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Monday, February 4

NFL Picks: Season 6 Finale

Welcome to the season finale of XBLN's NFL Picks. It's been fun season, but we must say farewell until September!

First, let's all congratulate BlazenHawks for being our first competitor to successfully choose a Superbowl winner, which was made way back before the season started. Does he have a crystal ball, or is he just lucky? Nevertheless, he stuck with his Baltimore Ravens through thick and thin, and is rewarded with a bonus ten points.

Here are the results from Super Bowl 47:

Those who picked Ravens and got 5 points: Jerhawk, BlazenHawks, Deus Legend

The overall PowerRankings, presented in part this week by Samsung:

1.) BlazenHawks / 222
2.) Deus Legend / 209
3.) Stopable / 208
4.) Jerhawk / 200
5.) JohnnyX77 / 195

Again, congratulations to BlazenHawks for being this year's champion! Also, a special recognition to last year's champion, Deus Legend, who was never formally acknowledged for his performance last season. Here are some clips of our celebration in honor of BlazenHawks and a great NFL season!

Thank you all for playing, and I hope we do it again next season. Have a great off season!