Sunday, June 4

First Look: A Hole New World

A Hole New World, developed by Mad Gear Games, is a classic 8-bit game. The city is being invaded by monsters from the Upside Down World! You, the Potion Master, must defeat evil all alone, with no tutorials or "Easy Mode" to assist you. You'll have to rely on the help of Fäy, your companion fairy, and your potions! Jump and shoot like they did in the good ol' arcade days. Fight enemies in your world and in the Upside Down World! Defeat gigantic bosses and acquire their powers!

- Nintendo NES looks, modern playability!
- Side-scrolling action game: Mega Man meets Ghouls ‘n Ghosts with some Castlevania touches
- Play in a Hole New World. That is, get into an upside-down world through holes
- 2D pixelated love
- Chiptune music
- Impossible boss battles against huge monsters

Be sure to check out our First Look Video embedded above!

A Hole New World releases on the Xbox Store on June 9th for $9.99

For more information on A Hole New World, check out the official website:

Purchase from Microsoft Store!


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