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Saturday, August 31

NFL Picks: Season 7 Intro / Week 1 Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks!

This is the introduction post for season 7 of NFL Picks, the longest running show on XBLN!
Most of you are familiar with what we do here on NFL Picks. However, there are going to be a few changes this year. Here's a refresher on how the game's played, and what we'll be doing new:

  • We'll pick for every game of the 2013/2014 NFL season. Each game is worth one point.
  • Post your picks in the comments section of the designated week for NFL Picks.
  • Each pick needs to be in prior to kickoff of the particular game you're choosing for. No exceptions.
  • This week, we will be picking the SuperBowl winner worth 10 points, each conference winner worth 5 points(which is new), each division winner and wild card teams for both conferences worth 2 points.
  • When posting your picks, please either use a GoogleID or if you're posting as an anonymous user let me know who you are in your picks. I copy and paste these into Microsoft Excel. Thank you!
Here's what's new:
  • We'll no longer be changing our SuperBowl pick after Week 10. Instead, we'll be picking a winner for each conference as well as the SuperBowl winner.
  • Our 2 point conversion games (upset games based on Las Vegas point spreads) will be moved up from Week 10 to Week 5. 
  • Since there are no longer Microsoft points, our prize now will be an Amazon gift card. 1st place will get $20 Amazon gift card, 2nd place will get a $10 gift card.
 As always, Week 1 is our biggest opportunity for points. I'll guide you through the step by step process of what to put in your picks this week.

Step 1.) Week 1 games. Each of these games are worth 1 point. Please have your picks in prior to kickoff of the particular game you're choosing for:

Ravens @ Broncos (Thursday night kickoff)

Patriots @ Bills

Titans @ Steelers

Falcons @ Saints

Buccaneers @ Jets

Chiefs @ Jaguars

Seahawks @ Panthers

Bengals @ Bears

Dolphins @ Browns

Vikings @ Lions

Raiders @ Colts

Packers @ 49ers

Cardinals @ Rams

Giants @ Cowboys (Sunday night football)

Eagles @ Redskins (Monday night part 1)

Texans @ Chargers (Monday night part 2)

Step 2.) Choose the winner for each NFL division as well as 2 wild card teams from each conference. Please try to label it as the division: your pick. You can look at my pick as an example in the comments section.
These are worth 2 points each. Also, let's say you pick a team to win the division and it turns out they get a wild card, you will receive 1 point. Same goes for if you pick a wild card team and they win the division, you will receive 1 point.

Step 3.) Choose the winner from each conference (AFC and NFC). These will be worth 5 points.

Step 4.) Choose the Superbowl winner. This team will be worth 10 points. Again, we will no longer be able to change this pick after Week 10 like we did in the past, so choose wisely. Your Superbowl winner doesn't have to be one of your conference champions.

Thank you for joining us here at NFL Picks, and good luck! If you have any questions, please post in the comment section or send me a message on XboxLive. My gamertag is Jerhawk.