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Wednesday, May 25

XBLN is 14

Today.... the XBLN brand has been around for 14 years. Thank you to everyone that have supported XBLN over the years! Heres to many more!

Tuesday, May 25

XBLN 13 Year Anniversary

On May 25th 2008, XBLN was born. 13 years down.... many more to go for the XBLN Brand! Thank you to everyone that has been around for the ride and we appreciate anyone new joining us!

Sunday, August 30

2020 XBLN NFL Picks!

XBLN NFL Picks return for the 2020 NFL Season! We are bringing this competitive event back to our community and look forward to everyone making their picks and competing for prizes against Team XBLN! Currently the league is open for XBLN Twitch Subscribers to join in. So please be sure to subscribe to use prior to joining and maintain your subscription throughout the contest to be eligible for a prize. We will be offering prizes for our top 3 winners. 1st place will receive a $50 Xbox/PSN/Nintendo/Steam/Amazon Gift Card, while 2nd place will receive a $25 Xbox/PSN/Nintendo/Steam/Amazon Gift Card and lastly 3rd place will receive a random game code. In the result of a tie, the prize will be split with the players that finish with the tie.

Each person can make their picks either all at once for all 17 NFL weeks or one week at a time. Picks can be make/changed up until the kickoff of that game. Each game you correctly select right is worth 1 point and after Week 17, the winners will be selected based on the standings and rewarded prizes accordingly.  

XBLN staff are also eligible to join and win prizes as well and you will be competing versus us to win the prizes! So be sure to get all of your picks in to remain in contention!

We will be using ESPN for our Pick 'em league so to join, please first DM Deus Legend on Discord or Twitter your email address so that we can invite you to the league. After receiving the email follow the instructions below to join the league:

If you are new to our NFL Picks, follow these instructions:
-Click "Join Group" from email
-Play Now for Free
-Enter Twitch/Discord Username
-Leave other options default
-Click Continue
-And you're done

If in you participated in our 2019 league, follow these instructions:
Create Join Group
Click Rejoin if you were in league in 2019

Have fun and we look forward to everyone participating!

*Unauthorized entries will be voided*

*Must be Subbed to XBLN for the entire NFL season*