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Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition Review

With the premature disappearance of Kinect, many titles that used exclusively the device of Microsoft have been relegated to oblivion, but one of them, Air Guitar Warrior, adapts to the standard command of the console to reach more public and take the surreal rock to all players. This is how Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition is born.


The difficulty is quite low in it's normal mode, and when it exceeds 50 levels, unlock a new level of difficulty, but neither rises too much the challenge and with a minimum of skill, i overcome it without problems also this second time. Completing it at 100% is a matter of 2 or 3 hours, leaving it's replayability, at the mercy of if you want to return to face to it's levels by pure pleasure of seeing again the bizarre mounts of the protagonist or to enjoy a rock soundtrack that, although not has licensed subjects, it's conclusive and very enjoyable to listen to.


In Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition, I found the same 50 levels I had in the original version, phases of barely a couple of minutes in which to rock beat with all the enemies that appear on the screen. My character is a rocker who must use his guitars to do away with the villains, and my only move is the left end of the screen, appearing enemies on the right and advancing towards us irremediably waiting to receive greetings in the form of a shot.

I start with a basic guitar, but as you get beyond the game's diverse worlds - represented as music albums - you can unlock new guitars that bring devastating attacks. At the beginning of each level you can select which guitar you want, and it will be worth taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Each guitar has four available attacks that can be used with the X and A buttons on the joystick. To do this, you must keep in mind the rhythm when you press the buttons. If you press the button to the beat of the music, but slowly, you will perform a type of attack, and if you accelerate, it will be another type that will come out of our weapon, and this is how you can select among the four attacks available with only two buttons. Slow attacks are usually more powerful, but with less cadence of shot, in contrast to the fast ones, ideal to use them as a basic attack. Each type of attack will be emptied of ammunition with each use, being gradually filled while you are using any other, forcing to go alternating the use of all of them.

As you unlock guitars, you can get one that focuses on throwing powerful rays through enemies, another that can freeze them and then cause them more damage, another that throws deadly acid projectiles, and thus unlock the supreme weapon, the sword of Zeus, whose four attacks can be customized by selecting attacks from other guitars to create the final quartet.

Graphics & Design

Surrealism is one of the letters of introduction of Air Guitar Warrior, with a character who will ride on sharks, unicorns, pterodactyls or all kinds of strange creatures. The icing on the cake is put by the final bosses, charismatic and hilarious artistic design, although they maintain the same low tone of difficulty that characterizes the whole title.

The game in general consists of some simple graphics according to the game, but they are accompanied by a very high musical level, which is what the game mainly points to.


Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition, becomes an arcade shooter of pure strain. When you disconnect Kinect, it loses part of it's essence and decreases in difficulty. But the game remains as a fun experience during the short time that lasts and a little more. It's laudable that it's creators want to give the title a shot beyond the now-defunct Microsoft hardware, but perhaps a few extra additions would have suited them to make up for this very important part of their original gameplay.


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