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Talent Not Included Review

    Talent Not Included is a platform game, that has enough humor and action, with excellent gameplay, linked to a rather striking plot that puts us in the skin of three characters who will make their own in a very original proposal. Located in Notthatmuchfurther town, the title tells the story of three monsters, Derp, Kevin and Zordok, bloodthirsty figures and admirers of the great playwright William Shakespeare, who should try to complete the different scenarios at the point of jumping and slashing through of the theatrical work, that is orchestrated in this singular and refreshing game of the independent studio Frima Studio.


    Within their gameplay and mechanics we find that when going through the different environments in each scene we can go picking up candys (which also serve to discern the way to go) golden that will give us a score at the end of each tour, these scores do not give anything more than "food" for our ego of gamer. The game has limited replayability although it has "leaderboards" and some try hard players might find it re-playable.

    For this reason, the duration can be relatively short according to each player


    First-come, Talent Not Included might look like another more platform game on xbox, but the reality is that we could not be more wrong to see how the game goes beyond, with a unique style - due to its theatrical context - that allows the developer, creates humorous situations within the environments that can be achieved in a theater setting.
    The title is divided into acts, these acts in turn are divided into scenes, a scene ends each time we reach the end of a series of obstacles that change because the stage is made up of cylinders that alter the scene between scenes and acts.
    The style of cylindrical platforms creates a fresh air that, in my person, i had never seen, we are accustomed to platform style, side-scrolling or even vertical style, but the set of options that contributes to the Talent Not Included setting adding jumps, action and Scenario changing in real time while you try not to fall or not to die, for some enemy while fighting with them form an excellent group of ideas very well achieved. At the end of some acts or scenes we will see one or another fun dialogue between the protagonists of the game and the director of the play, Zot.

    Graphics & Design

    The graphics and the art of the game form a formidable pair, creating super environments well achieved for the occasion, the soundtrack along with the effects of sound finish of molding to 100% a delivery that feels very good, no doubt it´s a surprise, which no, lover of platform games should let pass.

    A "mechanical" decoration, with flat and variable elements, everything is accompanied by a bright color that gives it an even more "toy" look, and allows us to perceive it with the comic component, supported even more by the design of the characters and enemies, all loaded with fantasy and imagination.


    In conclusion, Talent Not included is a game that draws attention with difficult scenarios, with excellent handling of characters and more. The local multiplayer mode adds that extra point to buy it and enjoy with friends at home and its original theme bring us refreshing air in moments where many games are usually extremely similar.

    • Game: Talent Not Included
    • Developer: Frima studios
    • Publisher: Frima originals
    • Price: $14.99
    • Size: -  577.34 MB
    • Release Date: April 5th 2017
    • For More Info - http://www.talentnotincluded.com/


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