Friday, April 21

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom Review


There has been a considerable step back here. In all games of the study had always included an additional chapter that worked as a prologue or epilogue to the main story, unlockable after finishing the game for the first time, and this time has been dispensed with. Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom has the dubious privilege of being the company's shortest game. We finished it in one afternoon and left us wanting more.

You can always give it a second pass if you have left a collectible, but as the story is nothing out of the world, it´s not too fancy, leaving the average duration of the title in about four hours.


The control continues to work, as fine as ever and the balance and difficulty of the different puzzles that we will have to solve is very well managed, which generates a remarkable addictiveness.

There is always some object in the inventory to use, a clue to follow or a challenge of hidden objects to decipher. The command hooks you in the hands and time flies as you pass from one stage to another. . We have two great improvements, the first, is to swell the squad of secondary characters, only that has been done with a level of depth too superfluous, in which its protagonism in the plot is anecdotal. The other novelty is the dialogues. When speaking with certain characters, you can respond by choosing a response from the two or three available.
However, as with the previous improvement, the transcendence in the history of the conversations is null, since you choose the option you choose, the direction of the talk does not lead to different consequences and the conclusions are always the same. The one that ends up being decisive, is the one of craft objects to obtain potions. So important is that, if you don´t master the technique of alchemy you will not be able to continue progressing in history.

Graphics & Design

We started raising our eyebrows because we didn´t find anything new under the sun. The graphics engine doesn´t show any relevant improvement, the animations seem to have taken a step back and the only good thing we can emphasize is that it survives that colorful and detailed spirit in each scenario that we will visit. The pastel tones still remember those stories with drop-down cutouts, with which the studio makes you forget the low resolutions of cinematic. The baroque style that prevails in each frame with which we interact will continue to be as careful as ever, and this forces the player to sharpen the view to the maximum not to let any track or object escape.


Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom represents a step back in the great trajectory that carried Artifex Mundi, a company that took care of much details like the history and the location of its works.
Of course, it´s a fun point & click graphic adventure, accessible to all audiences and with a very attractive price. However, if you planned to enter the genre with a game of Artifex Mundi, we advise you to do it, with any of your previous titles.


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