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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Review

They say that the most deadly weapon on earth is a Marine with his rifle. Particularly if you are as motivated as Jonathan North, the protagonist of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, who is capable of making lethal shots more than 500 meters away with his precision rifle.


The approach of the game reminds us, at times, of the series Far Cry. That is to say, we have a vehicle at our disposal, collectibles hidden by various points of the map (there are three sections in total in the different acts of the game), points to take, secondary missions (16 in total) and main missions (26 in total) - if we go to the point, it will last us about 8 hours. It is we who decide, what to do and when we want to do it, going back and forth, exploring the leafy forests and rugged mountains of Georgia (the country) and, of course, wiping out the enemies we encounter.


This argument enriches a typical sandbox development: we are free to move through huge scenarios (on foot or driving our SUV) and perform small missions, such as picking up collectibles, eliminating the most wanted, running mines with a drone or releasing hostages, while we progressed through the four acts of the campaign. It's these missions of the campaign where the game "looks" and allows us to act as authentic ghost warriors.

The job of the sniper is not limited to entering an enemy site and ending all sentinels. First we have to go around in search of a good nest, climbing and following traces with the help of the explorer's vision. Then, with the help of a drone, we can "locate" the enemies and leave them marked, as in Metal Gear Solid V. And, always without betraying our position, finish them with a precise shot.

The mechanics of the shots are perfect. We have to calculate the distance to the target, and regulate the optics so that there is not just a detour. Then, the path is corrected in the direction of the wind, we hold our breath so that the target doesn't move, and we pull the trigger. If everything went well, we can see the effect of the bullet in a spectacular slow motion killcam, reminiscent of that used in Sniper Elite 4 but without x-ray vision.

If you find it too complicated, you can activate different shooting aids and indicators, but the game is much more enjoyable if we forget the radar and the indicators, and try to play as if we were a true member of the special forces, which he plays it in every shot.

On paper, Ghost Warrior 3, gives us a very complete war experience, with parts of strategy, moments of action and the possibility of tuning our team with mime (changing ammunition, optics, camouflage weapons or accessories like flashlight or bipod). And when we "get in" in the game, the truth is that we have enjoyed it very much.

Graphics & Design

This shooter has a weakness: a technical section that fails in many ways. Using the cry engine (developed by Crytek) doesn't guarantee that we will find quality graphics. The three scenarios are large and have very detailed elements (with good lighting) but have to coexist with some models of characters that seem from the previous generation (without detail and with awkward animations). The loading times are very long, the compression of the videos is very poor and the drops in the FPS rate are frequent.

There are other errors, such as clipping, textures that take to load or a control of vehicles too rough, but they can be forgiven, because they don't affect much to our experience.


Of course, Ghost Warrior 3 isn't a game for everyone, but if you put some of your part (and raise the difficulty to the maximum) we guarantee you tense moments and fun with this FPS developed by Ci Games.

An open world approach, with many tactical options and great firing mechanics. That, however, is ruined by the shortcomings in the technical section, and little variety in the main missions.
  • Game: Sniper: Ghost warrior 3
  • Developer: CI Games
  • Publisher: CI Games
  • Price: $59.99
  • Size: 40.3 GB
  • Release Date: April 25th 2017
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