games or for practice. 2 user vs cpu
  • Overall online franchise sounds great. One significant issue with it though. Will discuss that in length later
  • Nice thing about OF is they have it server based so they can add, adjust even after release 
Look to have more Madden news as we get it.

Perfect Dark XBLA Game Coming This Winter

Major Nelson just confirmed via his Twitter that Rare's Original Perfect Dark will be heading to the XBLA this winter.

Madden NFL 10 Signature Stance Kickers

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Demo Hands On

Yesterday's Microsoft Press Conference showcased, for the first time, a live gameplay demo for the hotly anticipated Modern Warfare 2. Today we went behind closed doors with Activision and Infinity Ward to get a more complete, more in-depth look at the demo. We got a great look at the impressive ice-climbing animations, the speedy snowmobile escape, and everything in between. While yesterday's demo cut away significant stretches of action with screens stating "In the interest of time…" and "Things do not always go as planned…", our demo showed us exactly how it all went awry, and how that snowmobile chase really ended.

More on Gamespot

Crysis 2 Teaser Trailer

Blur First Look Interview

The Beatles: Rock Band Hands On

If you could choose to jam out a song or two with the Beatles, which songs would you choose? You'll be able to choose for yourself in Harmonix's next major music game project, The Beatles: Rock Band. Announced several months ago, the game has had its proper debut here at E3 2009, including a raucous unveiling at yesterday's Microsoft press conference (complete with appearances by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr) and an E3 demo premiering today at Harmonix's stage set up on the show floor, built as a convincing replica of the Abbey Road studios.

Forza 3 Hands-On

Turn 10's Forza series is known for providing a realistic racing experience. But it's always lacked that true sense of speed. For all the great damage modeling, the collisions didn't always deliver the visceral impact. That's probably not going to be an issue with Forza Motorsport 3. Forza 3 seems to have finally nailed that sense of speed and the collisions, well, you really feel them this time.

More on IGN.

Left 4 Dead 2 Hands-On

Left 4 Dead 2 Hands-On. The game looks pretty cool. 

NCAA Football 10 TeamBuilder Live

Create your NCAA Football 10 Team now with Teambuilder a month in advance!

Take Your Avatar on a Joy Ride

Alan Wake E3 Demo

The famous video Stopable, Jerhawk, and myself were discussing last night.

Guitar Hero 5 On Stage Demo

Crackdown 2 E3 Trailer

Details posted to Xbox.com reveal that Ruffian Games' sequel to Crackdown will feature cooperative four-player gameplay. The original game featured two-player, drop-in, drop-out co-op. Also noted was 16-player online multiplayer.

Monday, June 1

Burrning Halo 3

Welcome everyone to the new and improved web site this will be the first of many on our new website. To Start out I want to thank dues legend who did a great job on the web site. So for this burning I am going to burn thexbln.com man the web site…. Just joking why would I burn our own website. So, on a serious note in this post I will be burning one of the Xbox’s classic in Halo 3.

The reason why I am burring this game because this game sucks compared to all of the other shooter. Bungie brought the game out way to fast the graphics are really bad the game play is really bad. I mean come on who wants to play that game when the only thing people do is jump around like they are on the moon. The story mode is really lame also why would you want play as both people meaning I just want to play as master chief not as a alien. When playing online the ranking system is almost impossible to rank up you have to many games to rank up and you have to win which is kind of ok but if you lose more than 3 games you go down in rank plus to rank up you have to finish in the top 3 or 2. The maps are really bad they are way to big for a 5 on and the way people die is stupid like a shotgun can kill you right away but other guns take 2 clips to kill that person. No wonder why Microsoft left Bungie because it was supposed to be there best selling game but it tank bad. And I see that they made another one why would they make another one when we know its going to be bad like this on was. So since we are at a new website I am going to add a new future at the end of every burn I am going to rate every post and tell you if you should by the game, rent it or just don’t even think about the game its just that bad.

For Halo 3 I am going to give the game 2 out of 5 stars. Even though this game is bad I would say you can rent the game for 5 days and that would be it I want to thank everyone for taking the time for read this post if you have any comments please don’t hesitate to place a comment telling me what you think or even give me some games, companies, or people you would like me to burn