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Saturday, February 27

First NCAA Football '11 News

ESPN has posted up an article that goes over nine changes that will be introduced in NCAA Football 11. You can read the article in full here. The screen displays some of the additions that are mentioned. The early info discussed includes:
  • Numbers on helmets
  • On-field referees
  • Tweaked Pro-Tak gang tackling
  • Auto-saves
  • Auto-loading of rosters
  • Formation substitutions
  • New equipment
  • Online Dynasty will have all bowl games played in a single week
  • Dynamic conference logos for when teams move conferences
Detailed info is after the jump!

Friday, February 26

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

Those looking at Bad Company 2 as only a single-player game might come away disappointed. It's an action packed, gorgeous, and explosive game but it doesn't quite come together into a campaign for the ages. It more feels like an added bonus to the multiplayer game and for those in search of that, this is a great choice. Bad Company 2 as an online shooter is flexible and engaging, offering several features that the competition can only dream of. If you're looking for a more strategic and team-based change of pace, look no further. This is the game for you.

IGN Ratings for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (X360)
Rating Description
out of 10
8.0 Presentation
The team at DICE went for a more cinematic and epic feel with Bad Company 2 and almost nailed it.
9.0 Graphics
Those backdrops sure are gorgeous. The destructible environments add to the chaos quite nicely.
9.0 Sound
Some fantastic audio samples and above average voice acting.
9.0 Gameplay
Solid shooting mechanics and an excellent approach to multiplayer combat.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
This is the kind of multiplayer game you can go back to for months and months without getting bored.
(out of 10 / not an average)

Friday, February 19

Around the Hawk: Humor Corner

I was bored, so I decided to search through the YouTube universe. Here's a few funny videos that you guys can watch if you're bored too!

Obviously, I'm Ernie and BlazenHawks is Bert. This would probably only be funny to a few of you. Click read more for more silly videos.

Tuesday, February 16

Skate 3: Co-op Career Mode

Friday, February 12

Halo Reach ViDoc

Tuesday, February 9

America's Game: Jerhawk

If you're bored and would like to see a few highlights, here's some that I've uploaded.

This was Darren McFadden running for the Rams (Jerhawk) against Deus Legend (Cardinals).

In our Online Franchise, this was a game against the CPU (Saints) where QB Kelly James of the throwback Seahawks (Jerhawk) throws a perfect strike to WR D.J. Crosby in double coverage for a TD.

From Fifa 10 in the Be a Pro mode, my created character gets his first shot blocked, but somebody else on the Sturm Graz FC club cleans it up.

Also from Fifa 10 in the Manager mode with the Seattle Sounders FC club, a perfect free kick for a goal.

If you have any highlights to share, please leave a comment with your gamertag so we can check you out on easportsworld.com. Thanks.

Mlb 2k10 Pitchers vs Hitters

Even though baseball is labeled as a team sport, any good fan knows how easily a game can come down to the dramatic interaction between a great pitcher or hitter. The sports equivalent of a duel. This special installment of the MLB 2K10 Hitters vs. Pitchers series focuses on the retooled hitting and pitching mechanics in the game.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft announced today that the next installment in its hit Ghost Recon series will be hitting shelves this holiday season for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (which just sounds like a streamlined way of saying “Advanced Warfighter,” right?) is being developed by Ubisoft Paris, the team behind the Advanced Warfighter and Advanced Warfighter 2.Ubisoft says the game "will go beyond the core Ghost Recon franchise and deliver a fresh gameplay experience, with an unparalleled level of quality that will excite long-time fans and newcomers alike."

There will also be a multiplayer beta this summer, but if you want access to it, you’ll have to pick up a copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

MW2 DLC Coming In 'Spring'

Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling has tweeted the exact release date of the first batch of DLC for Modern Warfare 2. It’s exactly spring.

“The next batch of DLC will arrive in spring 2010”

Not the most concise of timeframes but we appreciate the informaton regardless. We predict the downloadable content might be called something along the lines of Map Pack 1 and be extremely popular.

Monday, February 8

NFL Picks: Conclusion to 2009/2010 Season

Hello everyone, welcome back to our final episode for this season of NFL Picks. I hope you guys enjoyed doing these as much as I did.

Nobody got the SuperBowl picks correct. Everyone went with the Colts. However, JohnnyX77 did choose the Saints back in Week 12 as his SuperBowl winner, so he'll get his 3 points.

Our final standings, brought to you by Toyota. Moving Forward:

1.) KnightnBattle10 / 219
2.) Stopable / 210
3.) Deus Legend / 207
4.) JohnnyX77 / 201
T5.) Jerhawk / 185
T5.) BlazenHawks / 185
7.) xxInspirationxx / 183
8.) JRC865 / 163
9.) IronHorse1995 / 131
10.) Finch865 / 61
11.) Castortroy4206 / 8
Congradulations to KnightnBattle10 for winning this year's NFL Picks. He now joins Jerhawk as the only two people to win this competition, and wins the Jerhawk Cup. Sadly, when attempting to hand the trophy off to his brother, KnightnBattle5, disaster strikes.

Hopefully we'll be doing this again next year. If you guys have any suggestions/complaints/questions about NFL Picks for the future, we'd love to hear it. Again, thanks to everyone that participated, and have a great offseason.

BioShock 2 Review

Sunday, February 7

New XBLN Content: You Choose!

Instead of us closing our doors, we would like to add new content to the site. But just not any type of content, we will add content our fans would like us to include on our site. Vote in the poll at the right or leave a comment on what you would like us to add to XBLN to expand our community.

Friday, February 5

Original Xbox Live Shutting Down

It's been no secret that original Xbox games and systems have been the vestigial limb holding back much wanted XBL features including raising the limit on our friends list to over 100 or mobile tie-ins, and on April 15 Live access for all of them comes to an end. Even those Xbox Originals downloaded to the 360 or played via backwards compatibility will be cut off from online play, so we'd suggest getting those last few rounds of Halo 2 in now or at least look into an alternative solution like XBConnect.


Thursday, February 4

Fallout: New Vegas Trailer

Tuesday, February 2

NFL Picks: Super Bowl Picks

Welcome back to NFL Picks.

Here's who got the Pro Bowl correct last week, choosing the AFC for their one point: Stopable, KnightnBattle10

Our overall PowerRankings presented this week by Sprint, the world's largest 4G network:

1.) KnightnBattle10 / 219
2.) Stopable / 210
3.) Deus Legend / 207
4.) JohnnyX77 / 198
T5.) Jerhawk / 185
T5.) BlazenHawks / 185
7.) xxInspirationxx / 183
8.) JRC865 / 163
9.) IronHorse1995 / 131
10.) Finch865 / 61

I know a few of you have already chosen for the Super Bowl (worth 5 points), but if you haven't chosen yet, or wish to change your pick, here's the place to do it. Deus Legend and BlazenHawks have 5 extra bonus points riding on the line for picking the Colts back in Week 10 to win the Super Bowl, while JohnnyX77 has 3 bonus points going for him if the Saints win, since he chose them back in Week 12.

Here's the matchup:

Indianapolis Colts


New Orleans Saints

I hope you all enjoy the game. I know I will!

Monday, February 1

Madden 11 Cover To Be Voted On?

Have you ever said Why is Shaun Alexander on the cover of madden and not Tom Brady, well guess what you now you get get to choose. Who will you choose? click read more to find out more