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Cities: Skylines Review

The grace in Cities: Skylines is to expand and change your city through your management and government to create your ideal city or world. This means that in its unique gameplay brings together a myriad of possibilities, which we can exploit by creating the cities we want and focusing each one of them to a style of government or other options offered by the game. 


For the most impatient, the game offers us the possibility of playing with infinite money and all the extras of the game available, although we warn you that playing this way will not allow us to unlock the achievements of the game.

The duration of this game could not be counted in hours, since for many it can be pure addiction, so there will not be a goal in itself in which we want to finish our games. The game is extremely hard on its own, so it´s up to us alone, to be able to get all the juice and squeeze everything it can offer us. If you exceed the first few hours of learning, you are surely already totally hooked to your mechanics and you can not release the controller for many days.


Perhaps one of the biggest and logical doubts we all face when it comes to dealing with a management game as complete and complex as Cities Skylines, is how its keyboard and mouse adaptation will behave to the Xbox One controller. It´s a completely normal doubt, even having already other adaptations of success in the genre as the veteran saga Tropico, which serves as an example to affirm in a categorical way, that the adaptation to the command has seated like ring finger.

We have to know that we are in front of a management game with different menus and sub-menus, so at first it is normal that it doesn´t cost a little to know how each section is displayed, something that we will overcome with the first few hours of play and the constant tutorials in the form of text that will help us on screen with each new action or option. To be attentive to all the indications on screen is a primordial thing, since all the information of the game will be fundamental to us, to be able to control all the options that offers us the game.

 You should know that, Cities Skylines, will not give us anything, we will begin our game with a limited budget, with which we must start our city in a controlled way and making the logical steps not to stay out of the game at the first change. The game doesn´t present a campaign mode to use, we will only have a single game mode, which will offer us all the content of the game as we move forward with the passing of the hours. We must create our road network, but not simple roads, we can create highways, six-lane roads, urban roads and endless variants to provide our city with all kinds of possibilities.
The game is focused on a demanding public, so we are in the first place, could throw back the newcomers, because as we said, the first measures of the game can be made hard and you must overcome the first few hours of play to see, what it´s that offers us inside this great management game.

Graphics & Design

The game didn´t need too many gimmicks to work on xbox one, is the only thing we could ask for this adaptation of the work from PC to console. Maintain a stable rate of images per second to avoid falling as your city grows and shoots in population and with them in possibilities. Controlling all areas of your city will have many times to zoom, so it´s satisfying that this is done in a stable, something that the version of Xbox One more than meets the eye. We are aware that in a game of management the last thing we can demand is an overwhelming graphics, but if at least some minimums that allow us to differentiate the different buildings, the vehicles, the pedestrians, the streetlights, the trees and any decoration of which we provide to our city, something that the game fulfills comfortably.

In general lines, Cities Skylines works perfectly on Xbox One, as we have mentioned in previous paragraphs, the least we can ask is that it works with fluidity and is agile enough to be able to move from one end of the city to the other fast possible.


Lovers of this genre, who were expecting such a game for Xbox One are in luck. Cities Skylines, arrives to crown itself as a proposal almost unique in consoles. The most dedicated players will find in the endless possibilities, thanks to all the variants that the game brings us and that only we will decide what to do in each moment. The game is accessible from the first minute, but dominating everything that offers us will be much more complex. This point may be able to throw back the new players, because as we said in the analysis, it´s a game that gives you nothing. Only through the passage of time and testing options, we can see everything that hides this addictive game and get everything it really offers.

We miss some more gameplay, but it´s something that can not be blamed too much as a negative point, even though we mark it as a "counter" in our analysis. Since in itself, the main mode gives us all the variants that we look for in a game of this genre. The adaptation of the control to the control is a wise thing, to be able to summarize and to transmit all the possibilities of the keyboard and mouse to the control of Xbox One, will make us enjoy the game from the first minute.
  • Game: Cities: Skylines
  • Developer: Colossal Order
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive 
  • Price: $39.99
  • Size: -  2.11 GB
  • Release Date: April 20th 2017
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