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Monday, May 13

End of an Era: BlazenHawks 2008-2013

Hello Xbox Live Network Members and Staff,

I would like to announce that BlazenHawks is no longer with us here at XBLN due to "technical difficulties". BlazenHawks has been with XBLN since 2008 starting back with our Madden NFL 09 Tournament when he was known as xSgt Meatloafx. BlazenHawks served as our Community manager from years 2010-2013. BlazenHawks will be missed and his passion for XBLN, sports, and gaming as well as his laugh. Maybe someday BlazenHawks will come back to us. But for the time being, the XBLN community wishes him well in his future endeavors. We will be holding tryouts for BlazenHawks role and his spot in the famed "The Cliq". If you would like to apply, please leave a comment on this post with your contact details.

Deus Legend
XBLN Editor-in-Chief