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Friday, June 14

Xbox Live Network is Five!

Started back in May 2008 as a original idea by Jerhawk and Deus Legend, Xbox Live Network was Born. We would like to take the time out to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. The site has transformed over the years into what it has become today. You may have noticed a change in our recent website layout tweaks to go along with our 5th Anniversary. Take a look back through some of our old articles and remember where it all began. Check out each show below by clicking on the logo.(We haven't seen some of these logos in ages).

XBLN New Style

To align the site to fit the new image of the Xbox One, we have made slight tweaks to the site. Compare with the old style above in the picture. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 11

Xbox Live Network and Xbox One

 Hello XBLN Fans, looks like the XBLN Team will be sticking with the Xbox One. Our team discussed all the scenarios and decided the Xbox One is best for us to continue our Community. We are always looking for more people to play with so come this November and play with us. We aren't going to bore you with info you already know for the Xbox One nor will we talk about the things that are getting bad press. So instead, lets talk about something positive for the Xbox One. We as gamers like to play games, so take a look at the games we are all interested in playing for the new console(In no particular order).



Battlefield 4 

 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Final Fantasy XV

Kingdom Hearts 3

The Division

Forza Motorsport 5

Mirrors Edge

Star Wars Battlefront

NBA 2K14 

Madden NFL 25