Wednesday, June 14

E3 2017 Update Day 1 From DoPeY5007

The following article comes from one of our top viewers and contributors that is live on location at E3. DoPeY5007 is providing us with some of his adventure out in LA and we give a special thanks to him! Be sure to follow him on Twitter. Continue reading for more about his Day 1 coverage!

E3 2017 started with a game of snake. The line to get in had zigzagged so much it looked like snake. The crowd this year is overwhelming. I am almost shocked they allowed this many people into the convention center. It is wall to wall people in the south hall!

I used the day to get the lay of the land. Watched others play the games instead of waiting in the 2+ hour lines. Call of Duty looked the same as it always has. Sea of Thief’s looks fun, I do want to try to get to that one over the next two days. Mixer has a cool display setup. They had interactive robots on a soccer field that were controlled by the viewers. Web devices were at the display for real time interacting and allowed users to try to control the robot to get the goal.

Once it was getting late in the day I decided to get into a 2 hour line (took 1.5 hours). The game? South Park: The Fractured But Whole. In try South Park fashion this game is not for the easily offended. You play as the children dressed as their superhero alter egos. One of the attacks is farts, you even have the ability for a long range pin point fart shot. In the demo you are looking for a stripper with a penis tattoo. You need to do various puzzles and a mini game. Oh the mini game. You take a gentleman from the club into the VIP room and give them a dance. I am looking forward to this game when it comes out.

I plan on trying to play a few games in day 2. Hope the lines are a little better!

 I will be back with more updates as E3 rolls on. Thanks for reading!

More pictures!


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