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Friday, December 22

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 3 Review

We already have between us, the third and last episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Hell is empty. Truths will be revealed, action and intensity will reach their climax and the plots will close. Are you ready to say goodbye to the story of Chloe and Rachel?

Four months after the story began with the release of the first chapter of Before the Storm: Awake, at the end of August, and having waited two months after playing the middle episode: Brave New World, we finally reach the conclusion of Before the Storm , the fascinating story of Chloe and Rachel, that serves as a piece to complete the puzzle of Life is Strange, explaining the facts prior to the storm and the true story of Rachel Amber, in addition to Chloe's past and all the steps that led her to be the rebel of blue hair and tattoos that you met almost three years ago in the game developed by Dontnod Entertainment

Thursday, December 21

Boiling Bolt Review

The genre of ships is one of the oldest in the world of video games, however new and innovative proposals always emerge in search of a new space in the heart among the followers of this type of games. That's the case with Boiling Bolt, a different shmup, and even with a deep story that I'm not so used to in this category. Now, not everything is history, but it has to gather a compendium of things to be effective, and not be overshadowed by other aspects such as its gameplay, this aspect being the most innovative.

Wednesday, December 20

Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Review

If there is a study in which the graphic adventures don't disappear, and the formula of the point & click exploits better, this is Artifex Mundi. With a dozen titles behind him in less than three years, he has made a considerable gap in the hearts of fans of this genre.

In each of their works they have experimented and played with different mechanics that they already implemented with their first delivery, thus obtaining variable results. However, and as much as i appreciate the study, i have no choice but to be honest and anticipate that this Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery, has the dubious privilege of being the most bland and the least innovative, of all those who i have analyzed until the date of this seal that such remarkable joys have given me.

Monday, December 18

Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor appeared on my radar a few months ago, when his pc output, resulted in a whole stream of videos from popular Youtubers, that managed to give him some notoriety. His departure on Xbox One was delayed until Christmas and today, i can analyze this debut of the Russian studio Dynamic Pixels, which lead to unsuspected points the fabulous concept of nuisance to the neighbor.

Wednesday, December 13

Chaos on Deponia Review

At this point, talking about a graphic adventure of the German Daedalic Entertainment, like Chaos in Deponia, is talking about quality. Many titles have already passed since their mythical first games, including the highly acclaimed The Whispered World. Undoubtedly, for this company, the graphic adventure genre is still a good source of income and a success as Ron Gilbert, the father of Monkey Island, already mentioned a few months ago, about another game with the same gameplay as The Walking Dead of Telltale Games.

Tuesday, December 12

A Hat in Time Review

After it's funding by Kickstarter and it's bouncy, with remarkable reception by PC, I now come with this Macedonian of great ideas that, despite it's colorful surroundings and nice design, also has it's poor things. Take your hats, let's look inside the hat and find all the magic that A Hat In Time offers us.

In his travels she has collected a lot of sand watches, preserving the order of time, and which she keeps in an immense armored box in his ship. Everything was rosy, until one day his ship collides against a peculiar planet, losing all those Sand Watches and, whims of fate, being spread even by other worlds. The time has come to recover them from the hands of all kinds of villains!

Thursday, December 7

Rememoried Review

It's not easy to explain such an intense and varied experience. The world of dreams, the oneiric universe, is a mystery that we walk individually but that we never get to understand. There we find voices, impossible figures, fragments of memories that assail our mind ... all in a magical scenario that escapes our understanding but that we travel until awakening

And if you do not wake up? You could walk infinitely and understand everything that is there, all the opportunities there are. Rememoried then appears as an opportunity to explore that prison that is not such a trip.

Wednesday, December 6

Oh My Godheads Review

Oh My Godheads is a game created by a small company called Titutitech created in 2014 in Barcelona that sought support in Steam Greenlight, and Square Enix Collective received them with open arms, thanks to the good reviews reaped on this platform, on november 2, they announced the launch of their game to Xbox One and many of us were looking forward to this promising game of competitive gaming.

Tuesday, December 5

SOMA Review

Frictional Games has made a name for itself in the video game industry. And is not for less. After three episodes of Penumbra (PC), the Swedish studio managed to redefine the horror genre with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game that, with a budget just enough managed to inspire authentic Triple A years later. Since 2010, Frictional Games has been working on SOMA, and finally this project awaits us, after several years in PC, to our xbox one, a game that totally changes the setting but not mechanics.

Sunday, December 3

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - Episode 5 Review

Telltale Games is in a delicate situation. To the laureate study, the hen of the golden eggs has been fed up. Their titles are less and less successful, and they have been forced to dismiss a large part of their workforce. His time seems to have passed, consummated by the over exploitation of an idea that at the time became very attractive, but that today, looks completely out of time. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series there are no important elements, returning certain phases of exploration and puzzles - limited, but grateful - to their interactive narrations wrapped in the guise of a graphic adventure. But has he achieved his adaptation of Marvel, redeeming the many sins and mistakes that have been brewing in recent years in his breast?