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Flinthook Review

  • Game: Flinthook
  • Developer: Tribute Games
  • Publisher: Tribute Games Inc.
  • Price: $14.99
  • Size: -  462.57 MB
  • Release Date: April 18th 2017
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The variety of situations is one of the most outstanding virtues of the game, and more if we consider that the title generates each of the scenarios in a procedural way, which greatly modifies things because we never know what we are going to find in the scenario.

This fact is of great importance, when combined with another of its most striking characteristics: its roguelike character of which we have already spoken. We are facing a really challenging title, sometimes almost insurmountable, which is a continuous challenge to the players. Sometimes each room we enter becomes a hell of traps and enemies of biblical proportions and, if we fall into combat, we have to start from the first square of each stage.
All this results in a tremendously absorbing game full of surprises, which will surely suppose an irresistible candy for the most expert players and patients. Yes, because other users may find that degree of challenge as high a hit as a virtue, since we can assure you that certain areas are frantic and tremendously complicated to overcome, bordering on frustration.


The playable base is very clear. This is a platform game and action classic 2D gameplay, simple. And to this is added the roguelike essence, that also incorporates the title (and that later we will detail because it has enough crumb), as well as certain doses of exploration.

In each of the levels we must pursue the largest amount of coins, treasures and other valuables in scenarios that come to be ships in its exterior but, far from offering interiors in a futuristic plan, the truth is that they all enjoy, a much simpler design in total pirate plan. And it´s grateful for this environment because it beats the development of the title.
Fortunately, we will not do it with empty hands, since in addition to acquiring more and more mastery of the skills of the protagonist, that we will talk about in a moment, also come into play other conditions, such as relics and perks.

Indeed, as we advance and explore the scenarios we are getting many improvements (or impediments...) for our protagonist. We can carry a specific number depending on what occupies each one of them and the slots or holes that we have in our inventory, being able to increase this amount by turning to the black market, a ideal place to acquire new improvements with the money that has cost us so much to go and store and collect.

Graphics & Design

What is not at all frustrating, is the design of the levels as well as the pixel art, that bears the whole adventure. The title has a total 8-bit aesthetic that suits the game well, a pretty attractive style within its simplicity that is only somewhat overshadowed by very punctual drops in the frame rate. The sound is not bad, with a very appropriate and lively "chiptune" soundtrack to which are added quite good effects.


All this accumulation of playable elements, make of this title an adventure of all appetizing for the players more veterans and, especially, those endowed with a great patience and skill with the pad in their hands. This group of users will be the one that expresses the full potential of this new indie production so remarkable.


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