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World to the West Review

More than three years ago "Rain Games" surprised us with Teslagrad, a platform game and puzzles where electromagnetic had a very important role in the adventure. Determined to exploit this universe, but not with a direct and conservative sequel, the studio surprises us now with World to the West, a three-dimensional adventure borrowing some elements of classic games. The result, not too original, but with enough quality not to disappoint fans.


Being "open" and being able to go back for optional things (there are many secrets that the first time you pass, you can't get because they are for another character) depends a little on how you take it, if you go for all, you could do it in less than 10, but you can get more.


Four are the protagonists of this story with heroes whose ways were predestined to meet. Lumina, the victim of a prank; The hypnotist Teri, an adventurer deceived after fulfilling a dangerous commission; Knaus, an orphan who works in the mine; And the tough Clonington, delighted to prove his power with the toughest foes.

Initially these heroes don't have too much appreciation or share motivations, but soon they will realize that they need each other to solve their personal problems. Although there are connections and returns of Teslagrad, World to the West is quite independent and can be played without problems by those who do not know the original.

This time the game is inspired by titles like The Legend of Zelda and combines adventure, action and puzzles, but the variety of its characters makes it more than a clone of the games starring Link. Each one is prepared for a different tactic, in the resolution of obstacles and facing the combat.

Lumina has electric powers and is characterized by a rapid teleportation, enough to jump between platforms unsurpassed by the rest of the characters. It also activates small elevators and can defeat enemies. 

Miss Teri uses her scarf as a whip whenever a point of grab appears and in combat is very defenseless, but is able to control the animals. This ability allows to attack with a creature to the rest, to mount on her or even to take advantage of its size in the resolution of puzles. Whenever you can not reach a place with it, think about whether it can be done by an animal nearby. 

The small Knaus can be pasted into small holes and excavated with its shovel into soft soil. Does a rock block the road? See if there is grass underneath because it is not a problem for him. With the tool stuns the enemies, but really the best is usually go underground and avoid any confrontation.

Lord Clonington is the character devised for combat. Punching, combos, thrusts, end quickly with the beasts. In the exploration this force serves to break impassable doors for his companions. These are the basic skills, which are being expanded as we progress. Knaus will be able to skate on the water creating ice under his feet, Clonington will climb small slopes, Lumina will launch projectiles, etc.

The idea is obviously to use the advantages of each to achieve the destiny that marks the history. For this, it will be necessary to overcome forests, temples and dungeons, full of puzzles, some in sight - collected from plates that open doors - and others in surroundings, where the difficulty is in how to reach a platform.

Graphics & Design

As for graphics, its low poly style produces some rather irregular scenarios. The palette of green in the woods with flowers, trees, reflections in the water and a slight grain in the image give it a personality that well supplements the technical limitations. On the other hand, the exaggerated bloom effect - optical effect on the clear surfaces - or the less spectacularly artistic areas - deserts, certain temples - suffer a lot more. The soundtrack seems to us to be quite ordinary; Not bad, but it gets repetitive in the wider areas.


It may not be the most original game of the year, but World to the West is a good example of the ambition of an independent studio that decides to risk a project much more complex than its previous work. A classic adventure that constantly changes its style: from action to stealth, puzzles and skill.

Sometimes the repetition of zones or the lack of spark in everything related to combat - which is not the core of the title - has some quality, but the puzzles and the exploration of a world full of winks to Teslagrad make the game highly recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Game: World to the West
  • Developer: Rain Games
  • Publisher: SOEDESCO
  • Price: $24.99
  • Size: 3.15 GB
  • Release Date: May 5th 2017
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