Thursday, November 27

Xbox Live Network Presents: Madden NFL 09 Tournament

Xbox Live Network Presents its very own Madden NFL 09 Tournament. We are hoping this will be a very enjoyable league for SIM players. This will be a very closly monitored league where all un sim actions will be taken into account and could lead to league suspension. More on that later. And best of all, the XBLN Bowl Champion will receive 3 Months of Xbox Live!

League Rules:
Difficulty: All-Madden
Qrt Length: 5 Minutes

The season for this league will consist of 2 games per week which will equal 20 games altogether for each team to play. The divisions and conferences will be the same as they are in the NFL today. The only difference is that this league will have a few more games. Also, the NFL has it where teams will play their own division games twice and play two other divisions once, we will add another division that each team must play and two teams at random. Example, the Atlanta Falcons play the NFC North and also the AFC West, in our league system we will add lets say the AFC South to their schedule plus two more games. The schedule will basically be the same as the NFL schedule now but we will add another division to each teams schedule. Teams in the same division will play the same extra division.

If we do not get enough people, then we will make changes to this an make our up another way to schedule the games.

*About Sim play: In our league, sim play does not consist of 1) Running down the clock unneccessarily 2) Going for 4th downs when you are winning the game, 3) Onside kicks when you are up, 4) And finally, performing cheap D-line stunting where the user controls the player and gets in every play, 5) Not quitting, or you will get the lost unless there is an EA Server problem.

If the person you are to play is not available to play, league headquarters must be contacted. Depending on the circumstances, the game will either be postponed or decided by league officials.

Teams and Owners:

AFC East:
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots
New York Jets- Phil03

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens- LatinGangsta187
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers- bdhnbtown8532

AFC South
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans

AFC West
Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders
San Diego Charger

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys- Saluki1137
New York Giants- Babyrock1
Philadelphia Eagles- Stopable
Washingotn Redskins- Drumphreek

NFC North
Chicago Bears- AKAthatoneguy
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers- xSgt Meatloafx
Minnesota Vikings- Bengalfan85

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons- Deus Legend
Carolina Panthers- Antman0317
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Romanmusiq

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals- Robin Sweety
San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Rams- Flynn4daWin
Seattle Seahawks- Jerhawk

To sign up, simply leave your gamertag and team here and you will recieve further instructions.



  1. Saluki1137: Dallas Cowboys, if taken Philly Eagles.

  2. this is xSgt Meatloafx

    i want green bay

  3. GT-xMAFIAx Pacman
    Aim- dadon410

  4. Saluki is gonna own everyone.

  5. This is Stopable and I'll play as the Eagles

  6. falcons if taken panthers

  7. I'll take Baltimore. GT: LatinGangsta187

  8. I want the vikings

    GT: Bengalfan85

  9. steelers

  10. Babyrock1

    The G-Men

  11. cards - Robin Sweety

  12. I want to play as the Chicago Bears!

    Gamertag: AKAthatoneguy

  13. I want the colts

    gamertag: egghead2274

  14. Patriots GM tag: DemonicKangaroo

  15. GT- Adam Dynast I want the Lions

  16. GT- Adam Dynasty and i want the lions


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