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Monday, July 31

Conga Master Review

A wedding without conga isn't a wedding. And if you need to practice, nothing better than Conga Master. Well, perhaps this independent game of the Spanish study, Undercoders, isn't the best dance school in the world, but of course it's one of those surprise indies that leave a better impression than you expected.

Monday, July 24

What Remains of Edith Finch Review

What remains of Edith Finch is the first videogame published by Annapurna Interactive, a producer and accustomed to give us good cinema with it's film division. Now, they have entered into the world of videogames, and how! What remains of Edith Finch is the quintessence of Walking Simulator, the summit of a genre often subject to a motion for being an interactive film. After the unfinished Swan, title that many consider prequel to Edith Finch, The giant sparrow is confirmed as one of the great indie studies of the moment, able to take a step beyond the narrative and lay the basis for a new leap within the genre . Don't miss it, it's one of the video games of the year.

Saturday, July 22

DeadCore Review

DeadCore is a game that behind its fantastic presentation, sound, and graphics hides a frustrating gameplay experience only for the most hardcore gamers. It starts off challenging but rewarding but unfortunately devolves quickly into a game that tries too hard to be difficult just so it can say it is. If you're a hardcore gamer this isn't a problem but for anyone else it creates an unenjoyable game.

Thursday, July 20

AereA Review

AereA is a colorful Action RPG that comes from the hands of Triangle Studios. It's a beautiful affair with a lot of music, in which your main mission will be to help the old Master Guido in his task of recovering the nine essential instruments, that reestablish the balance in Aezir. We speak of a musical tale that sins of simple in the majority of it's playable proposals, motive that quite tarnishes the final result of the title.

Saturday, July 15

Iron Crypticle Review

The genre of arcade action is in great shape, and in recent years we have enjoyed real gems like The Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon, which have revitalized a somewhat removed genre in the last decade. This is due in large part to the rise of retro trends in the world of video games, which emerge in the form of video games that, somehow or other, honor those titles that offered so many hours of entertainment in the recreational.

Thursday, July 13

Black The Fall Review

Some years ago, Square Enix opened it's "Square Enix Collective", an initiative of the Japanese company, that helps launch independent games that seek financing, and even allows some developers to use their licenses. Now, we get the last fruit of this label, Black The Fall, a game of puzzles and platforms that began it's development in 2014, and that finally reaches our consoles.

Marvel Heroes Omega Review

Dr. Death is back on track. It has been done with the Cosmic Cube and you don't have to be very clever to know that he don't plan anything good. As usual, the most representative heroes of Marvel meet in Mavel Heroes Omega. Together, they will have to protect Earth and humanity from the dark plans of the monarch of Latveria. But Death will not be alone, in his crusade for global conquest, he will be accompanied by the most dangerous villains that the popular comic book factory has created throughout his career. In this way Grim Reaper, Ultron, Green Goblin or Dr. Octopus, among many others, will stand in our way, as well as well-known corporations antagonistic to Sgield, Ima, The Hand or Hydra, which put to the service of Death their Armies, as a prelude to the final boss of each level of this great free-to-play, now in consoles.

Thursday, July 6

Broken Age Review

Tim Schafer, the master of PC graphic adventure, returns to it's origins with Broken Age, a game that recalls the best point and click of the 90s and has an exciting story that will lead us to know the life of Shay and Vella.

Saturday, July 1

Super Bomb Rush Review

Super Bomb Rush is a game which you can't definitively say yes or no to anyone asking if they should buy it. Many of its features are either liked or hated by many, and that is what it really depends on. There are a few things the developers could do to make a "yes" more likely, but personal preference will be the greatest deciding factor here.