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Thursday, June 30

Super Mutant Alien Assault Preview

Super Mutant Alien Assault, developed by Cybernate, is an old school, platforming game. Three fleets of spaceships flee a doomed Earth carrying the last humans in cryostasis. Pursued by aliens, it’s up the lowly security droids to save humanity. Taking up arms solo or with a friend, you must dance with death in a brutal and addictive arcade platformer shooter inspired by Super Crate Box and stuffed to the brim with unlockables.

Fight through rapid fire single screen levels each with a random combination of platform layout, objective, vending machines and enemies. Dodge and weave amongst the aliens to stay alive but don’t leave them standing too long or the ship’s radiation will mutate them into bigger, nastier versions.

Only by unlocking and mastering the wild variety of weapons, explosives, special abilities, defense moves and perks can you hope to survive across all three galaxies, rid your ship of the mutant menace and get back to that nice boring life you had before this nightmare.


-Rapid fire levels
-Each level is random
-A wealth of weapons, sidearms, special abilities, perks, explosives, defense moves and character skins
-Take on the mutant hordes by yourself or team up in local co-op

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Super Mutant Alien Assault releases on the Xbox Store on July 1st for $4.99

For more information on Super Mutant Alien Assault, check out the official website: http://www.mutantalienassault.com/

Dynamite Fishing World Games Preview

Dynamite Fishing – World Games, developed by Handy Games, follows the tradition of its successful predecessor Super Dynamite Fishing and offers players the craziest fishing action full of fun. Hunt and hook a boat load of different fish, from bass to shark, and send them flying to the beach with a big BOOM! You’ll make them wish for a peaceful life in a fish tank. Collect coins to increase your top selection of crazy explosive weapons to knock out the sea dwellers the epic way. It’s you vs them, so don’t hesitate to throw TNT, nuclear missiles or other surprise ammunition into the water. The fight against the scaly creatures is on! Let’s show them who rules the ocean!


Awesome fishing action with unconventional warfare
More than 10 boats with epic equipment to choose from
Loads of outfits and accessories for 5 crazy characters
Many different exotic scenarios with multiple level variations
Vast variety of fish to catch
An arsenal of exceptional special weapons to use
Unique super powers for each character
Mighty upgrades for boats and angler
Competitive matches against virtual opponents to rank up in the leaderboards

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Dynamite Fishing – World Games releases on the Xbox Store on July 1st for $4.99

For more information on Dynamite Fishing – World Games, check out the official website: http://www.handy-games.com/games/dynamite-fishing-world-games/

Wednesday, June 29

The Banner Saga 2 Preview

The Banner Saga 2, developed by Stoic is an epic, story-based, role-playing game continues its emotional journey across a breaking world. Bold leadership decisions, wise use of resources, and skillful battle tactics are vital to ensure your viking clans make it through alive. Experience what took the indie gaming world by storm in Banner Saga 2!

-The epic Viking saga continues on – beautifully 2D hand drawn combat sequences and animations are further enhanced with special effects
-Player choice that continues to drive your narrative – your story continues based on choices made in the first game as well as hard choices you have to make in this one.
-New Characters and a New Race – continue your epic journey interacting with new characters and a new race, the Horseborn.
-Improved Strategic combat with consequences – improved, more strategic battle boards enhance combat and permanent loss of characters will still weigh heavy on your mind long after the battle is over.
The journey is as important as battle – your role in building and managing your caravan as you travel the vast landscape is critical to not only your own survival but the survival of an entire civilization.

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

The Banner Saga 2 releases on the Xbox Store on July 1st for $19.99, however will be free for Gold Members for the month on July

For more information on The Banner Saga 2, check out the official website: http://www.bannersaga2.com/

Monday, June 27

The Technomancer Preview

The Technomancer, developed by Spiders, is an Action/RPG game set on Mars, a barren wasteland that is home to the forgotten children of Earth. On the surface, warring corporations such as Aurora and Abundance fight wars from their massive domed cities for one resource: water. Underground, hidden between the crags and unexplored valleys, are the mutants permanently changed by the sun's radiation and hated by the rest of humankind. To make matters worse, the Vory and the ASC have been aggressively expanding their reach over the common man.

It will take approximately 20 hours to complete the main campaign, with an additional 10 to 15 extra hours should you decide to participate in the side quests.

Your powers as a Technomancer makes you a powerful ally, but an even stronger asset. Factions will try to persuade you to do their bidding, or you may even find use in them. Whatever your choices are and whichever path you take, your fate is tied to the fate of Mars.

-Instantly switch between combat stances to tackle different enemies
-Spend skill points to tweak skills and trances so that upgrades work across all weapons
-Exploration yields materials, materials yield equipment, equipment yields exploration.
-Your entire team benefits from crafting; all armor can be shared between you and them
-Maximize your play style by finely-tuning all of your customizable equipment
-Create explosives and health packs to aid you in dire situations
-Allies can upgrade your Talents, improving your science, crafting, lockpicking, etc.
-Unique story-arcs unlock abilities, change attitudes, and provide insights to the main story

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

The Technomancer releases on the Xbox Store on June 28th for $59.99

For more information on the Technomancer, check out the official website: http://thetechnomancer-game.com/en/game

Ethan: Meteor Hunter Preview

Ethan Meteor Hunter, developed by Seaven Studio is a platforming and time-stopping physics-based puzzle game. You play as Ethan, a rat that got touched by meteorites giving him the power of telekinesis: freezing time and moving objects around him. He is now looking for more meteorites that fell in his surroundings to get more power and his revenge against his neighbor who destroyed Ethan’s house! Freeze time and manipulate the world with endless possibilities: build the solution YOU want where nothing is scripted and levels can be solved in multiple ways. With its unique blend of precision platforming and time-stopping physics-based puzzles, you may die repeatedly and feel like a hero when you succeed!

Play more than 50 levels within 3 different worlds
Respawn instantly
Telekinetic gameplay with real time physics - Pause time and move a wide array of objects
Time-attack, fragment collection or minimum number of pause goals in each level

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Ethan Meteor Hunter releases on the Xbox Store on July 1st for $9.99

For more information on Ethan Meteor Hunter, check out the official website: http://www.ethan-game.com/

Sunday, June 26

KYUB Preview

KYUB, developed by Ninja Egg, is a 3D Puzzle games where you move the “Kyub” and use its abilities to solve puzzles and escape traps. Switch between action and puzzle phases where you manipulate other cubes to climb walls and destroy obstacles. Protect yourself and change the Kyub’s status to become immune to the elements thrown at you. Play and unlock new abilities in KYUB and conquer the puzzles! KYUB features over 80 Levels across 4 worlds to compete against your friends and the world on the leaderboards!

KYUB releases on the Xbox Store on July 13th for $19.99

For more information on KYUB, check out the official website: http://ninja-egg.com/kyub/

RevErsi Quest Preview

Reversi Quest, developed by YokogoSystems, is a tactical RPG with unique battle system based on the game of Reversi.

Spells play a key for battles. Spells cannot be used directly to attack the enemy but spells, such as breaking the panel, forcing the enemy to pass a turn, and summoning a special panel, can be used to change the battle situation drastically. Use spells effectively and you will be able to make the battle in your favor.

Field map is in a simple sugoroku board game style and the game progresses as players roll a dice and move forward on the board map. There are various kinds of dices and you should use different ones based on your situation. Things happen based on where you stop on the map and these include earning units, equipment, spells and golds, starting battles, recovering HP, etc. Also, if all conditions are met, you might be able to find a secret way to obtain powerful equipment, etc.

There are a total of 9 chapters in the story. Stage is Otherlia Island. There is an on-going war for the unification of the island by two opposing kingdoms, Reta Kingdom and Subla Kingdom. Warriors of two kingdoms, thieves of the desert, messengers from opposing kingdoms, a mysterious manipulator of war… With so many characters’ wishes and ambitions tangled together, the Island is dragged into the war. You are a mercenary coming from outside realm, whose talent is discovered by a mysterious witch named Imogen, and you will take an important role for unifying Otherlia Island. Obtain powerful equipment, build up your own troop, win the battles… and bring the peace to Otherlia Island!

RevErsi Quest releases on the Xbox Store on July 15th for $14.99

For more information on Lost Sea, check out the official website: http://yokogosystems.com/jp/

Wednesday, June 22

Lost Sea Preview

Lost Sea, developed by Eastasiasoft, is an explorative action-adventure game set inside the perilous environment of the Bermuda Triangle. Select your hero and recruit a ragtag crew of survivors who can help you navigate the hazardous island chain. Scour each island for the mysterious tablets you need to navigate the waters of the Lost Sea and venture closer to the mysterious portal, that you hope, will transport you home.

EXPLORE! Uncover an archipelago of unique islands as you explore the Lost Sea. Fill in your map as you chart a range of environments, from lush jungle to arid desert or icy tundra, there are millions of different islands to discover.

BATTLE! Encounter an array of dangerous critters previously lost to the mists of time. Each biome features a different set of critters, each with their own attacks and behavior patterns.

ADAPT! Develop your skills as a survivor as you learn powerful new player abilities and special moves. Scavenge the islands for treasure to buy upgrades for your ship to assist with your journey.

LEAD! The archipelago is inhabited with a large cast of stranded, each with their own traits and abilities. Crew members can perform a number of vital tasks, from assisting with combat to unlocking new areas of islands.

SURVIVE! The world of Lost Sea is a dangerous and unforgiving place. Use your trusty machete to protect yourself, and your crew, as anyone unfortunate enough to die from creature attack or a trap won't be coming back.

ESCAPE! Not everyone in the Bermuda Triangle wants to leave. Battle powerful bosses hell-bent on stopping you from making it to the portal alive.

Lost Sea releases on the Xbox Store on June 29th for $14.99

For more information on Lost Sea, check out the official website: http://www.lostseagame.com/

Tuesday, June 21

Heart & Slash Preview

Heart&Slash is a 3D brawler that is set in a world where machines are all that remains from the Human civilization.

You play as Heart, an innocent robot fighting to escape the grip of the evil and all seeing machine QuAsSy.

-3 worlds to explore and fight in. Each world includes its unique enemies an bosses.
-Dozens of different weapons and equipment pieces (more than 100 in total) to customize Heart and your play style.
-Perma-death, but a persistent progression system that gives you more options as you play the game.

Heart & Slash releases on the Xbox Store on June 24th for $19.99

For more information on Heart & Slash, check out the official website: http://badlandindie.com/heartslash/

Monday, June 20

Lumo Preview

Witness the rebirth of a genre in Lumo – a classic isometric adventure with a modern twist for gamers young and old alike!

As a contemporary take on the long-lost isometric platform genre, Lumo can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an absorbing, challenging and rewarding adventure. But for those who lived through the golden age of videogames – the 80s and early 90s – or know about the games and culture from that time, layer upon layer of nods, winks and touches to those times help build upon an experience that’s as heart-warming as it is exciting!

With over 400 rooms across four unique zones, six hidden mini-games and all kinds of secrets to uncover, Lumo is a true voyage of discovery. How much you discover just depends on how hard you look…

Lumo revives the long-lost art of isometric platforming, while bringing a charm of all its own to the genre.
Over 400 rooms will test your skill, each one a self-contained challenge to overcome.
The more you look, the more you'll find – from a hugely absorbing adventure on the surface to all kinds of secrets to find underneath!

Lumo releases on the Xbox Store on June 22nd for $19.99

For more information on Lumo, check out the official website: http://play-lumo.com/

Friday, June 17

Bard's Gold Preview

Bard's Gold, developed by Pixel Lantern, is a platforming game that let's you explore eerie worlds in a quest for a Goblin that stole your gold. Help the Bard to overcome the dungeon’s many dangerous perils and use your new-found treasures to improve your character and to buy new weapons and gear!

This game takes inspiration from early 90's platforming classics such as Rainbow Island, Rick Dangerous, Alex Kidd and Erik, which at the time were popular on the Amiga and consoles. Bard's Gold is slower paced than most current day platformers, but is extemely challenging. Players need to avoid enemies, traps and projectiles in order to progress. Being hit by any of them means instant death. Difficult puzzles and towering bosses will have to be overcome to reach the filthy goblin that stole the family treasure.

Key Features
Old school platforming experience - No tutorials or explanations how things should be done. Everything including the basic game mechanics must be figured out by yourself as you go.

Rogue-lite - Different layouts for each level is randomly chosen every playthrough. While getting the chance to memorize levels and get better at them, the "random level" system will keep your interest. With the gems you collect you will be able to upgrade your character on the Game Over screen. These upgrades are permanent and will help you on future playthroughs.

Extremely challenging, yet rewarding gameplay

Beautifully designed retro-inspired graphics

Gain powerful new abilities by finding skill books

Death will make you stronger

Solve intricate puzzles and defeat towering bosses
Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Bard's Gold releases on the Xbox Store on June 17th for $4.99

For more information on Bard's Gold, check out the official website: http://www.bardsgold.com/index.php?lang=en

Thursday, June 16

Into the Belly of the Beast Preview

Into the Belly of the Beast, developed by Lucky BROGRAMS, is an action-adventure game where you jump into the role of Sploosh, a sea worm who is heading out to bring back his children who were swallowed by a huge sea monster. On your journey through the diverse and unique locations inside its body, you have to make use of the given properties of this special environment to solve numerous puzzles. Master fights against DNA based enemies in creative and inventive ways: Eating DNA of different types will change the behavior of other creatures towards you and will provide you with different special abilities.

The game consists of different stages representing areas inside the body of a sea monster. You unlock these stages by solving puzzles and challenges, outsmarting the creatures living inside the beast and defeating nasty boss creatures. On your journey through the beast's body, you can learn and use a number of different special abilities and powers, make friends and adapt yourself to your enemies with a unique DNA feature.

The game features a unique DNA based foe/ally and special ability system. Surely you could just try to kill anything you encounter, or… you could do the smarter thing and ally with one of two DNA factions, which are at war with each other, and unlock different skills depending on which DNA you choose, like acceleration, generating poisonous clouds or spitting thorns.

Battle your way through heaps of enemies and stand your ground against mighty bosses. Rescue your children and learn new abilities. On your journey you will encounter a number of different creatures which you can review in your personal bestiary.

Interact with the environment to resolve physics-based and other puzzles to find and free your children. Charge with heat or electrical current to use them as tools, or as weapons against your enemies.

Prove your skill by maneuvering through difficult gauntlets, teeming with deadly traps (some of which can also be used to kill your enemies).

Will you manage to save your children and escape from the beast?

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Into the Belly of the Beast releases on the Xbox Store on June 22nd

For more information on Into the Belly of the Beast , check out the official website: http://luckybrograms.com/games/beast

Thursday, June 9

Kung-Fu For Kinect Preview

Kung-fu For Kinect, developed by Virtual Air Guitar Company:

-Step inside the game and turn yourself into a kung-fu hero!
-Use your own moves to punch and kick your way through comic-book villains!
-Leap through the air, conjure lightning and shoot flaming arrows!
-Star in your own kung-fu comic book!


-Story mode with 22 levels
-8 replayable challenges for daily fun
-One-Shot Mode for staging your own finishing moves

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Kung-fu For Kinect releases on the Xbox Store on June 24th for $19.99

For more information on Kung-fu For Kinect, check out the official website: http://www.kungfuforkinect.com/

Tuesday, June 7

Soul Axiom Preview

Soul Axiom, developed by Wales Interactive is a first-person story-driven adventure puzzle game, set in the beautiful, haunting cyber-world of Elysia. Collect unique hand powers, discover multiple endings and choose your own destiny as you unravel the mystery of your digital afterlife. Soul Axiom’s rich environments and immersive story to unravel the mystery of your life, and your digital afterlife. You will be taken on an intriguing voyage of discovery, through beautiful, haunting locations, facing challenges that will lead you into danger on your mission to unlock your identity, your story, your mystery. But beware: some mysteries are better left unsolved.

• Psychological Adventure with Exploration & Puzzle elements: Interact with a variety of cryptic logic and action puzzles, find clues and explore memories to unlock the secrets of your identity.

• 20 to 30 Hours of Gameplay: The game is packed full of content with 6 chapters, 40 unique locations, over 100 puzzles and 63 Steam Achievements, expect over 20 hours of captivating gameplay.

• Collectible Hand Powers: Harness the abilities of Elysia. Discover new powers that will assist exploration and puzzle solving by phasing, building, destroying or corrupting the digital world around you.

• Multiple Story Endings: A tense, but thought-provoking narrative with multiple outcomes, and leaves you yearning to explore all avenues of the lore.

• Unique visual style: There is a beautifully simplistic emphasis on striking shapes, strong colors, and beautiful effects and lighting to elicit a variety of emotions within The Elysia.

• Dynamic adaptive environments: Use your abilities to manipulate your surrounding environments. Collect your powers and re-visit memories to unlock previously hidden areas.

• Haunting Soundtrack with 50 original compositions: Provides the perfect musical backdrop which subtly enhances the game through well-crafted association with the memories you explore.

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Soul Axiom releases on the Xbox Store on June 8th for $19.99

For more information on Soul Axiom, check out the official website: http://www.walesinteractive.com/#!soul-axiom/c1q1m/

Friday, June 3

Hard Reset Redux Preview

Hard Reset Redux, developed by Flying Wild Hog, Hard Reset Redux is an action-packed and hardcore single-player shooter which embraces the best qualities that the genre has it offer. It includes over-the-top destruction, loads of enemies, great weapon variety, a challenging campaign and a beautifully realized cyberpunk setting. Having been originally developed to shake-up the shooter scene on PC, Hard Reset now returns to do it again on a new generation of hardware.

A haunting cyberpunk / dark sci-fi setting
Fast-paced, old-school shooter gameplay
Hordes of enemies to destroy
Epic boss fights
A deep, experience-based weapon upgrade system
High-fidelity graphics with full dynamic lighting
Extensive use of physics and dynamic environments

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Hard Reset Redux releases on the Xbox Store on June 3rd for $19.99

For more information on Hard Reset Redux, check out the official website: http://www.hardresetgame.com/

Thursday, June 2

Fenix Furia Preview

Fenix Furia, developed by Green Lava Studios, is fast-paced, challenging, and addictingly fun 2D platformer that will keep your palms sweaty, your thumbs fatigued, and your wits sharp. Gamers take on the role of Fenix, an alien hedgehog whose village is decimated by a huge explosion, leaving only two survivors – Fenix and Oktarus, a mysterious figure who manages to elude Fenix’s best efforts at capture.

Fenix Furia is all about hundreds of lightning-paced levels that will test your ability to jump, dash, and sprint your way through, all in an effort to track down the shadowy Oktarus through several worlds…and of course, to collect each level’s cookie! You’ll struggle mightily to achieve the best rankings in the best time with the fewest deaths to rub in your friends’ faces. Loads of different enemies, varied music and environments, and the need to master lots of varying platforming tactics away you…are you up for the challenge?


• New split-screen local Two Player Mode where gamers race-off to see who can finish each level the quickest
• A new characters arises – Undead Fenix roars with rage in Two Player mode!
• Easy mode feature acclimates new players to the hardcore platforming challenges ahead
• Nine varied and vastly unique worlds to traverse and conquer, each with dozens of increasingly difficult levels
• Over 200 total levels of platforming madness with several new levels remixed for the console experience
• Rapid-fire gameplay style means instant respawns between attempts maintaining fast tempo pace
• Addictive nature of play that demands your absolute BEST platforming skills to achieve the best ratings per level
• Stylized 2D art style compliments the rockin’ chip-tune soundtrack that varies with each world
• Game extras include unlockable mini-games and delicious original cookie recipes

Be sure to check out our video preview embedded above!

Fenix Furia releases on the Xbox Store on June 8th for $14.99

For more information on Fenix Furia, check out the official website: http://www.fenixrage.com

Color Symphony 2 Preview

Color Symphony 2, developed by Remimory, is a puzzle action platformer that utilizes the ambiguity of color. Try to eliminate obstacles or find new paths by using color! This simple rule allows you to solve various problems. Color Symphony 2 will provide lots of fun with improved controls and level designs.

* Unique mechanics that utilizes the ambiguity of color
* Simple rules and various solutions
* Level design packed with action and puzzles
* Over 120 levels and various achievements
* Support for Leaderboards and Trading Cards

Check out our video preview embedded above!

Color Symphony 2 will release on the Xbox Store on June 8th for $9.99

For more information on the game, check out the official website: http://www.remimory.com

Wednesday, June 1

In Between Preview

In Between is an atmospheric, award-winning platformer where you solve mind-bending puzzles by manipulating your surroundings and gravity itself.​

In Between is set inside the mind of a man hit by a cruel twist of fate. Together you are on a journey through the protagonist's head, a world that doesn’t obey the laws of physics. Free your mind and defy gravity in more than 60 compelling and unique puzzles, requiring all your wits and agility.

As you follow the protagonist stumbling through the stages of accepting his own mortality, new mechanics are introduced. Each stage offers unique gameplay reflecting the emotions that surface when the protagonist copes with his fate.

Every human has a story to tell. But you never know when the story ends. Be invited to learn about the protagonist’s life and his struggle for a happy ending. In Between features interactive story sequences and a profound narrator immersing you into a life of downfalls and moments of happiness.

Much effort was put into detail to feature a unique art style with every asset made entirely by hand. Every scenery is a painting, providing a beautiful frame for a tragic story. This also extends to sound design and music featuring unusual and interactive soundscapes.

For more information on In Between, visit the official website: https://gentlymad.org/game/inbetween