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Tokyo 42 Review

Tokyo 42 is a hyper-isometric open-world shooting game. Accused of a crime you didn't commit, you enter a world of murderers, deadly corporate intrigues and ... tactical cats.
Turn the camera to see every angle of this miniature Tokyo craft while you discover a huge variety of weapons, secrets and stories. Shooting ability, ballistic physics, sneaky stealth, and crowding simulation play their part in this ultra-colored kinetic frenzy.
An open world story mode for a player and a selection of multiplayer modes await you in this original, critically acclaimed action masterpiece.


The negative part of the game is it's duration, since it doesn't have many missions within the main story but it compensates us with a fairly frenzied multiplayer mode that leaves us a good taste, but despite this, it's a rather short game leaving us between 6-10 hours of play approximately


The world of Tokyo 42, will take us to a city based on a future not far from Tokyo, where people can not die and the whole environment is futuristic. Our history in this city of Tokyo begins, when we are attributed a murder that we have not committed, but we are the most wanted by the authorities to appear in the video of the murder.

In order to cleanse our name in this murder, we must convince the powerful people of the city and therefore gain their trust. The confidence of these criminals is doing small jobs for them like killing certain people. Despite being innocent, it will be our entire path to kill other rival enemies of different bands or some people as a yoga teacher or Wally himself. In order to do away with our objectives we will have at your disposal a very varied arsenal, from short range weapons (pistols, shotguns), medium distance weapons (assault rifles) or long distance weapons (sniper), as well as bombs. Depending on the objective or objectives, we will use a specific weapon or execute the objectives as we want, since the game allows us to play our way.

Not only do we have are combat weapons, but we can also end our objectives with our melee weapons (Katana, golf club), so enemies will not be alerted and we can complete our objective without the need for " Innocent people die. " Another of the basic functions of the combat in secrecy is the possibility of changing our appearance to the purest Hitman so that the enemy doesn't recognize us at long distances.

Tokyo 42 isn't only a game in which we must kill, since it also has other types of missions very different from each other and even the possibility of having motorcycle races in the city itself. Not to mention that we should never kill innocents because if the police don't appear in the purest style waves, the more waves will be stronger, how far will you get?

Whatever our way of playing, if we have to take into account the use of being able to rotate the map, since we will have an open isometric world where we can access certain zones or carry out great combats with our enemies. And taking advantage of this advantage, with the mobility of the camera will allow us to get all the collectibles or secrets that are distributed by the map.

Graphics & Design

The open world of Tokyo 42, is impressive, despite being an aerial view and without hyperrealistic graphics, it has some brilliant details and beautiful views thanks to a very colorful city with very lively colors. But not only by its shades will you fall in love, but also has many monuments that will surprise you because they can perfectly resemble miniature models.

Everything related to the sound will not leave you indifferent either, it's sound effects are basic the truth, but they are as it has to be since the essence of truth rests in its soundtrack with subjects very according to a city of Tokyo.


Tokyo 42 offers a combination between the first Grand Theft Auto and the Syndicate, uniting on a map in the free world with the possibility of assassinating or playing in stealth mode. This mix allows us to play as we want, with the best of each title.

Not only is this combination the best, but being able to move the camera thanks to its isometric view allows us to create battles of all kinds, together with the numerous collectibles. For not leaving behind his artistic section, since it has a precious city of Tokyo.

In conclusion, Tokyo 42 is recommended for all those who want something different in the open world genre.


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