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Everspace Review

The space exploration is an area that lately is hosting many games of very different genres. From the profound experience that Elite Dangerous proposes, to other alternatives that approach action, strategy or resource management, there is an amalgam of genres that have noticed new proposals. The roguelike are a type of game that have in medieval and fantastic a typical setting, but Rockfish Games has seen more potential in this subgenre of role and adventures. Everspace is a good example of this, where approaching the cold and inhospitable space, exploration and discovery take on a new meaning.


The roguelike experience allows us to approach without complications or complex what has to come, but instead of playing to die and fail to progress, you can get progress little by little. In fact, the complex proposal and the many aspects to consider, make Everspace a virtually unlimited product, although there is a destination, the eternal space will always propose new adventures to enjoy.


This would define the Rockfish proposal to get Everspace. An attractive combination of different aspects that for the first time are combined into a unique and exclusive product. Space proposals have always been linked to flight simulation, direct combat or resource management and fleet strategies. But Everspace is very different, it's directed to the solitary pilot, the pilot who faces the unknown, to an adventure that enjoys a mysterious attraction. The roguelike give Everspace a very peculiar style, where we can take from this genre the fact that progress isn't linked to progress within a map or a world. Evolution is linked to death, to begin again, to choose the way and to overcome adversity. Taking that style and making use of dynamic environments, that is, the procedural generation technology that has brought so much to other games, Everspace offers a unique experience, both in each game and in it's overall proposal.

At the controls of one of the ships available to a pilot who presents himself with an amnesia that doesn't allow him to remember anything, the mere fact of having to remember will push us to discover and move forward. But in this exploration to discover the in's and out's of the universe, there is a proposal that doesn't address progress as usual. Every time they destroy us, we must recover from the beginning of the different phases that are generated. Phases that consist of different stages that are presented by different paths that offer different resources. All this is random, the generation of this long thread of stages is generated procedurally, which guarantees that every time we return to the adventure, everything will be unknown again.

In a way, like a real roguelike, the priority is to survive, but the danger is hidden in every corner. Curiosity and the need to explore takes us like a mouse to a big trap, where the reward can be a delicious piece of cheese in the form of booties and pieces. Of course the vast universe is something bigger and the player's involvement to be able to tackle the proposed adventure, much more ambitious.

Everspace is a game, that has been able to combine the roguelike experience with another thing that is more direct in the gameplay. When we explore the space, we find a great proposal that will take us to find in corners any type of resource. But before this exploration there are different factions that will address us, pilots, mercenaries and bounty hunters, who have their specific objectives, where we are only a prey. An important part of Everspace's appeal lies in the fighting, which allows us to combine a good number of resources and weapons in a very direct and frantic action.

Combining an immersive inner camera, or alternating it with a spectacular external camera, we must evade, defend ourselves or attack the different ships that will appear in each scenario. However, it's not as easy as seeing a goal and going for it, not everyone is aggressive at first. But the reality is that before our curiosity, it will not be difficult to have to face those enemy figures, like the bounty hunters, or to have to approach the defenses of some faction, that will see us like enemy if we don't act based on it's norms. With a very demanding control, where it's advisable to configure it to suit everyone, the fighting can be really exciting. But we must also bear in mind that it's a roguelike, where the difficulty is very high and the enemies are very perverse, and i use this term, not to say suicides.

One of the things that can frustrate most is that, Everspace is a proposal that combines action with touches of RPG, but enemies have no qualms about using any resources against us. In this way, that they attack us will cause us great anxiety, because although they don't mind seeing their structure damaged, it can compromise the success of our departure. And it's that the control can be very imprecise, for an excess of speed and a great number of physics that don't allow that the movement is like the one of a shooter, or, it can be too slow for the speed of the action.

But Everspace isn't a game where death is the end, but the beginning of a new attempt. This is where we can see that most of the improvement of the pilot enters, where you will access an interesting map of improvements that allow the ship to evolve and our chances of success.

Graphics & Design

And is that Everspace is a game that is enjoyed both by its proposal and its appearance. Everspace is a game that makes use of Unreal Engine 4, which allows it's technical section to look spectacular. With the passage of the months, the users who had access to the game, via Xbox Game Preview, witnessed the strength that Everspace had in this section. A very powerful graphic engine, both in terms of physical and lighting, important factors in the development of Everspace. In this way, we can discover a peculiarly attractive universe, where lights and shadows give the game a mysterious and captivating beauty. To see large rocky bodies, destroyed structures of ships, makes us witnesses of breathtaking scenarios, because before the natural beauty of space, something disturbing is hidden.

In addition, the game is well optimized to address the action that will streamline the experience, where the beams of light and the effects on screen are combined quite accurately. We no longer find that crude HUD original, having adapted correctly to the needs of this game.


In this way, Everspace isn't only a proposal for lovers of the games of ships, it's a proposal that can approach any player who wishes to be part of a unique experience in each game. A wide, diverse, attractive and exciting adventure, which will involve the player in a mysterious depth and will bring an extreme number of exciting hours.


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