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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series - Episode 2 Review

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series debuted a few weeks ago with a fun first episode, spectacular at times and very well written. With its second episode - titled Under Pressure -, Telltale demonstrates their ability to have the level of writing and script development. They have very few rivals in the current panorama of the video game genera.


In this episode, I find the same duration as the previous Telltale games, with the only exception being the game that contains more dialogue, thanks to this, maybe the game has more duration, around 2/3 hours


In the first chapter of the Guardians of the galaxy, we witnessed a brilliant subversion lesson of expectations from Telltale. I find myself  facing Thanos, we knew more about Star-Lord's past, and we understood how the main relationships of the individuals in this particular family of spacecraft worked. Following the trail of James Gunn's film adaptation - but not without copying it - the first episode of this interactive narrative adventure caught us at every moment in the best possible way.

Under Pressure - yes, once again the episode titles and achievements are drawn from musical themes of the eighties - look back at Rocket, the anthropomorphic raccoon acid expert in weapons and mechanisms, helping us to understand more of his past and his motivations. The study behind the game made it very clear that each episode would tell the story behind each and every one of the five members -Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora or Drax-, explaining more of their fears, terrors, aspirations and desires.

The excuse for this, is no other than a mysterious arcane object, which will allow each character to see their past, but in a somewhat special way, something that will lead to different situations to each more crazy. In Under Pressure i started right at the point, where i finished the previous episode, and a few minutes, after a couple of very interesting script twists - which i will not disclose - i will end up knowing Yondu himself or discovering some very curious easter eggs.

Under Pressure, has some inspired action sequences, moments of relative exploration - Milan is once again the hub of everything, with many secrets inside it - and very well-matched dialogues that deepen the relationship between Rocket and Quill and show us, the knowledge that they have in Telltale about the members of the set of heroes. The tone, essential to move or make the player laugh, is very well weighed, with moments of authentic pulp hysteria - punctuous phrases - and other more emotive and sentimental ones, with intelligence enough to fly us let's forget some of the defects of the graphics engine.

Under Pressure has more decisions and dialogues than the first episode - perhaps even more consistently - but they don't become heavy, and at certain times, we must choose head first to what goal we have marked our adventure. Yes, Telltale's trick seems to be seen from afar, but this time i believe that the strategy to follow in the development of the adventure seems to us more correct and logical. The gameplay, therefore, is exactly the same as in other chapters or adventures, although we noticed a certain lack of punch in relation to its previous chapter.

Graphics & Design

As we discussed in the above analysis, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is a prettier and much better video game presented than other studio productions, more detailed scenarios, better-modeled characters and more visually appealing textures than we have been gone accustomed in previous chapters. The game knows how to move in a fine line between realism and comics, without going into the exaggerated lines of The Wolf Among Us or The Walking Dead, but without falling into the exact recreation. Yes, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is a more real or visually believable title than its predecessors, but it still feels like a graphic novel with vivid, eye-catching colors and a multitude of scenarios full of purple, green, red and blue neon light

On the other hand, doesn't remove the error that is for a game of both dramatic cut a graphics engine as outdated and limited as the one using Telltale. We find problems everywhere, from falls in the rate of frames to robotic animations, passing by momentary disappearances of people or even, blackouts that can come to us to restart. The failures are much smaller than in the first chapter - which gave us a good scare to find more untranslated lines than usual - but i will continue to find this with annoying jerks and some minor glitches. In any case, they are not of receipt.

Better is the sound that will bring us the theme of You make my dreams from Daryl Hall & John Oates - which we can hear on our ship - or that will start with Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest as we fly through space trying to escape the Kree. The sound design as well as the dubbing - with voices like those of Nolan North, Brandon Paul Ells, Emily O'Brien and Scott Porter.


The second episode of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Under Pressure, is a journey into the past of one of the group's most beloved characters, Rocket. It gets to excite and to make laugh in equal parts, showing us very well mixed dialogues and lapidary phrases. While the formula seems more open than in series like The Walking Dead, thanks to exploration or some timid puzzles, as in other games Telltale continues to cause problems of exhaustion in it's structure.

More serious if they fit, may be the technical problems of the video game, although it shows a more careful and remarkable artistic design, and some graphic effects very successful, suffer falls in the rate of frames and continuous stops, as well as other somewhat annoying visual glitches . However, and considering the solid foundations on which it is based, and the overwhelming rhythm of some of its sections, Under Pressure proves itself as a good chapter, heir to a new license that is offering moments that we had long ago forgotten in Telltale games.


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