Friday, June 16

E3 2017 Update Day 2 From DoPeY5007

The following article comes from one of our top viewers and contributors that is live on location at E3. DoPeY5007 is providing us with some of his adventure out in LA and we give a special thanks to him! Be sure to follow him on Twitter. Continue reading for more about his Day 2 coverage!
Day two started off much better than Day 1. When walking in just a few minutes after the doors opened, it felt like there was half the amount of people on the show floor. Though the lines were still long everywhere I was able to get some games in.

I started with Forza 7. I have been playing Forza Horizon 3 and loving it, I still need to finish Forza 5 and Start 6. They had 7 running 4k and 60 FPS and it looked amazing! I played the demo twice as they had 3 different races to play. 1st I played the Skyline GTR in wet rainy conditions and then the new Porsche cover car in Dubai with sand and wind. The game was stable at the high resolution and I do not think it will disappoint any Forza fan.

The Artful Escape, this is a very beautiful platformer with great music to add to the experience. This is the developers 1st game and the look and feel of the game does not reflect that. There is a little bit of dialog choices that you can make as you progress though the levels. You have a magical guitar that helps you with your jumps and helps with the puzzles! The game will be available in 4k HDR enhanced when playing on the One X.

Strange Brigade, this game is brought to us by the same developers that made the Sniper Elite series. It has a little bit of a feel like a COD zombies but not as hard. You encounter waves of enemies and what felt like some boss types. This is a fun, relaxing FPS that I look forward to playing when it is released. It will also be in 4k HDR enhanced on the One X.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar, this game had two game modes playable on the floor. Dungeon crawling and a boss battle. I only played the boss battle. In the boss battle it is a turn based RPG. I haven’t played much turn based games in the past but really enjoyed the art and game play. It was fairly easy to understand what was going on without too much explanation. I didn’t survive my boss battle but will need to eventually redeem myself.

That is it for day 2. Time to party and then rest for day 3!

 I will be back with more updates as E3 rolls on. Thanks for reading!


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