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Sunday, July 24

Deus Ex Revolution Gameplay

Friday, July 22

Halo: CE Anniversary Sneak Peak

Amazing what ten years can do.

Monday, July 11

Around the Hawk: Madden '12 Seahawks Intro

This video showcases the Seahawk's official team introduction in Madden '12. Hopefully EA will be able to update the stadium name to Century Link Field as it's no longer Qwest Field. The background PA music that was playing was a remix version of We Will Rock You/I Want it All by Queen feat. Armageddon which was in the Sucker Punch movie. Possibly this song will make the Madden '12 soundtrack?

Monday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!

From our staff here at Xbox Live Network, we would like to wish our American friends a Happy Independence Day!

Sunday, July 3

America's Game: FIFA 11

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This video was sent into us from Jerhawk playing with his Be a Pro. Jerhawk passed the ball off to his team mate the scores with a heada!!

Direct Link to video if embedded video does not play.