Monday, June 12

XBLN E3 2017 EA Play Update From DoPeY5007

The following article comes from one of our top viewers and contributors that is live on location at E3. DoPeY5007 is providing us with some of his adventure out in LA and we give a special thanks to him! Be sure to follow him on Twitter. Continue reading for more!

DoPeY Attended the EA Play event….

So EA offered an open to the public event that you needed to register for.  There were three days and multiple four hour time slots to pick. I decided on 4-8PM Saturday. They warned us to get there early due to over booking.   I ended up getting there around 3:30PM.  An hour into the line they said no one else was getting in for the night, they are at capacity and no one is leaving.  Come to find out they are not enforcing the day or times on the tickets.   People left and the line actually moved.  I joked around with the guys around me as we killed time and then all of a sudden they let us in!  It was now 6:00, so the line to get in was 2 and half hours……

 The 1st thing I did was go get the free Monster they were giving out, needed something after standing that long.   I walked around to get a quick lay of the land as now I only had two hours until they were kicking everyone out at 8pm.

My goal was two games, Star Wars Battlefront II and Need for Speed.  The NFS line was the shorter of the two, so I took my chance there.  That was the correct choice as they shut down the Star Wars line shortly after that.  The line took about an hour to get through.  They had 16-18 stations set up running the game, all PCs with Xbox One controllers. 

So it is my turn to play, I put on the headphones and it was hard to hear the game due to not being able to adjust the volume, and from the music the venue was playing, but that was fine.  The gameplay, well there wasn’t much of it.  The game looked good and the driving was very arcady.  The crashes are very over exaggerated.  I did enjoy playing the game as I am a fan of the series and would have like to have more game play time.  If you have seen the gameplay trailer, that is all I got to play.  I did not see the trailer before going to the event as I spent the morning out with my wife shopping and getting lunch.

I would give the game a 7/10 right now with what I played of it.  I want to see more and get into a few other cars in the game.

I will be back with more updates as E3 rolls on. Thanks for reading!


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