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Voodoo Vince: Remastered Review


In total there are about 8 hours of play, which pass quite quickly, although we will not be too keen to play the story of Voodoo Vince and the rescue of Madame Charmaine from the hosts of Cosmo. There is no room for script twists, but for a high variety it invites us to keep moving forward in Voodoo Vince Remastered. It is a simple but effective entertainment that does not pretend to offer more than a fun time. As in the old days, come on.

Before us, we have no less than 30 levels of various characteristics and very variable size that have been grouped in half a dozen different environments, from a graveyard to a truly gloomy amusement park. A setting very appropriate for the development of the adventure.


The variety of situations proposed by the game is only comparable to the very large amount of ingredients it includes. As soon as we are jumping incessantly to overcome certain sections of platforms, we find ourselves wrapped up in tremendously good mini-games (some on board several vehicles) or we have to fight an estimable amount of final bosses. And to all this, is added a strong presence of the component exploration, being very necessary to investigate consciously the sets to go picking up different objects.

 The puzzles have also not been neglected and a good number of them have been raised that add even more variety to the subject. And so that nothing is missing, the sense of humor that has been impregnated is still as fresh as it was in its release on Xbox. A very complete adventure in every way.
We can get about 30 of these skills, which help us eliminate rivals in the most curious ways you can imagine. Transforming into chainsaws and other weapons or even witnessing how we are shot to death by a car full of gangsters are some examples of what we can expect from this game in this regard. And since being a doll can´t be destroyed, the adverse effects of each kill only affect the rivals. Of course, it´s not free to use such powers as it is necessary to have a certain amount of zombie powder to use them.

Graphics & Design

However, despite the virtues of the adventure, we must also mention some irregularities. The main one is the follow up by the camera that, as already happened with the original title, gives problems in according to which environments, especially in those that are narrower and smaller.

It also shows the age of the game in several aspects, for example in the design of some levels that, in modern times, are quite outdated and lacking in any grace. Fortunately not many have this defect, but there are.
And to finish and although it´s a remastering, the truth is that technically we expected more of this title. The original enjoyed a great technical section for what we were accustomed at that time, but nowadays everything is too polygonal, lacking in detail and many scenarios convey a feeling of being very empty. Of course, the 60 frames per second that the action takes (as was the case with the original Xbox game) are very stable, a very grateful factor in this type of adventures, especially when it comes time to tackle the most difficult platform challenges . Technically it´s a correct game, emphasizing the setting above other elements.

The sound itself has behaved more solvent despite the time elapsed. The soundtrack, without being outstanding, gives us subjects very influenced by the style jazz and the gospel.


Since it wasn´t a very popular title in its time, many will discover for the first time this game of 3D platforms with high doses of humor and puzzles. Voodoo Vince: Remastered although it doesn´t dazzle from the technical and playable point of view as it did in its day in the first Xbox, it continues showing very good manners.


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