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Friday, August 25

XBLN Championship Series Returns!

XBLN Championship Series originally ran on XBLN back in 2008-2009 with NCAA Football 2008, Madden NFL 09 and NCAA Football 2010. We had many community and staff members participate in our sports leagues. Today, we are looking to bring this back!

We will begin the new XBLNCS with Madden NFL 18 and hope to expand it to NBA 2K18 and potentially other sports titles as well. We will award the league champion every season with prizes including Xbox One games and giftcards. If you would like to join, either post a comment on this article or join us in the Discord! Check after the break for more about our league and the rules(TBD).

Here is the direct link to XBLNCS

Thursday, August 24

Thumper Review

In recent years, and with the inclusion of Virtual Reality, it seems that such games have found an ally in musicality, giving great titles like Fez or the resurrected Polybus. Also in this current is comprised Thumper, developed by the study DROOL, composed by two Americans, a musician and a programmer, who have allied to give us the music video game darker and purely lovecraftian that we will see in our consoles. Enter into the madness!

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review

When it comes to insulting, language makes it easy for us, with a few combinations of words and disqualification, to blush our opponent. The insult is language in it's most democratic state, we can all do it, but only a few can master it. Easy to play, hard to master, they would say. And is that the great masters of insult have gone down in history because of the elaborate of their affronts against their opponents.

Like Joan Croawford and his endearing feud with Bette Davis, or our dear Guybrush Threepwood able to glue the glue. One could not therefore expect a simulator to crystallize this dialectical art to turn it into a simulator where English gentlemen came to good and who drink a lot of tea face each other to see who says it fatter. Oh, sir ... The Insult Simulator.

Saturday, August 19

>observer_ Review

When it comes to betting on the genre of terror in video games, it's usually used visceral, visible and unpleasant, when creating impact on the player. A pool of blood, a sound that comes from the unknown and a contextual scream that sounds on the horizon, beyond the stage, are the basic ingredients. The developer Bloober Team, knew to bet by it's own vision of the terror with the victorian, Layers of Fear, that was carved his gap between the fans of the sort when it was launched a year ago and later received it's contents downloadable.

Now, months after that, the creative team of that proposal goes one step further with >observer_, a new development of the polish study that changes the gloomy halls of that mansion by a decrepit and lost futuristic dystopian society where the narrative has a weight even greater. This company located in Krakow now gives us the opportunity to enter a police investigation of the hand of the agent Daniel Lazarski, a police with technological increases installed in his body.

Tacoma Review

The Fullbright Company surprised everyone in 2013 with Gone Home, one of the most acclaimed games of that year, and in our opinion one of the best indies of the last decade. An adventure very ingenious and totally focused on the narrative that, with a history and a very minimalist approach, was able to excite you and empathize with characters that you never really see.

Just four years later, they return with their second work, Tacoma, which has a virtually identical approach to their first game, but with a very different setting, this time futuristic and science fiction. The adventure takes place in an abandoned space station in the year 2088, to which we are sent to recover some data, without knowing hardly anything of the personage that we control nor the motives of the mission.

Thursday, August 17

Jump, Step, Step Review

Jump, Step, Step is a game with a good premise but ultimately one that doesn't hold up due to major flaws in the games mechanics. The game requires you to program a path for your character to solve each puzzle, adding new mechanics in very often. Sadly, these aren't explained well through broken english if at all. The story is simple but the dialogue often makes little sense. The graphics and sound is where the game holds up as the graphics are pretty fun to look at and the sound doesn't make your ears bleed.

Tuesday, August 15

Sine Mora EX Review

Five years ago, Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture, rescued one of those genres that has long been forgotten, the shoot'em up - in this case horizontal. Sine Mora was released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and PS Vita, and a little later on mobile devices. Now, by the hand of THQ Nordic, it returns to more current platforms and some changes in it's version, Sine Mora Ex.

Mr. Shifty Review

Mr. Shifty is a game in aerial perspective, following the wake of the well-known Hotline Miami, although the comparisons are odious, and more with the title of Dennaton Games. The main character has the ability to teleport as if Goku was, to dodge enemy bullets or just move behind the enemy to destroy it with a super punch.

Our mission is to win the access in a building, destroy and overcome all kinds of tests, whether enemies with shotguns, flamethrowers, machine guns, lasers, rockets ... plant to plant of the building we will find new challenges each more difficult, until catching the enemy of the game, Dr.Stone. It's teleportation that makes Mr. Shifty unique and gives him that personality that moves him away from the already named Hotline Miami. Apart from this great power, we have the bullet time, which will be charged by punching, and will activate when we dodge a bullet at the last moment.

Saturday, August 12

Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure Review

The genre Point and click isn't the most famous or the most abundant in consoles. Certainly there are very few games of that style: passing from the wonderful Thimbleweed Park, backward compatibilities like the Monkey Island, and the one that occupies us today, to cite a few examples. If I am honest to you (speaking for me, as writer) I am not very fond of this type of games, to tell you the truth, I have played many, but i have only finished a couple of them ... And I must say that few time, I have regretted more than not playing a type of game that with this one. Why? Keep reading.