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Friday, April 30

Call of Duty: Black Ops Announced

Activision has unveiled the official website for Call of Duty: Black Ops, the latest entry from the franchise's alternate developer, Treyarch (Blazenhawks favorite). It is set to be released November 9,2010

Thursday, April 29

Test Drive Unlimited 2 First Look

With a lovely Mediterranean locale and some extremely exotic cars to drive, Test Drive Unlimited 2 has the potential to be the next great multiplayer racer. Continue on for more!

Madden 11 Game Flow Video

Monday, April 26

Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta Preview

Thursday, April 22

Halo Reach ViDoc: Carnage Carnivale

Madden NFL 11 Cover

As reported here on XBLN last month, Saints QB Drew Brees will happily grace the cover of Madden NFL 11.

Monday, April 19

NCAA Football 11 Video & Cover

Sunday, April 18

Halo Reach Beta Video on GTTV

Wednesday, April 14

Humor Corner: Peter Plays MW2

Tuesday, April 13

Gears of War 3: Ashes to Ashes Trailer

Coming April 2011!

Friday, April 9

Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Conviction is a Splinter Cell game in name more than anything else. You could easily swap Sam Fisher for Jack Bauer or create an all new character and no one would give it a second thought. The gameplay is fast, and Sam has been transformed into the ultimate killer. It's an amazing game, but so different from its predecessors you might not recognize it.
Despite a few questionable level design choices, Splinter Cell Conviction is a great addition to the series. There's no way I could go back to a stealth game as it used to be; I've been converted. The only reason to hesitate and pick this up is if you only care about the single-player story and want nothing to do with anything else Conviction has to offer. If that's the case, then there's not a lot of game to be had. And also, you're nuts. The best parts of Conviction are the experiences you have long after you've left Sam Fisher behind.
IGN Ratings for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (X360)
Rating Description
out of 10
9.0 Presentation
Stylish menus and cool projection technology make for a unique experience. The story is an amalgamation of different seasons of 24, but it's nice to see Sam so angry.
8.5 Graphics
Nice animations. Gritty but good-looking environments. The framerate occasionally dips, but it's nothing major.
9.0 Sound
Michael Ironside does a great job reprising his role as Sam Fisher. The enemies have some nice quips. Solid musical score.
9.0 Gameplay
Stealth is fast and fun. Mark & Execute is a great addition. The AI is excellent if you play on Realistic difficulty.
8.0 Lasting Appeal
The single-player and co-op campaigns are short, but there's a lot of other things to do. And you'll probably want to play through everything more than once.

Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter

From everyone here at Xboxlivenetwork have a great Easter

Medal of Honor

Friday, April 2

XBLN Sports

XBLN Sports Test Post

April Fools Humor Corner: Halo Reach Battle Chess

April Fools Humor Corner: Secret Mass Effect 2 Romance