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Victor Vran Review

By surprise, Haemimont Games, known mainly for their strategy games and real time, as well as for having created Tropico 3 and Tropico 4, offered us in 2011, The First Templar, the action game and cooperative role like Diablo, that didn't work very well, but that let us glimpse that the studio wanted to do new things, and that this genre could be one that they fancied to explore. A few months ago, we were confirmed with suspicion with Victor Vran.


The experience, in general, is very enjoyable and even replayable, and will allow us to go back to get more experience or gold through secondary objectives, something that is quite grateful considering that this isn't a particularly long adventure; In about six or seven hours, you can complete the adventure of the game.


Victor Vran is an action game and role of aerial perspective and with a small component of platforms that reminiscent of titles like the saga Diablo or those of the saga The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, that also share atmosphere with the game that we occupy. In it, we go to Zagoravia, where we put ourselves in the skin of the character that gives name to the game, who will have to fight against a demonic invasion that threatens this fictional city

Unlike other titles of role, Victor Vran is very simple, direct and accessible, although it doesn't spare in depth for those that look for it. The combat system is fairly straightforward, with great emphasis on attack and dodge, although we will have to define our style through special abilities and passive. Victor Vran doesn't have classes, but after a couple of hours of play, we will have made the character ours.

As we already told in the impressions, Victor Vran compensates his lack of classes with a team that modifies the possibilities of game deeply. Only with a change of weapon, we can play in a totally different way, having to set the pace of the combat differently, dosing special attacks to another rhythm, and, among many quotes, making it look even a different game. In addition, we can assign two "cards" to the character that will give him passive skills.

In this adventure, the exploration is also very important. There are many hidden areas in which we await rewards of the most useful, often hidden behind some leap that gives you is very small touch of platform mentioned above. Obviously, it's not a Super Mario, but there are times when taking a risk is rewarded. This reminds us that, Victor Vran is a fairly permissive title, and dying practically doesn't imply any penalty, something that, if it exists, would have given some more tension to the experience.

A great incentive, of course, is it's cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four simultaneous players. Unfortunately we have only been able to try it with strangers, and it goes without saying that this way the experience leaves it's sensations a bit in the hands of chance. Even so, we liked it a lot, and we think that with friends you have to win many, many integers, particularly if you enjoy these types of games.

In any aspect, it's a very well designed game, with simple menus to navigate, scenarios very well executed and with a gameplay well explained. Perhaps the crafting system is the one that stays shorter in this aspect, and in it will be in which we will have to put more of our part.

Graphics & Design

In the audiovisual part, Victor Vran is a very correct game, which without highlighting too much in anything, does everything quite well. Perhaps your sense of humor can amuse or bore you, although we have found it well measured and adorns a somewhat discreet story. The video sequences are slightly animated static drawings.

Perhaps also derived from this limited budget is that the game has become quite flat. After several hours of game everything becomes very mechanical, and after finishing we were left with only moments to highlight. This isn't to say that it's boring, but we could say that it isn't very memorable, and it's possible that those who are tanned in the genre will miss to offer something more.


Victor Vran is a good title with which we have had a good time, and that with friends is enjoyed much better. If you fancy a role playing and action Diablo style without many complications, the new Haemimont Games game, meets and amuses, although unfortunately the adventure has seemed something flat, and with some more memorable moments could have left a better taste of mouth. It's true that it has some aspects to improve and that isn't too long, but the experience is entertaining, and if you find it at a more adjusted price, we don't believe that you repent


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