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The Surge Review

The Surge, is a new game developed by Deck 13, creators of Lords of the Fallen, a game that many have compared to it's more direct rival, Dark Souls, but it had enough quality to shine by itself without being at the shadow of anybody.

Leaving aside the medieval period, in this new title, Deck 13 moves us to a near future, where a company called CREO, is carrying out the RESOLVE plan, an operation with which they intend to restore vitality to the planet Earth, which already Is in a critical state, reversing the problems caused by severe climate change.


The duration in The Surge, as in all games with collectibles to collect is quite variable, as in the case of Lords of the Fallen, in this title we will hardly be given details of the plot as we advance, if we want to find out what has occurred in CREO's central office, we must explore every corner of its various facilities to find all the audios that have been leaving their employees while the apocalypse.

In addition, we must also add that durability will be greatly affected by our ability (or lack thereof) in dealing with our enemies, since at first The Surge may seem complicated, but when we begin to get accustomed to the patterns of the enemies of the first zones, and we relax thinking that the game is already in our hands, new threats will appear that will make us think more than once to take a temporary respite to relax and try to face this new threat with a renewed strategy, They will send to the nearest medical center with a pair of their ruthless and quick blows.

Throughout the game we will encounter NPCs who will ask us for favors, such as picking a medicine or looking for a missing person, if we don't walk with a thousand eyes we will escape and we will not be able to complete them, so if we want to see the endings of all the missions, we must go hand in hand each zone or we must start a new game to see if there is more luck. A normal game without many turns should last about 27 hours, but as we said before, there are variables that can increase or reduce this figure.


Undoubtedly this is surely the best part of the title, since it's a game that doesn't stand out in it's artistic, graphic or sound section ... what's left? The gameplay, and here must be where most have focused the guys of Deck 13, in this section is the most we can see that it's a game of the studio, because it inherits the style of movement with which Lords of the Fallen, And don't misunderstand us, it's not a bad thing, since it's a softness and combat style that distinguishes them from other games of the same category.

This doesn't mean that there is nothing that differentiates it from the previous title of the saga, much less, because in The Surge we will have the implants, small aids that will make our confrontations somewhat more bearable with the dangers that await us in the remains of the CREO facilities. There are implants of many types, from the classic kits with which to instantly heal our wounds, to a passive increase of our statistics, not forgetting those that will increase our offensive or defensive capacities during a limited period of time at the expense of energy.

But everything couldn't be so beautiful, because we will not be able to equip ourselves with all the implants we want, since we will have limited slots for this purpose, in addition to each of them will require power of the core of our exoskeleton, and this is also limited. Easy, easy, that in case you had forgotten, The Surge is an ARPG, and making use of the technological scrap that we will obtain of our enemies, we will be able to raise the level of the nucleus of our exoskeleton increasing it's power, besides to unlock of passage more slots for implants.

In The Surge we will have three status bars on the top left; Points of Health, Resistance and Energy. The PS, which are the resistance, is also well known by all players, because as always will be the one that will indicate us when we can sprint or the number of attacks in a row that we will be able to perform.

Weapons also have a system of experience, since in addition to being able to increase them in quality in a equipment assembly unit, making use of the materials we collect, we will also increase our affinity for the weapon style we have equipped, thus increasing the damage which we will do with that type of weapon as well as attack speed. It's a good system but it suffers from a failure, once we get used to a weapon style, when we want to change to another, if we are at an advanced point of the game, the fact that it has to be used for a long time to put it to the same Level that the previous one will make us at certain moments of "laziness" or is too complicated, since we will have to suffer some initial levels in which we will attack very slow or we will do insignificant damage.

Graphics & Design

In terms of graphic quality, the game complies and is already, the textures are good although they don't stand out for having an exquisite detail, and the different scenarios for which we have to move are well recreated in style and dangers. Almost the whole game will be developed in closed environments, from the Repair Plant of damaged machinery to the biolaboratories of CREO, so it would not have been more than this section was much better.

The Art Section is one of the sections that this style of games more often boast, Deck 13 already demonstrated with Lords of the Fallen its ability to recreate a dark environment in medieval times with which we would be transported to a place of danger with an incredible artistic style, but in The Surge this section isn't something that stands out.

The sonorous part of the game is one of it's worst parts, although the sounds are well elaborated, they are few, so they easily fall into repetition, since almost all the human enemies that we will face will use the same audio tracks to the time to make their attacks.

On the other hand the soundtrack of the game isn't a determining factor, practically in the whole of the game we will almost without any music accompanying us, only in the medical centers, places where we will recover and supply to be able to face the challenges We will listen to a song that at first seems nice to us, but if we spend a lot of time making changes in our equipment or deciding what to do next, it can get annoying because it will be a single theme that will sound again and again, and again.


With The Surge, Deck 13 has wanted to go beyond what they did with their previous play to achieve an even sharper self-identity that sets them apart from other games of this style, and it must be admitted that they have implemented good ideas that give it a touch fresh and entertaining to the title, but sadly, isn't outstanding in any of its sections.

Don't get me wrong, it's good in what you want to do and i recommend it to all those who like this style of games, but it's problem is that it's not outstanding at all: with an easily forgettable soundtrack and an unpretentious technical section, it's the gameplay in what stands out without a doubt, with interesting ideas that make you stand at all times.

Despite it's shortcomings and because it doesn't stand out at all, if i were asked to explain that i thought The Surge in one sentence, it would be "It seems to me a perfect game of noteworthy".

  • Game: The Surge
  • Developer: Deck13
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Price: $59.99
  • Size: 5.49 GB
  • Release Date: May 16th 2017
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