Friday, March 31

SkyKeepers Review

    The game of Sword Twin Studios brings us a genre quite forgotten among the big companies, as it´s the Metroidvania, that is to say, platforms of action where the exploration of the mapped ones takes all the protagonism. Of course, we are not before as agile and stylized as the two sagas that give name to this genre, but the shots go closer to Guacamelee!.


    The story of SkyKeepers doesn´t put us in the shoes of any space bounty hunter or vampire killer, but we take the role of Tangi and Pelagi, father and son warriors of a tribal village. Apart from this relationship, the story doesn´t have much relevance, and is that everything is summarized in a script that serves as a mere excuse to complete the goal of the turn. And yes, i say target since unlike the games mentioned above, the mapping here is not completely connected, but is divided into different worlds and sub-zones that we will choose from a mapping menu, something that benefits the duration of the game, playing phase by phase.


    The best of the game, resides in the gameplay, and although it sounds obvious, this one has a great role, since beyond the classic controls of combat of basic attack and a special one that works by energy, we also count with a teleportation ability that allows us not only to use them in phases of platform, but also is useful and indispensable in the combat, since we can appear to us against the damaged enemies, being able to thus combat with the different types of attacks and to chase to the adversaries by the air, or go for another remote opponent, something that prevents everything from being crushed buttons without stopping while we roll to dodge or block attacks.

    Graphics & Design

    If we talk about the design of the levels and the game, is a typical 2d with cartoon style, with a very solid soundtrack, all of this works perfect in the context of the game. The levels of the game are very basic in concept, and in moments we enjoy cutscenes in form of comic book, this is very helpful and enjoyable for the game, that is point of the developers.


    If you want a game with a solid platforming base and a lot of challenging gameplay, pick up an axe and enter the village of SkyKeeperThis game is a very good 2D, who give us a nice amount of fun, in facts, SkyKeepers is your game, if you like and enjoy the games with metroid-styles games.


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