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Tuesday, September 28

BREAKING NEWS: NBA Elite 11 Delayed til 2011

Peter Moore just confirmed NBA Elite 11's delay on his blog:

Over the past three years, EA SPORTS development teams have had a laser focus on creating titles packed with innovation and unsurpassed quality. The acclaim from fans and critics on most of our titles the past few years makes us proud and it also motivates us to keep getting better.

This year, we set extremely ambitious goals for our new franchise, NBA ELITE. We are creating a game that will introduce several breakthrough features that have been missing from the basketball genre. Unfortunately, NBA ELITE 11 is not yet ready and we have made a decision to delay next month’s launch. We are going to keep working until we’re certain we can deliver a breakthrough basketball experience.

NFL Picks: Week 3 Results / Week 4 Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks!

Here were the standout picks from Week 3:

  • Everybody picked the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots and got them both correct. However, everyone picked the Washington Redskins and got it wrong.
  • Jerhawk was the only one to get the Atlanta Falcons correct.
  • ScottRocketOrian was the only one to pick the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Denver Broncos in their games, but got them both wrong.
  • JohnnyX77 and ScottRocketOrian were the only ones to pick the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears and got them both correct.
  • JohnnyX77 and ScottRocketOrian were the only ones to get the Miami Dolphins and the N.Y. Giants wrong.
Here are the results from Week 3 alone:

1.) Dakota 2147 / 12
2.) Jerhawk / 10
T3.) Deus Legend / 9
T3.) BlazenHawks / 9
T3.) JohnnyX77 / 9
6.) Stopable / 8
7.) ScottRocketOrian / 7
8.) x SeanZ x / 3

Now for our overall standings, presented this week by Capital One. What's in your pocket?

1.) BlazenHawks / 29
T2.) Jerhawk / 28
T2.) Dakota 2147 / 28
4.) Deus Legend / 27
5.) Stopable / 25
6.) ScottRocketOrian / 24
T7.) JohnnyX77 / 22
T7.) x SeanZ x / 22
9.) lakerbrim / 8

The Week 4 scheduled games. Please have your picks in by kickoff of the game you're choosing for:

49ers @ Falcons

Jets @ Bills

Bengals @ Browns

Lions @ Packers

Panthers @ Saints

Ravens @ Steelers

Broncos @ Titans

Seahawks @ Rams

Texans @ Raiders

Colts @ Jaguars

Cardinals @ Chargers

Redskins @ Eagles

Bears @ Giants (Sunday Night)

Patriots @ Dolphins (Monday Night)

Some team's bye weeks begin this week, so our scores won't be as high as they were in the beginning of the season. Thanks everyone, and good luck!

Monday, September 27

Need For Speed is BACK!

This game seems pretty cool. Its made by Criterion Games(Makers of Burnout). I might check it out when it comes later this year.

Wednesday, September 22

NBA 2k11 Gameplay

This game is shaping up nicely. It'll be here October 5th!

Tuesday, September 21

NFL Picks: Week 2 Results / Week 3 Picks

Hello everyone, and welcome back to NFL Picks.

Here were the standout picks from Week 2:

  • Everybody chose the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints in their respective games, and got them all correct.
  • ScottRocketOrian and x SeanZ x were the only ones to pick the Tampa Bay Buccaneers correctly.
  • JohnnyX77 was the only one to pick the Detroit Lions and got it wrong. However, JohnnyX77 was the only one to choose the Cincinnati Bengals, and got that one correct.
  • Jerhawk was the only one to pick the Chicago Bears and got it correct.
  • Deus Legend and BlazenHawks were the only two to select the Oakland Raiders correctly.
  • x SeanZ x was the lone wolf picking the Miami Dolphins and got it correct.
  • ScottRocketOrian was the only person to get the N.Y. Giants wrong.
The results from Week 2 alone:

1.) x SeanZ x / 11
2.) Jerhawk / 10
T3.) Deus Legend / 9
T3.) BlazenHawks / 9
T3.) ScottRocketOrian / 9
6.) Stopable / 8
T7.) JohnnyX77 / 7
T7.) Dakota 2147 / 7

Now for our overall standings, presented this week by Verizon. The official mobile sponsor of the NFL:

1.) BlazenHawks / 20
2.) x SeanZ x / 19
T3.) Jerhawk / 18
T3.) Deus Legend / 18
T5.) Stopable / 17
T5.) ScottRocketOrian / 17
7.) Dakota 2147 / 16
8.) JohnnyX77 / 13
9.) lakerbrim / 8

The Week 3 schedule. Please have your picks in by kickoff of the game you're picking. You guys have been doing a great job of that so far this year:

Browns @ Ravens

Bengals @ Panthers

Cowboys @ Texans

Steelers @ Buccaneers

Titans @ Giants

Falcons @ Saints

Bills @ Patriots

Lions @ Vikings

49ers @ Chiefs

Redskins @ Rams

Eagles @ Jaguars

Chargers @ Seahawks

Colts @ Broncos

Raiders @ Cardinals

Jets @ Dolphins

Packers @ Bears

Tuesday, September 14

NFL Picks: Week 1 Results / Week 2 Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks. Week 1 is in the books, as well as the results from our picks we made. Here are the standout picks from Week 1:

  • Everybody chose the Green Bay Packers, and got it correct.
  • BlazenHawks and JohnnyX77 were the only ones to pick the Houston Texans, and got it right.
  • BlazenHawks was the lone wolf in picking the Oakland Raiders, and got it wrong.
  • Dakota 21 47 and ScottRocketOrian were the only ones to pick the Seattle Seahawks, and got it correct.
  • BlazenHawks was the only man to choose the Kansas City Chiefs, and was rewarded with a correct pick.
Our results from Week 1, as well as our overall standings, presented by Halo: Reach

1.) BlazenHawks / 11
T2.) Deus Legend / 9
T2.) Stopable / 9
T2.) Dakota 21 47 / 9
T5.) Jerhawk / 8
T5.) lakerbrim / 8
T5.) ScottRocketOrian / 8
T5.) z SeanZ x / 8
9.) JohnnyX77 / 6

The schedule for the Week 2 games. Please have your picks in by kickoff of the game you're picking for:

Cardinals @ Falcons

Buccaneers @ Panthers

Chiefs @ Browns

Eagles @ Lions

Steelers @ Titans

Dolphins @ Vikings

Ravens @ Bengals

Bears @ Cowboys

Bills @ Packers

Rams @ Raiders

Seahawks @ Broncos

Jaguars @ Chargers

Patriots @ Jets

Texans @ Redskins

Giants @ Colts (Sunday Night Brother Brawl)

Saints @ 49ers (Monday Night)

I'll leave you guys with this player comparison. Seahawks backup Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst (left) and Johnny Depp (right).

Monday, September 13

Xbox 360 Kinect/Fall Update Dashboard Preview

Sunday, September 12

Halo Reach Review

GameTrailers.com Review
IGN Review

Halo: Reach is a fantastic package, with several core components that on their own can outclass many other games. The campaign is excellent, backed by solid storytelling and a powerful audio-visual experience. The competitive multiplayer is familiar, yet brand new with a lot more options and a faster pacing. And the cooperative Firefight arcade mode has finally met its potential. Whether you like playing with friends like me or you're more of a lone wolf, Halo: Reach has evolved to the point where it'll make everyone happy. It's a fitting end to Bungie's involvement with the franchise, one that both references the past and injects new life into a tried and true formula. Newcomers and Halo fans alike will find plenty to love in Halo: Reach. Even if you've grown tired of the Halo formula through the years, I'd still recommend this game to you. It's just that good.
IGN Ratings for Halo: Reach (X360)
Rating Description
out of 10
10 Presentation
A package that all other developers can look to as the definition of complete.
9.5 Graphics
A few stutters here or there can't stop this from being an incredible looking game.
10 Sound
Once again, a masterful soundtrack.
9.5 Gameplay
Familiar, and yet brand new. These are some of the best first-person shooting mechanics around.
9.5 Lasting Appeal
Little things like more maps or a better way to hop into custom games could extend the long life even further. Even so, there's a ton of content here.
(out of 10)

Halo Reach Live Action

Here is a live action video for the upcoming Halo reach!

Friday, September 10

Halo Reach Firefight Footage

Firefight looks fun and it seems the covenant actually puts up a good fight. Can't wait to play this!!!

Wednesday, September 8

NCAA 11 Highlights

First one is Oregon (me) vs Oregon State (cpu) I threw a INT after my WR drop the catch and the OSU CB picked it than my QB was so PIST that he hit the guy so hard he fumbled and my RB pick it up for a TD.

This one is Oregon state (Me) vs Stanford (CPU) I just threw the ball up there and Jordan Bishop came and caught it after the CB tipped it.

Tuesday, September 7

NBA 2k11 Gameplay

The first video is the Chicago Bulls vs the Portland Trailblazers in the 1992 NBA finals.

The next one is the Phoenix Suns vs the Miami heat

And the last one is the Orlando magic vs Denver Nuggets

Sunday, September 5

NFL Picks: Week 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to NFL Picks! I made a post awhile back asking if anyone was interested in participating in this year's contest, and here's who we have signed up so far:

Deus Legend
Dakota 21 47
ScottRocketOrian (Jerhawk's Dad)
x SeanZ x

Our previous winners over the first two seasons of NFL Picks:

Jerhawk (year 1)
KnightnBattle10 (year 2)

If you would like to play this season, there's still plenty of time left. Just post a comment on this post with your Xbox gamertag or a name you would like to be called. For the rules to how we do this, just scroll down to the previous NFL Picks post.

For those of you playing, this is the week where the majority of bonus points can be earned. We will be picking our division winners for each and every division. If you pick the correct division winner of a particular division, you will receive three bonus points that you'll get at the end of the regular season.

Also, Week 1 is your chance to pick a Super Bowl winner. If the team that you choose to win the Super Bowl beats the 1 out of 32 odds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season, you will get ten bonus points. There will be an opportunity to change your Super Bowl pick in Week 10 if your team isn't performing as well as you hoped, which would result in only a 5 point bonus if you get that right.

We will also be picking for the Week 1 scheduled games. You have from now until the kickoff of the particular game you're choosing for to have your pick count for one point each. Here's the Week 1 schedule:

Vikings @ Saints (Thursday Night Kickoff Special)

Dolphins @ Bills

Colts @ Texans

Lions @ Bears

Falcons @ Steelers

Browns @ Buccaneers

Bengals @ Patriots

Broncos @ Jaguars

Raiders @ Titans

Panthers @ Giants

49ers @ Seahawks

Cardinals @ Rams

Packers @ Eagles

Cowboys @ Redskins (Sunday Night)

Ravens @ Jets (Monday Night Part 1)

Chargers @ Chiefs (Monday Night Part 2)

Please make your picks in order too, it makes it easier for me to put it into the excel spreasheet.

So, if you're confused, here's your three tasks from now until the kickoff of the Week 1 games:

1.) Make your Week 1 scheduled picks. Please have them in before the kickoff of the game you're picking for

2.) Make your divisional winners picks. Please have those in by the kickoff of the Thursday kickoff game

3.) Make your Super Bowl pick. Please have that in by kickoff the the Thursday kickoff game.

Thanks everyone, and have fun!

Saturday, September 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Videos

Thursday, September 2

NBA 2K11 My Player Mode Detailed

Here is the NBA 2K Blog on the My player. Read on after the break.

NBA 2K11 My Player Mode

More my player info in post below.

Halo Reach Multiplayer Footage

NBA Elite 11 Game Play Footage

I was going to give this game a chance, but this really isn't cutting it. Looks like XBLN will be going with 2k11 this year. This looks like EA should have done all of this with NBA Live 06 and built on it. It's going to be hard to make a whole new game mid-generation like this. But maybe in a year or two they can get the everything decent. The graphics need a major overhaul in this game. Though graphics mean nothing over gameplay, these look like Xbox 1 caliber graphics. Commentary is kind of bland and seems like the Madden commentary which is also bad. Seems to be a somewhat disappointing sports year for EA. NHL and FIFA are always the strong points for EA every year. Madden was decent for 09 and 10, 11 was sort of a step back. NCAA Football 11 was actually pretty good this year. Maybe next year EA for NBA Elite 12!


Wednesday, September 1

Around the Hawk: Rock Band 3 Setlist

While most of us may be bored of the music game genre, there are still some out there who are anticipating the release of Rock Band 3 on October 26th in North America. The game has a new in-depth career mode, new instruments, and of course an amazing 83 song setlist:

Halo Reach Video Preview

Looks Great, can't wait to play the Campaign and Firefight.