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Friday, October 27

AER - Memories Of Old Review

Two years ago, I heard about AER - Memories of Old, an independent project of the Swedish study Forgotten Key, that drew attention for it's graphic aspect and some of it's ideas in terms of exploration. The reason? The protagonist has the capacity to transform itself into a bird.
It's a very minimalist game, and not only in art - surfaces without textures, under polygon - but also in the proposal. There is history and background about gods or ancestral ruins that is explained in documents and murals, but there are hardly a few characters to talk about and basically their function is to give clues to our next objective, not to develop a big argument.

Thursday, October 26

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Review

From the hand of the great study, Artifex Mundi, arrives to the Xbox One, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, an adventure of puzzles and hidden objects that originally was launched in the year 2012 and that debuts in the console of Microsoft with a small facelift.

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden represents another foray of Artifex Mundi in the world of consoles, and from now, I can tell you that although there are certain flaws that should be mentioned in this analysis, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden meets without any problem the task of being a videogame that will make us burn a few neurons and keep the suspense during the whole adventure.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 2 Review

A little less than two months ago we returned to Arcadia Bay, from the hand of Chloe Price, who this time relieved Max as the protagonist of the story. For the first time, we could get into Chloe's skin and explore her own rebellious personality. Deck Nine proved that he knew the characters of the Life is Strange universe to embark on a project as complex as it's to build the past of one of the pillars that made the title of 2015 leave us such good feelings. Now, in "Brave New World," the second chapter of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, we enter more into a narrative that promises to live up to the game of Dontnod Entertainment. Will they have it? Throughout the next few lines, we will see in detail, all without gutting absolutely nothing of the plot so that each player, can discover the secrets that the game hides on it's own.

Wednesday, October 25

Let Them Come Review

You land on an abandoned space station and your duty will be to purge it of the infinite waves. This debut work by Tautara is a reminder that even the simplest games, of holding waves, can be complex in the choice of strategies, while you are accompanied by a devilishly murderous soundtrack. It raises a great complexity of choice in spite of the simple simplicity of the game, this will make our soldier always go hard every new wave.

Tuesday, October 17

Decay: The Mare Review

Decay: The Mare, presents an experience that plays with the most classic survival horror, adhere it with a playable mechanics reminiscent of the classic classic point & click adventures. Are you ready to enter into a world of nightmare and madness? Well, don't hesitate, get the controls and swallow the damn pill once.

Thursday, October 12

Deadbeat Heroes Review

Deadbeat Heroes is the first work of Deadbeat Productions, funded by Square-Enix Collective, the section intended to support the indie titles of the Japanese giant. They bring us a funny parody with no more pretensions than to distribute punches and kicks, in a world of spies in the purest Austin Powers style.

Wednesday, October 4

Bulb Boy Review

Bulb Boy by Bulbware is a horror title, that offers an adventure with a very personal artistic style that will appeal to the vast majority. Do you want to know more about this adventure, where a small bulb head faces big monsters in the dark for saving his family? If the answer is yes, i invite you to continue reading!

Tuesday, October 3

Caveman Warriors Review

We relied on the shawl of nostalgia, thanks to the arrival to our consoles of Caveman Warriors, a proposal that it's creators, the Spanish studio JanduSoft, say is inspired by classic games like Castle Crashers or New Super Mario Bros. but to me reminds , above all, of the great and imperishable Joe & Mac. Lets see the review and tell me what do you think