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Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - Episode 1 Review

This time in our review, we are not dealing with a complete game if not only the first chapter of the five that make up the complete adventure.


This is the standard length of any chapter in any game of Telltale (two hours), in addition to that we do not have specific achievements for different decisions and with this, any desire to replay the first and only chapter we have for the moment disappears.


I said it once and i ratify myself, not only myself but the study with this. With each new title they bring to market, they add some new mechanics, it was already so in the universe of DC and Marvel was not going to be far behind. On this occasion, we take advantage of the team of the protagonist as the pistols and the propellers of foot. We will have the option of moving the scenery to change the height to which we want to be, and with just a few beats of the cross we can go up or down in search of some element with which to interact that is far from us. In addition to this, we can also shoot the Star-Lord laser guns, when we are in full combat, which adds to the QTE to provide more variety to the battle phases that we will find during the first chapter.

Removing the novelty, we have the same thing as always. Scenarios to traverse to investigate in some elements, the typical four choices that respond with their corresponding time bar although with a futuristic aesthetic and some choices that if they affect the short term events and the development of the game. One of the novelties that we wanted to save for the end is in relation to the conversations. Our undisputed protagonist is Star Lord, and while we explore we can use the intercom to talk to Gamora, Rocket Racoon and Drax when they are away from us, and during the QTE we will "control" them all.

Graphics & Design

We all already know Telltale and we know what their weaknesses are. In fact, I think we should stop talking about weaknesses because, frankly, besides that they themselves must know what things improve in the technical section of their games, I sincerely think that they are not very much for the work of making a big leap regarding this. Leaving personal opinions aside, this new adventure is perhaps one of the cleanest performance level. I did not have the classic problems that characterize the studio (unlike in Batman) and I can only count a couple of occasions where i suffered from freezes between scene and scene.

In this respect, it has been a complete delight to play in these conditions, since in games in which it is necessary to get into the role, continuous and constant lows of framerate can cause that, besides headaches, the experience and enjoyment are not optimal.

Visually we return to accounts, more of the same as the rest of titles with that aesthetic of comic so characteristic (following the line that marked with Batman) and in which the only difference with the rest of games is the setting, in this case, space. But do not make mistakes, I'm not bored with this aesthetic, and in this case we also do not find the typical flaws in Telltale games, drawing lines superimposed on others above all, which makes everything look a bit tatty and this time I've been pleasantly surprised.

The only thing that has left us a little perplexed is the little resemblance between these characters and those that we could see on the big screen not long ago. I personally saw the film for the first time very little ago, and the little resemblance between Chris Pratt and Peter Quill of the comics has left us somewhat surprised, although it is something normal, since Telltale counts on the rights on the comic, not on the movie. Otherwise we are facing a title with correct textures, a faithful aesthetic and in general a satisfactory visual section.


Starting from the same premise that with the rest of the titles of the study has managed to satisfactorily maintain the technical section of his new adventure in collaboration with Marvel at a sweet moment for the Guardians of the Galaxy, since it supposes more visibility not only for the game, if not for the next movie to be released. In this first chapter we will find, in addition to a new point of view about the group of Star-Lord, some game mechanics not seen previously in any game of Telltale added to what we already have the study accustomed, something that adds a touch of freshness but which, for the moment, is not enough for what, as a personal assessment, is the weakest start of any of the games that has been released Telltale to date and although it maintains the type most of the time, there are some elements such as music and some point failure can draw more than one player from the focus of action.
  • Game: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - Episode 1 : "Tangled Up In Blue"
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Price: $4.99
  • Size: -  4.36 GB
  • Release Date: April 18th 2017
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