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Saturday, May 25

XBLN 11th Anniversary and the Official Launch of XBLNetwork!

On May 25th 2008, XBLN was born. After 11 years, we decided it was time for a change. But not a big change that will shake things up too much though. On this day we will officially rebrand our live streams as XBLNetwork. Our website will still be branded as XboxLiveNetwork and feature Xbox content(whenever we decide to post something here LOL). We will still feature primarily Xbox content on our Twitch and Mixer channels. So things like our ID@Xbox Showcase will remain. With the brand change of our live streams, we are looking to showcase content from other platforms to enrich current viewers with new or different games they are not used to seeing and also expand our reach to other viewers. We appreciate everyones continued support of XBLN and look forward to seeing you all in our streams and Discord.

Also our giveaways will now be hosted here:

Here are our new channel links: