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Wednesday, January 31

Asemblance Review

If you woke up in an unknown place where you could travel to the past, to change some concrete decision of your life, would you do it? Unfortunately, there is nothing similar in the world, although the protagonist of Asemblance seems to have the possibility to do, so thanks to a strange machine, which allows him to travel to certain places and important moments of his life to try to modify some of his actions, trying to avoid a disaster.

Thursday, January 25

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

They have had to spend many years, but as it was seen, with the arrival of Dragon Ball FighterZ we finally have a game that not only takes care of being at the height of what this legendary series deserves to please the fans of Goku and company, but also is positioned as one of the best fighting titles of recent times and as one of the great releases of this 2018 that has just started.

It was necessary to start this text like this, since, generally, games based on licenses (especially if they are anime or manga) are usually considered as minor products that only seek to take advantage of the pull of the series on which they are based or content only to it's fan base, a very different case to that presented by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue) with it's new creation, a study that has already demonstrated it's ambition and mastery in the genre countless times.

Wednesday, January 24

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

The graphic adventures are in full form, and part of the fault is the independent scene, with that ability to invent or reanimate genres, as they have done with platform games, puzzles or terror. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, could be considered a graphic adventure, since you have to solve some very traditional puzzles, while you know a story less classical, and more in the style of recent 'narrative adventures' of great success as Dear Esther or Gone Home. The story is there, and you can not change it, but you decide by playing the way you know, the pace and order of events, and the amount of information you receive.

Vesta Review

The arrival of Vesta, or new games made in Spain, fills me with satisfaction. More in these moments in which there is not much to scratch, or saddest, great studies in that country, and with larger budgets and staffs, they give blind, with many advantages, but poorly executed in practice, how is the case of Raiders Of The Broken Planet. I refer to him, for having reached the desktop and PC platforms, as is the case with the game I am going to review today. For that reason, when a small, indie studio arises, like FinalBoss Games, with a game so funny, so correct and well finished, also with it's problems but only a few of them, make me very happy, but in general lines, Vesta has my approval

Friday, January 19

InnerSpace Review

InnerSpace is practically the first feature of the PolyKnight Games studio, a group of university students that today releases their first paid game on  Xbox One. We do not talk about anything related to the 1987 film, but a title that aims to bring something different to the genre of flight without wanting to deceive anyone. The purpose of InnerSpace is to relax and enjoy the journey in a game that rewards exploration and is so feared by many search for collectibles.

Wednesday, January 17

Flying Tigers: Shadow Over China Review

Although this year, almost all the bets within the genre of air battles will fall on the new proposal of Bandai Namco and it's expected Ace Combat 7, I can't overlook other games like the one i have today, despite being of an independent title. Flying Tiger: Shadows Over China offers everything an arcade aviation fan could wish for, and although it has flaws that I will comment later, in general lines, I found a rewarding and fun experience in the short campaign that will be available (approximately 5 hours ) along with a multiplayer mode where you can fight a duel with your friends.

Wednesday, January 10

Albert and Otto Review

Limbo was one of the first phenomena of the independent sector of the past generation with Braid, Fez or Super Meat Boy, each with it's personality and gender. In Limbo's case platforms and logic puzzles were mixed to overcome very inspired scenarios, with a characteristic use of silhouettes that was not too common to date. And it was not only the use of black and white, also the blur or humidity in the air, the minimalist history and the use of physics in a 2D world marked an era in digital distribution.

Over time, multiple clones have appeared that have not repeated success. Albert and Otto is the last of them, a distant cousin with a few differences regarding PlayDead's work that doesn't hide his inspiration. Homage, praise or lack of ideas? A bit of everything. If Limbo was a title made with few means, away from production with any "triple A", Albert and Otto in turn seems even more indie than Limbo. It's appreciated, that the same developers mention as a joke on their official page how much they remember said to the title of 2010.

Saturday, January 6

Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince Review

A scroll, a curse, there are many rumors that revolve around him. Despite this, Hero, the protagonist of this story, decides to take him away in his search for great treasures, but without being aware of what this entails. Luckily, he will not be alone in this adventure, but on his way, he will meet Nulan, a descendant of the tribe that created the symmetry scrolls, skillful in the art of magic. And with Haim, a prince affected by a terrible curse.

Developed by the independent company Gamera Interactive and published by Soedesco, I get an adventure of puzzles in which the importance of trial and error, reaches it's maximum exponent but with a unique touch that makes it special. And in Fearful Symmetry & the Cursed Prince, you will find yourself driving the same characters between two parallel dimensions, one in the real world, and the other in a desolate and dark mute.

Thursday, January 4

Future War: Reborn Review

Mobile video games is something that today are part of our world, it's clear that some people don't like it, but nevertheless, there is a wide range of public that plays that games. Examples of famous games have had many, and always following a kind of fashion, without going further perhaps the first fashion mobile games (smartphone) was Angry Birds, and followed by other games such as Candy Crush and Clash Royale. However as it happens in PC games and consoles, there are great gems that have gone more or less unnoticed, such as the magnificent Monument Valley, in addition, some of these games have been released to console as was the case of the aforementioned Angry Birds.

Unfortunately, there are games that i don't understand why they decide to port to console and Future War Reborn is one of them.