Friday, June 16

E3 2017 Update Day 3 From DoPeY5007

The following article comes from one of our top viewers and contributors that is live on location at E3. DoPeY5007 is providing us with some of his adventure out in LA and we give a special thanks to him! Be sure to follow him on Twitter. Continue reading for more about his Day 3 coverage!

E3 day 3, the show is coming to a close. My one goal of the day was to play Sea of Thieves. The way they were doing the line only 15-20 could wait in the queue. As they day went on they allowed people to line up on the outside of the Microsoft booth, at one point the line wrapped a good quarter around the booth. I didn’t want to wait in that long of a line.

So the first game I jumped into was Minecraft (for the pin of course). I was pleasantly surprised with the game play they were demoing though. It was a new game mode that is not out yet that is a team death match that was fun. You start off with no weapons or armor a need to find chests that have a variety of loot. Find the best loot and then attack the other team. As any TDM is was best to stay together. My team was winning when we were dropped into the sudden death mode for all the marbles. The read team killed is all and that was it.

Next up was Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath. The game is a hack and slash RPG with very good art and sound. You can choose from five or six characters that have different game play. This was an early beta of the game but I felt it played well. This is also another title that will support 4k on the One X.

Hello Neighbor, this is a wacky puzzle game that will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. I was playing on a PC with a Xbox One controller. This was also an early beta and some of the hit boxes need some work. I got through the first few puzzles and the difficulty increased as I went on. The game gives you a check list on what to do or look for on screen that is nice.

Halo Wars 2, another one I played for the pin since I do own the game I laughed at that. The demo was the new Flood DLC. Once I got a few waves in on my level the Flood literally flooded me with enemies. I need to get into this game more at home and plan to get the DLC.

Ooblets was the last game I played with just a few minutes left in the day. The game is coming to both Xbox One and Windows 10. I didn’t get much time into this one but it is as cute as everyone says.

I stayed away from the two biggest games. From what I have seen the play looks just like their previous version. Destiny 2 and COD WWII. I enjoyed my time at E3. I thank Xbox for my pass and hope to go again next year! Thanks for reading!


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