Thursday, April 20

The Sexy Brutale Review


The game can be completed in 7 to 8 hours, depending on how long you spend on all collectibles, and it seems like a successful duration, where there is no place for stuffing or boredom, it´s intense and it always gets to the point.

Although we have certainly liked it, and it has seemed very entertaining from beginning to end, it has also left us the aftertaste of having been more ambitious and having let loose the mane, could have been a memorable game. He has settled for being a simply good, which is no small thing.


The development of the adventure is linear, we have to solve a murder to access the next, and so on, so practically until the end we don´t have free access to the whole mansion. This makes it fairly easy to move forward, especially if you're used, to puzzles and graphic adventures, since each of the killings has a relatively small radius of action. If the game had a more open structure, in which you could solve several murders at once, it would be much more interesting, but also much more complicated, and a real challenge as to its design for its creators.

Basically to avoid the murders, we have to observe what the victim has been doing during his last hours of life, and to know the causes of the murder in order to avoid them. We have to collect objects and use them at the right time and place to solve the puzzles, but we must bear in mind that we lose them at the restart of the day, so there is always some sense of urgency, although it never gets to overwhelm.

The day passes fast enough, so you don´t mind repeating it constantly (10 minutes), and also at any time we can restart it at our whim and come back at 12:00 noon, which makes things easier. The time spent flying as you explore each corner of this strange mansion, watching the actions of the victims and their executioners, and thinking how you can change the course of events.

Graphics & Design

The Sexy Brutale, is visually attractive, thanks to a successful art direction, which makes the different rooms of the mansion have a lot of personality and are perfectly distinguishable. In general the cartoon atmosphere has seemed a success, in a surprisingly truculent adventure, which creates a striking contrast with its cartoon aspect. Music also fulfills, and as soon as it brings a casual and dramatic touch with great naturalness, and never gets tired, something that would be easy to happen in an adventure that bases its playability on repetition.


As lovers of graphic adventures and puzzles, The Sexy Brutale has liked us, is an original game both in the background and in the forms, which has left us a good taste. We would have preferred it to be a bit more difficult and complex, since if you're a genre fan, it's never going to pose a big challenge, and you have a better story, but everything you propose solves it well, and it gets really entertaining. , From beginning to end. A great idea well executed, it had potential to offer something even bigger and more complex.


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