Friday, June 9

Refunct Review

Refunct arrives on the Xbox One after its passage through PC to offer console users a relaxing and enjoyable experience in which to spend time jumping from platform to platform for about half an hour. Can such an extremely short game be appealing? Well surprisingly yes, and with it's low price becomes an interesting proposal to take into account.


Those who will enjoy Refunct are all those players who love speedruns, who enjoy scoring every second of time to improve each game and make each attempt a challenging time trial. This is where the game offers it's best side, with multiple ways to cut time if you learn by heart as the new game zones are created after each red button pressed. The calm with which you will usually overcome the first lap is just the preamble of the adrenaline and the frenzy with which you will try to be the fastest in subsequent laps.


Refunct, refuses any kind of tutorial or explanation, and at the beginning of the game is from a first person perspective, on a small piece of land and surrounded by water. Soon you will learn that only two buttons are used, the trigger RB to jump and another one of the buttons to bend, and that every time you jump on a piece of land you color it green. The goal will be to reach the highest platform and hit a huge red button, which will cause the water to emerge a new piece of land, with a new red button to reach to continue thus expanding the world with increasingly complex sections of jumps that include trampolines, fast travel tubes and even some underwater diving requirement to reach our next target.

You can't die, no matter how exaggerated the fall, you can't even drown under water, so the only thing you need to worry about is figuring out how to reach the next red button to continue expanding the world. To guide us will be easy, because each button emanates a powerful halo of red light towards the sky so that you know at all times where the next target is. Sometimes you must take advantage of our ability to jump between walls to scale large surfaces, and others you must combine the crouch button to pass through narrow surfaces.

So, you will spend approximately 30 minutes jumping from platform to platform, collecting some cubes as a collectible and trying to color 100% of the portions of land that the world offers. Everything to finish unlocking a button that emits a yellow light and supposes the end of the game, at which moment you will discover what percentage of earth you have colored and the time dedicated to it - something that you could also consult at any moment from the menu of pause -.

Graphics & Design

Technically, it's not a game that will excel in any of its facets, although it offers an interesting day-night cycle, and a simplistic artistic style pleasant to see. As curiosity, once surpassed for the first time, you will be able to choose which color you color the terrain, in case we don't like the green and prefer another alternative color.


Refunct is one of his really brief titles in proposal but that has something that hooks without finishing exactly knowing the reason why. It's low price helps to decide for him, since logically he could not afford to charge more for such an ephemeral duration, but surely among the multiple items he needs for 100% and the good time that makes us spend in the meantime already compensates the payout. That yes, you are left wanting much more, and surely with some additional screens would be a much more appetizing proposal, and is that you don't know what has the jumping from one side to another that always hooks on this of video games.


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