Saturday, June 3

First Look: Neighborhorde

Neighborhorde, developed by Fermenter Games, is a couch co-op shoot-em-up where you and your team of friends use toys as weapons and game-changing superpowers to try to survive the attacks of evil robots and zombie Abe Lincolns.

- Videogame-like gameplay!
- Local, cooperative survival action with 1-4 players. TV-headed bots can help you while you wait for your friends.
- Play as cute low-poly animal kids. So cute!
- Tons of spooky enemies: Fight to survive against waves of enemies from your imagination like zombie Abe Lincoln your school’s creepy lunch lady. Boss fights too!
- Every game is unique: Unlock 80+ weapons and superpowers as the game progresses
- Become more powerful than you could ever imagine. Then get stomped to death by a giant foot
- A bumpin soundtrack inspired by your favorite 90s grooves

Be sure to check out our First Look Video embedded above!

Neighborhorde releases on the Xbox Store on June 6th for $4.99

For more information on Neighborhorde, check out the official website:

Purchase from Microsoft Store!


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