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Outlast 2 Review


Outlast 2 has a duration that is located in a strip near 10 hours (there is a consistent achievement to spend it in less than 4, by the way), which will vary depending on the times you die. In addition, there are 3 modes of difficulty above normal, only for the bravest. Make sure that the madness doesn't end with you before ...


The gameplay is very similar to the previous titles: we move in subjective perspective, either with our real view or through the camera screen, you can use at any time. Thanks to it you can zoom and pull the already classic night vision mode, which helps in certain areas in twilight and becomes essential in sections where you can not directly see nothing. In addition, now has been added the possibility of using the microphone of the camera so that, thanks to its boometro, you'll know if there is someone making noise nearby, which comes from luxury to investigate behind the walls.

These advantages, of course, have their cost: the batteries of the camera are spent faster than in a Game Gear. Therefore, you must learn to dose these "skills" and look for new batteries to not stay in the dark at the worst time. On this occasion, we can also find bandages to heal if we receive damage. The healing process lasts for a couple of seconds, so you will not be able to take advantage of them in full chase.
A new facet is to access the recorded videos and replay them for Blake to think about what he has recorded. All this is done in a "natural" way, without menus, lowering our sight to check the camera and even the pockets in which we store the batteries and the bandages.

When you move, you can jump (little, because it seems that Blake carries lead in the pockets), crossing cornices or crawl, besides opening doors and pushing some objects. You are told from the beginning: the protagonist is a normal and grinding human being. When it comes time to meet enemies, the options are not very heroic, let's say: you can crouch to hide behind the undergrowth, run (and look back in the middle of the race) or hide. The classic lockers and lockers are maintained, but now we can also get into containers with water or directly in rivers and lakes. This increases the feeling of tension, because if you stay too long we will die drowning.

Graphics & Design

For its part, the technical section has improved over the previous game, which is especially noticeable in textures and lighting effects, much more effective. The design of the scenes and the dantesque scenes that we find, contribute a lot to put us the fear and the restlessness in the body. Now, the modeling and animations of the characters seem to remain stuck in an earlier generation, which is particularly evident in the numerous occasions when you are shaken and closely watched. 
The music does withstand the type perfectly and conveys perfectly that tone of "psychotic redneck" that invades the town in which we move, with defunct violins and blows of persecution in the most tense moments. In case you ask: yes, it returns to see scares to treason, that most of the times they work, although they are not very numerous. It is more a matter of constant atmosphere than of jump scares.


In short, Outlast 2 is a game that keeps alive the spirit of its predecessors and does it in an effective, but perhaps excessively continuist. His playable novelties do not hide a game system that lacks some variety and canned chase over (Alien Isolation also stumbled a bit in that field, but he knew how to give more grace to clashes, for example). The use of dementia, more accentuated in this installment, The Evil Within style, helps to raise a truculent story that is more self-explanatory (you'll see which end you have, already) than by the very gameplay it has around.


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