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RiME Review

In the gamescom of 2013, RiME was announced, an adventure with a charming aspect that caught the attention of all, and that was presented like a exclusive of PS4. Many things have happened since then, such as having abandoned Sony's arms to become a cross-platform title, in a development that has not had to be easy, but the best we can say about the new Tequila Works game, is that it's creative process, has had a happy ending, and the result has really pleased us.


As a recommendation, we tell you not to entertain too much looking for collectibles, some are very well hidden, and this can seriously affect the pace of the game, that if you focus on overcoming the story is very good. When you finish the adventure there is a selection of chapters that comfortably allow you to look for the collectibles that you have left, as you also want to take a second walk through its beautiful scenery.

The duration of the game depends entirely on the style of play of each player and how immersed in the history of the game, in addition to how interested is in finding all the collectibles in the game, but the game can last an approximate 5-6 hours.


This is an adventure that combines puzzles, platforms and exploration. A minimalist proposal, as much in the playable as in the narrative, since the story is told to us, without using a single word, only with it's beautiful images.

We have to accompany the young protagonist in his epic through a strange island, in a rather linear development, but which leaves us some freedom to explore reasonably spacious locations, where we can find some very well hidden collectibles.

In the gameplay, the main protagonists are the exploration and above all the puzzles, simple but well designed, and that never interrupt more of the account a development with a great rhythm, and suitable for all type of players. It's a fairly easy game, if you have experience in this type of adventure, but it's difficult to get off the handle, in it's five or six hours, you always want to see the next scene or location, because RiME is simply beautiful, both visually and great soundtrack.

Perspective puzzles, others in which you have to play with light and cast shadows in the environment, move objects and manipulate mechanisms, or curious labyrinths that are a puzzle in themselves, is a game that tries not to repeat itself too much in everything proposes us, and this makes it always very entertaining. There is a constant playable and visual evolution throughout the adventure, and even we come up against some enemies that we have to avoid, but we can't fight directly, since the only weapon we can use in this game, is ours ingenuity.

We feel not to be more precise or specific when it comes to commenting on the situations involved in this adventure, but one of it's strengths, is it's capacity for surprise or astonishment, making us feel like the child protagonist, who is exploring an unexplored and disconcerting place.

It is the mix of its different elements, with its entertaining playable development and the excellent audiovisual section, which makes RiME great, and at least we expect it, we have finished the game, leaving a great flavor. Because even it's enigmatic, bewildering and somewhat vague story throughout the adventure, acquires a surprising sense just at the end.

The game isn't exempt from some problems, such as a control a bit imprecise and rigid in the platforms sections, which you get accustomed easily, and some performance problems in the console version, with small slowdowns, it unique that tarnishes the excellent visual section.

Graphics & Design

The careful work of art, the good animations of the protagonist and the animals with which we cross, everything done by hand, a beautiful cycle of day and night, great lighting, a great variety of locations ... we have to admit that has surprised us, a lot visually. It's one of the titles of the current generation that has best transmitted us the sensation of being in an animated film

And RiME not only enters through the eyes, but also through the ears, with a beautiful soundtrack composed by David GarcĂ­a, who clothes very well to the powerful images. Some melodies that even guide us by the adventure, and are adapting to our acts, and that include some surprise another, as an amazing vocal subject.


RiME is a beautiful adventure, entertaining and well carried in the gameplay, spectacular in the audiovisual section. A captivating journey with exploration, puzzles and platforms that although, it's not too original in anything that proposes, if you like this type of games, we are sure you will love it.


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